Greedy monkey

Greedy monkey. there was a famous monkey cunning and very greedy. So many other forest animals are very troubled by the nature of the monkey are often disturbing and making a scene. If there is another animal that is eating its meal, the monkey immediately seize and take such other animal foods. The well-known cunning monkey, other animals often are fooled due to the machinations of the monkey.

On a day when the animal is a hunter in the woods to look for a monkey to be hunted and brought home. "Today I should be able to come home with a monkey and I will take it home", fantasizing about his prey hunter. When finished installing traps to trap monkeys, the hunter then hid behind a tree and watched the trap from a distance while to relax. After some waiting she finally came tortoise walking slowly past the trap.

"Hmmmm .. a lot of food here cool", the turtle saw there was plenty of food available on the street in its path. But he did not realize that there is a rope that had ensnared her. "Oh grave turns out this is a trap", the tortoise was silent regret that he had entered the hunter's trap.

Shortly thereafter came the monkeys approached the tortoise. "Hi, turtles yah you're a big party?", It turns out the monkey thought that the turtles are a party food. See the monkeys came, the tortoise is very happy, hope he can be free from the trap.

"Hey monkey, glad I saw you coming, come join me." Invite tortoise. Monkeys who saw abundant food directly down from the tree. "But the monkey ... before you're partying, allow me to take a fresh drink for you, I forgot to bring it to you", said the tortoise. "Before can you let go of this rope?".

Hearing the tortoise will bring a fresh drink, the monkey had already agreed to request the tortoise, and he let go of the rope. "Now you tie the rope so, these foods are not taken by other animals". Said the tortoise. It's very basic greedy monkey, he immediately held his legs with a rope trap, hoping no other animal that takes food into it. Finally the turtle break free from the trap, stay the monyetyang was eating with gusto, all the food in the trap.

Finally, the hunter spotted a monkey that was already inside the trap. it can easily be caught and the monkey and brought home by the hunter before.

Story storks and apes

Story storks and apes. the stork has long legs and neck. Wings are strong and wide so that he is able to fly high and far. His favorite food is frogs. Besides, he also likes grasshoppers, caterpillars trees, and snails. The storks are friends with the monkey. The crane used to help search for the monkey infestation. If traveling far, the storks usually flies the apes. However, the cunning and treacherous apes have always wanted to be delicious.

Never ask the monkey crane to catch a fish in a pond. While the crane work, the monkeys ate and were satisfied. Once completed, the stork just got a little part, because the first part was hidden by the apes. On such treatment, the stork has certainly hurt. But do not get hung up. They seem to get along. Until one day the monkey wants to cheat the heron again. The monkey wants to go to the famous island of Medangharjo sawonya fruit. But how to get there because apes sure none of his friends who would lend him a boat. The only hope is the stork. He find a way how to keep the heron would fly to the island Medangharjo.

At the time of famine struck citizens stork, the heron they invite to go to the island Medangharjo. The monkey told me that there is a definite Medangharjo Island frogs that much, because the island was uninhabited. Without the slightest suspicion, the stork did not reject the offer of an ape. Then it was determined the day of their departure. Both left with hope for a decent living on the island opposite. "Stork my best friend," said the monkey. "Once Medangharjo later I will make a boat out of clay". "Are monkeys were so clever now that can make the boat?" Said the stork with a tone of disbelief.

"I've been going to the land of the people are good at learning how to make a boat. Now I am able to make a boat out of clay, "replied the monkey. "What is important, the crane had to help me gather clay," continued the ape.

In accordance with the agreement, one day the stork left the monkey flew toward the island Medangharjo expectations. After a few moments of flying, it appears from a distance Medangharjo verdant island. On the back of the crane, the apes have imagined sapodilla fruits, fragrant and sweet taste. The monkey told the storks fly faster. However, what power. The stork exhausted, unable to fly even faster. Moreover, the monkeys constantly invites conversation while sitting comfortable in the back of the crane. With the rest of the energy is there, eventually they get to the island Medangharjo. Panting with the stork landed safely. They rested for a while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the deserted island.

While the crane was still exhausted after flying with a load of the heavy body of the ape. The monkey was on the sapodilla tree, beaming. He jumped from the sapodilla tree sapodilla tree to another. Chewing mouth sapodilla fruits that ripen without stopping. Abundant frog expected no one else. Forced to relinquish the stork just lay exhausted. Sesekal, he caught a small crab that passes nearby. However, because of the unusual heron eating a crab, his stomach felt a little queasy. Meanwhile, the monkey was asleep in a tree. His stomach looks blue mark glut.

After the monkey up, said the stork, "the monkey, you have full here. The food is plentiful. Frogs and locusts which you promised not here. Therefore, I may not one day walk here. I will return to my hometown. With sapodilla fruit is abundant here, you can live seven generations. Therefore, I will go home tomorrow. I will tell the people about the forest brown ape mu.

"Do so," said the monkey. "How could I live alone here."

"But I may not live in an area without a frog like this," said the stork a bit miffed.

"Then all right. Come fly me back to the village with you, "said the monkey. "Sorry the apes, yet so recovered my wings to fly with your body weight. Instead of flying with the apes. Flying itself was not necessarily strong. "

"Then we'll wait until you recover his strength." The stork replied, "How could I have to wait. What should I eat? What I should die of hunger here while you have an abundance of sapodilla fruit? I guess you can go home alone with the boat. You can make the right boat. "

The monkey head in shame. He remembers going to lie. Actually he had little expertise to make a boat. However, due to the shame of the crane, he said, "So help me search for clay. I'll let the forge. "

Long story short, the boat was finished. They pushed into the sea, and they went both of them. Monkey boat ride with a feeling of fear.

Occasionally, the boat was hit by waves. The monkey's face became pale. In contrast, the stork would sing: "Curcur humic, curcur hurnat, if I survived shattered, shattered when I survived."

Of course, the crane can fly if the boat was destroyed buffeted by the waves. Destroyed the possibility to exist, because the boat was only made of clay by apes who are not experts.

In the meantime, they had sailed away into the sea. Sumbawa island as his hometown has been seen from a distance. Suddenly a storm blew loudly. Rain was pouring down. Rolling ocean waves hit their boat. In a short time, the boat broke apart. The heron flew immediately, while the ape with difficulty trying to swim. However, tiny body unable to fight strong currents and ocean wave magnitude increasingly raged. Finally, the ocean waves engulfed dead ape.

The proud Eagle

The proud eagle. story about a hawk that is very arrogant and a butterfly that was feeding in the middle of the forest. One time the butterflies into the woods without intentional because he was busy looking for flowers for the flower pollen is inhaled. Once in the forest butterfly feeling tired and rested disebuah large tree stems.

When the butterfly perched on the stem of the tree, looks a hawk watching him since the butterfly into the forest. Then the eagle approached the butterfly and said, "Hi butterflies what are you doing here, should not you be there in the flower garden?", The butterflies are very shocked to hear the shrill sound of an eagle. "Yeah I could not find a flower that I should suck today".

"... Did you Haahha little creatures that are not useful, just ripe for the interest you are incompetent," said the hawk is very arrogant. "I'm not incompetent, I just lost because I had a very strong wind", defending the butterfly. "Look at me, I fly very high, splitting the forest above the clouds and wind, and I could see small objects from the sky," said the eagle once again arrogantly.

"Well you did a very great thing, not like me, I was small and my wings are very thin at all", said the butterfly as he rode away from the eagle's arrogant.

The butterfly on his way to look for flowers, but soon, he was appalled at the sound of an object falling from the sky. "Buuuuummmmmm .....", "Huh, what's that noise", the butterflies and then look for where the sound was coming from. It turns out that the voice is the voice of the eagle crashed while flying over the forest.

"Please ... please ...." The eagle groaned in pain, "Hah, you had a falcon?, why did you fall?, did you just say you're very good at flying?, said the butterfly." Indeed, I said this earlier, but when I fly after meeting with you, all of a sudden there was a bow hunter forest of almost hurt my wings, and I could not fly very well. "

Dog and his shadow

dog and his shadow. A dog who was getting a bone from someone, ran back to his house as soon as possible with a happy heart. When the he passed a very small bridge, he looked down and saw herself reflected off of water under the bridge. The greedy dog thinks he's seen another dog carrying a bone bigger than hers.

When he stopped to think, he would know that it was just his shadow. But the dog was not thinking anything and instead dropped the bone he was carrying and immediately jumped into the river. 

The greedy dog finally with great difficulty swimming to the river bank. When he arrived safely on the river bank, he could only stand pensive and sad because of the bone it carries in fact lost, he later regretted what had happened and realized how stupid he was.

Ant and grasshopper story

Ant and grasshopper story. On a sweltering day in late autumn, a family of ants who have worked hard all summer to collect food, dry the grains they have collected during the summer. At that time a grasshopper is starving, with a violin in his hand came and implored it to give a little ant family meal for himself.

"What!" cried the Ants in surprise, "do not you have to collect and prepare food for the coming winter this? During this what you do all summer?"

"I do not have time to collect food," complained the Grasshopper: "I'm so busy making a song, and before I knew it, summer was already gone." The ants then shrugged his shoulders because they feel upset and angry.

"What, Making a song you say?" said the Ant, "Well, now that you have completed the song in the summer, it is time you dance!" The ants then turn around and continue their work regardless of the Grasshopper again.

There is time for work and a time for play.

Two Goats

Two goats walk proudly from the opposite direction on a steep mountain, at the time they happen simultaneously each arrived at the brink of the river water flowing underneath very heavy. A fallen tree, has been used as a bridge to cross the chasm. Trees are used as the bridge is very small so it can not be traversed simultaneously by two squirrels to survive, let alone by two goats. 

The bridge is very small it will make even the most courageous people will be scared. But both these goats do not feel fear. The pride and self-esteem they do not allow them to break down and give way first to the other goats.

When one goat to set foot into the bridge, the other goat was not willing to budge and also set foot into the bridge. Eventually the two met in the middle of the bridge. They still will not budge and instead encourage each other with their horns so that the two goats were finally falling into the water and was swept away by a very heavy flow underneath.

Better yield than had the misfortune of being stubborn.

Seven stories crow

Seven stories crow. Previously, there was a man who had seven sons, and the man does not have the old girl she had always wanted. Seriiring with the passage of time, she finally gave birth to a daughter. The boys are very excited, but the newly born daughter was very small and sickly. A doctor told the man to take the water in the well and bathe daughter sickly with water from the well so that the children gain blessings and good health. The father then told one of his sons to fetch water from the well. Six other boys wanted to go to fetch water and each of the boys are eager to get the water first because of his affection for her only sister. When they arrived at the well, and all trying to fill the jug given to them, the jug fell into the well. The seven boys are just speechless and did not know what to do to take the pitcher that fall, and none of them dared to go home to his house.

His father is waiting at home finally lost his patience and said, "They must have forgotten because playing around, bad boy!" For fear of her daughter grew ill, he then shouted angrily, "I hope my son all turned into ravens." When word came out of his mouth, he heard the flutter of wings that fly in the air, his father went out and saw seven black crows flew away. The father became very sorry because removing the curse words and do not know how to undo the curse. But despite losing seven of his son, the father and mother are still getting the consolation for her child's health gradually improved and eventually the girl grew into a beautiful girl.

The girl never knew that she had seven brothers because his parents never told him, until one day the girl accidentally overheard a conversation a few people, "is indeed a very pretty girl, but the girl is to blame because the result of bad luck the seventh brother. " The girl became very upset and asked his parents about his seventh. Eventually his parents told him all about what happened to her seven siblings. The girl became very sad and determined to seek his seventh secretly. He does not bring anything other than a small ring owned by his parents, a bread for hunger and thirst to hold little water.

She went on, and on to the ends of the world. He went to the sun, but the sun is too hot, then he met months later, but the moon is too cold, then he met the stars were friendly to him. When the morning star appears, the star gave him a chicken bone and said, "You have to use this bone as a key to unlock a mountain made of glass, there you will be able to find your brothers.

The girls then take the bone, carefully store them in his clothes and went to the mountain in the direction designated by the morning star. When he had arrived at the mountain, he realized that the bones to unlock the gate mountain had disappeared. Because he hopes to help the seventh brother, the girl took a knife, cut kelinkingnya finger and put it in front of the gate. The door then opened and the girl can enter into, where a dwarf to him and asked him, "Son, what are you looking for?" "I am looking for the seven sisters, the seven ravens," replied the girl. The dwarf then said, "My Lord has not come home, if you want to meet him, please go and you should wait for him here." Then the dwarf people preparing lunch on seven little plates for the seventh brother of the girl who has become a crow. Because the hungry, the girl to take and eat less food that is on each plate and drank a little of each existing small glasses. But at the last cup, he dropped the ring that brought his parents with him.

Suddenly he heard a flapping bird in the air, and when the dwarf said, "Now my husband is coming." When the seven crows will start eating, they realize that someone has been eating a little food from their plates. "Who's been eating my food and drinking my drink?" said one of them. When the last crow drink from his glass, a ring in his mouth and when the bird noticed the rings, the crow said, "Blessed are we, our dear sister may be here, it's time we get rid of the curse." The girl who was standing behind the door to hear their words, finally came forward and at the same instant, the seven ravens turn back into a human. They hugged each other and eventually return to their homes along happily.

Between Buffalo and Goat

Between buffalo and goat. Male buffalo escaped from a lion attack by entering a cave where the cave is often used by a collection of goats as a shelter and stay at nightfall or when the weather is deteriorating. At that time only one goat that is in the cave. When entered into the cave buffalo, goats, bowed his head, ran to hit the buffalo with buffalo bull horns that come out of the cave and devoured by the lions.

The buffalo just stay silent behavior of the Goat. 're Out there, wandering in front of the cave lion looking for prey.

Then the buffalo said to the goat, "Do not think that I would give up and say anything to see your behavior is a coward because I was afraid of you. Currently the lion was gone, I'll give you a lesson you'll never forget."

'It is evil, taking advantage of the misfortune of others'.

Shepherd children and Wolves

Shephered Children and Wolves. A shepherd always tending his master's sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. Since getting tired of living in the farm, he always entertained himself by playing with his dog and playing flute. One day when he was herding his sheep near the woods, he began to think what he should do if he saw a wolf, she felt comforted by thinking of various plans.
His master once said that when he sees the wolf attacks the flock, he had shouted for help, and people will come to his aid compatriot. Shepherd boy thought that it would be funny if he pretended to look at the wolf and shouted for people to come to help her homeland. And now even the shepherd boy did not even see a wolf, pretending he ran towards the village and shouted loudly, "Wolf, wolf!"

As he expected, those villagers who heard screaming, quickly left their work and ran to the shepherd boy to help him. But what they found was a shepherd boy who laughed out loud because it managed to deceive people compatriot.

A few days later, the shepherd boy shouted again, "Wolf! Wolf!", Again the villagers came running to help him, just find the shepherd boy who laughed out loud again.

One evening when the sun began to set, a wolf really came and snatched sheep grazing by the shepherd.

In fear, the shepherd ran to the village and shouted, "Wolf! Wolf!" But although the whole village heard people screaming, they did not come to help him. "He can not fool us again," they said.

Wolves finally managed to pounce and eat lots of sheep grazing by the shepherd boy, then ran into the woods again.

Liars will never believe again, even when they are telling the truth.

Small ant and Elephant

Small Ant and Elephant. That said, in a middle of nowhere. The power of the elephant is very dominant in some areas control of food supply for animal life. The elephants that dominate the region pair had no rival equal. Even the tigers and lions were dubbed the king of the jungle or the king of the jungle and even did not dare to disturb prey. This condition makes the elephant so arrogant, that they had thought of himself as the king of kings of existing forests.

"Hwa ha ha ha!" The elephant who boasted her laughter, when measuring themselves how their group is much stronger than the other jungle animals.

No one fears even though they have large fangs like a tiger and a lion though. Because they must be avoided when it is passed by the elephant who arrogantly pounding feet into the earth and waving its trunk as if to knock down all the blocking journey.

Meanwhile, small ants crushed. Scrambled to save themselves respectively. Elephants do not care about what's underneath. They walked toward the original goal. Not at all feel guilty about what had happened at that time.

Silent noiseless. Silent meaningless. Shouted a small ant among elephants are clustered. Although shouted shrieked the little creature still will not sound. Because he was in a certain smallness. While the world wide still reluctant to turn and look where that faint voice began.

Little ants are busy working was now swarming back. Watching his brother lying. Grief so deep between them now. Because death was so sudden. Never imagined before.

The colony is now back splatter. When another group of elephants crossing. With their pride and ferocity. Fortunately, this time not so much a victim as before. Because the ant colony is not working. They were being watched family and friends who had been trampled by the elephants of the first group.

After things quiet. They were hiding behind the trees back together. With the labor force immediately the leader of the colony decided to take the victims to the palace. Palace in the form of nests in the soil.

Sacred ceremony now underway. The leaders gathered at the empire ants. They do a ritual tribute. Against their fellow brothers colonies were affected. They did the ceremony to the accompaniment of prayers of all. So that it has gone to get the best position in the side. The mighty master of all power.

The ceremony closed with sobs and anxiety that is felt throughout the colony. Since the day after tomorrow could be pride and arrogance of the elephant re-occur. Because they hear the last words of the elephant that goes with it ferociously. "Whoever you are. Karna did not get out of our way. Then accept the consequences "
That elephant's words as he left. Without seeing how many victims had died. The elephant was certainly not afraid of anything or anyone. Suddenly from the back of the crowd was screaming.

"It can not be on leave. They are too arrogant. They are too proud to death of our brother ignored. Even they are not aware of everything "

"That's right folks. It's all gone too far "from the crowd. with high body great voice.

"But how? While lions just do not dare to disturb the elephants. On who else we will ask for help? "Near the altar of the palace, the sound was heard.

After that, the crowd turned into a rowdy voices. All the talk about the arrogance and cruelty of elephants. They feel very depressed and felt very hurt. Suddenly the king ant standing on the altar. Instantly rose to their voices stopped. They all bowed to the king a sign of respect.

"My people!. We all are in a very difficult position. And before we take any action. We're going to equate the first goal and the way we are. And we as a people are very solid in this world. should not be divided. We must preserve the integrity of our togetherness. Therefore I am now, and all the representatives of the colony Smut will hold a meeting. If you've reached an agreement that will soon tell. "

After that King then entered the palace again. To make a sudden meeting. And now people are not too rowdy. They enjoyed a meal of the kingdom. Sebagaiamana usual. Because the ant kingdom always feed the people. Without exception and without being picky. The king himself never forbade people to use the facilities of the kingdom. Since all are the work of the people.

However, the people there never was a disrespectful act. People usually only use the facility as needed. And the people are very respectful and reluctant to his king. Even to sit side by side with the king alone no one dared. While the king and never banned. Demikia it is the respect the people, because the king was very fond of and attention to the whole people.

A few hours passed. People are now back on his feet. The king was back in the altar that can be used to provide notice to the people. "My people! .. We've got a way to give lessons in a herd of elephants ...."

King continues to provide ways to conduct a stern warning to the herd of elephants. Some questions on the king and his advisers said very clearly. And at that moment, after all is clear and no one asked, as the worker ants immediately went to a herd of elephants. Ants are accustomed to working and walking at night. Daily they did not look tired to work. Day and night.

Daybreak. Amid the silence of the forest began to grow brighter. Suddenly the noise sounded. King of tall elephant was raging. A large tree that was hit by a herd of elephants diatara to vibrate. Raja the elephant fell down in pain.

Another elephant started to gather. Watching kings tergelatek pain from hitting a large tree. And unexpectedly it all, the king then rose and returned rampage. Another elephant elephant hit. Some of them sank.

"Ampuuun! ... Sakiit ... Ampuuun!" King elephant was heard screaming while running plays. Small trees and grasses crushed.

And the elephant king hit a big rock. He fell back. His head hurt because it hit hard rock. Having seen can not stand anymore. Herd of elephants gathered around his king.

"What is my king? Who has hurt sassy herds of elephants, will be destroyed. The king who dares to hurt it? "Son of the King of the elephants asked while rubbing the head of the king's elephant with its trunk.

Raja the elephant was not immediately answered. He seemingly tersenggal-senggal breathe. Weary of running. Her eyes winced in pain as hit by a collision with trees and boulders. Then he said. "What hurt me was the ants'

Hearing those words. Spontaneous all herd each other. Some are giggling laugh. And when the son of the king laugh. All herd started laughing. There are even direct them rolling resistance because not help laughing.

In the blink of an elephant king forced himself to stand. And with the help of his son and some of the king's. Now the king had stood at attention. All the elephants stopped laughing. Although there is still such a closed mouth with its trunk. Because they want to laugh. Elephants were laughing and rolling around immediately stood at attention, his face pale as king with an angry look.

"You all hear! I'm not messing around this time. The ants can indeed hurt us very cruel "King said with seriousness and facial grimacing in pain.

"The king! They are so small. So, how can they hurt us? "Ask the foremost elephant among the crowd. He was right in front of the King of the elephants were still visible grimace wagging his ears wide open.

"We have to respond! We can destroy the nest and all the inhabitants in it the king. Why we do not act fast? "Elephant who was beside the king said as he stamped his foot. He was furious with the ants. Then another elephant mengangnguk muttering "yes! We have to respond ".

The atmosphere became boisterous chatter because the elephant was irritated by the behavior of ants that. Until their conversation stops because the elephant king said stengah shouted.

"Do not be careless. Before the ants were hurt this morning. King ants have warned. And you have to know them now in my ears. And you all have ear contains ants since that night has been moved into our ears. And tonight in unison they will hurt us all. Torturing us because we have hurt them yesterday afternoon. This is their revenge "

Hear the words of the king. The elephant panicked. They were busy with each other to see who is in his ear next to them. And it's true all the ears they have in the content of different types of ants. "The king! How can we get them out of our ears? "Tanya the elephant in front of the king in a panic.

"Nothing. Because I know, ants are very persistent and strong. In fact they would rather die than let go. That's what I know from the first. Ants that have the strength and courage in the hearts of the very tough " "So what can we do?"

"Before they hurt me. They also have said that their desire is mutual respect and care for our fellow forest dwellers. And I do not respond to threats until they hurt. At first I laughed, because our strength is far below them. Because we are stronger than them. But everything is wrong, even if we are strong, it turns out that power can not always make us protected. In fact we could be hurt by a small force of ants "

Hear the words of the king. All the elephants down. They realize that nothing can be done. They turned out to be defeated by the power of a very tiny ants. Seeing all was silent, then the king began to speak again.

"Right now we can lakukah is trying to understand ourselves. That we are so far has been so arrogant and too cocky with our power. The lion is the king of the jungle have never dared to interfere with our herd. But today. we have been defeated by the power of ants. This is embarrassing. But we will not get this treatment if we are to appreciate the small force they long ago ... "

King suddenly silent. He seemed mendengatkan something. And it moves with the king ordered all flock to silence. The king frowned, he looks very concentrated.

Moments that made King. And it seems the king was listening to the words of the king of existing ants in her ears. And then the king issued a voice vote that can not be understood by the other elephants. The elephant king was silent she saw the strange noises. After that then the king stopped and he started talking like normal again.

"My people. Be prepared! The last is the sign language for the ant is in your ear hole. And now they are going out of your ears all. They did not want to hurt us. They just want to realize that there is not the strongest so forget about the other creatures "

Hear the words of the king. The elephant was silent. They have now finished their ears feel of little ants that flock. Pera elephant ears look kewannya ants out one by one. A long line was later seen walking forward .

Following the incident. The herd of elephants never again felt most strongly. So she never underestimate the power of small forces such as ants and other animals. Karna did they realize. No power is most perfect. The great strength it certainly beats aka tone. Even their great power can be defeated by the power of togetherness ant colony. Since then they have lived side by side and never interfere with each other.

Story of the Deer and the Tiger

Story of the Deer and the Tiger. One day the hare was a walk in the woods, when it was cool to walk around and eat grass suddenly startled by the roar hare in front of him, it turns out it is a tiger that appears to be starving. Auuummm!!! Today is my fate too kind, my stomach again kroncongan, Wooowww meet hare as my lunch. Hey hare ready for me to eat ya, Aummmmmmmmm!!!.

Eittt! Wait First Tiger, if you eat me, you will lose the belt the secret story of the god, who does it will be able to fly and powerful like a god. Want ngak can fly and powerful as gods surely you become king of the jungle as long as this is what you desire-the desire, want???? "The hare".

True Cill ya, I'm gonna eat you ngak home you tell where the location of the belt gods. "The tiger". True dong, come with me to the big rock on the river bank near a bamboo grove in southern forests. "The hare".

And they immediately walked to the edge of the river in the southern jungle, when it gets geared toward seemed a dark brown circular object on a large rock resembling a belt. tiger long roars, Aummmmmmm!!! Moving about to hit the object.

Eittttt! Tigers Hang on, if you want to wear the belt god you have to walk backwards towards the belt and do not ever look back, that god does not know the owner of the belt's presence you they're cool bath in the river. "The deer" True also say Cil, huge belt out anyway so I ngak wait to wear it. "Said Tigers"

Okay! Tigers, now you may walk backwards towards the belt. But before that I want to count the first yach hidden fear I'll get yelled at god when he saw me. "The hare". Quick count Cil, I already ngak wait ya wanna be king of the jungle.!!!

Ok count me yach, "said Mouse Deer" (Get your kids involved counting)!!! 1.2.3. is not (says Tiger), not (says deer while running left tiger) (already have), (yet) 08/09/10 (already have) (have cried deer were already far left Tiger) ............

Without thinking Tiger was soon walking back towards the direction of the belt-like object. And when the body enters into the circle suddenly moving object wrapped around the body of the Tiger. Tiger seemed happy because in his mind the belt is being reacted to give strength to the body, but suddenly it turns more and more powerful and makes tiger pain. And what a surprise when it comes before it appears Tiger head in front of a giant python. Harimaupun screamed for help and growled "Watch ye cill, you have lied to me. Apparently this thing is not a belt god but a giant python "" cry for help but it seems futile. Since python is too large and eventually died Tigers proficiency level with broken bones.

The hare whose lives were saved because of his ingenuity begin his new adventure in the wilds of the forest