Aladdin and the magic lamp

Aladdin and the magic lamp. Long ago, in the town of Persia, a mother living with her son named Aladin. One day there came a man who was playing near Aladin. Then the man admitted Aladin as his nephew. Males it was invites Aladin go to outside of town with permission from the mother Aladin for help him. The path taken so far. Aladin complain lethargy them to his uncle but he instead  and told to to seek firewood, if not want Aladin will killed. Aladin finally realized that the man was not her uncle but a witch. Of men witch it then lit a fire with firewood and began to utter incantation. "Kraak ..." suddenly become hollow ground like a cave.

In the cave there is a hole to the bottom of stairs. "Come on down! Get me an antique lamp in the bottom of the cave, "cried the witch. "No, I'm afraid to go down there," replied Aladdin. The magician then pulled out a ring and gave it to Aladdin. "It was a magic ring, the ring will protect you", said the magician. Aladin finally down the stairs with fear. After until in basic he found the tree-tree fruiting gems. After fruit gems and lights that were there brought, he immediately climbed the stairs again. However, the hole is partially closed door. "Quick give the lamp!", Exclaimed witch. "No! This lamp will give after I got out, "said Aladin. After debate, the magician became impatient and finally "Brak!" Door hole closed by the magician then leave Aladin trapped in an underground pit. Aladin became sad, and sat pensively. "I'm hungry, I want to meet mom, God, help me!", Says Aladin.

Aladin clenched his hands and rubbed his fingers. Arrived-arrived, around him became red and smoke rising. Simultaneously with a it emerged an ogre. Aladin was terrified. "Forgive me, because it was shocking sir", I was a fairy ring giant said it. "Oh, then take me back home." "Good Lord, take kepunggungku, we'll get out of here," said the fairy ring. In a short time, Aladdin is up in front of his house. "If I call upon the lord require rubbing the ring master."

Aladin tells all things in the natural to his mother. "Why does the witch want this dirty lights ya?", She said while rubbing the lamp to clean it. "Syut!" Suddenly smoke rose and emerged a giant fairy lights. "Mention command Mistress", said the fairy lights. Aladin who've never experienced anything like this gave the order, "we are hungry, help prepare food for us". In a short time the fairy lights bring a tasty-tasty food then menyuguhkannya. "If anyone wants more, just call me by rubbing the lamp," said the fairy lights.

Thus the day, month, tahunpun changed, Aladin living happily with his mother. Aladin now already become a young man. One day a princess passing in front of his house. He was very fascinated and fell in love with the Beautiful Girls. Aladdin and his desire to tell his mother to marry the king's daughter. "Quiet Aladdin, Mother'll work". Mother went to the royal palace to bring the jewels belonging to Aladin. "Sire, this is a gift to King of my son." King very happy. "Well ..., your son definitely a handsome prince, tomorrow I will come to you with a palace and my daughter".

Upon arriving at her house immediately rub the lamp and asked to bring a light fairy palace. Aladdin and his mother waited at the top of the hill. Shortly thereafter fairy the lights come up with Istana majestic in his back. "Sir, this palace". The next day the King and his daughter came for a visit to the Palace of Aladdin's very majestic. "Will you make my son as your wife?", Tanya King. Aladin is very happy about it. Ago they both carry out feast wedding.

Far away, the magician turns seeing it all through a crystal ball. He then went to Aladdin and pretended to be a seller Aladin lamp in front of the Palace. He shouted, "change your old bulbs with new bulbs". The empress who see Aladdin's magic lamp obsolete soon come out and exchange it with a new lamp. Soon magician rub the lamp and ordered the fairy lights bring the palace and its contents and wife Aladin to her home.

When Aladdin came home from touring, he was very surprised. Then call the fairy ring and asked him what had happened. "Then please return it to me all over again," cried Aladdin. "Excuse me sir, my energy was not as fairy lights," said the fairy ring. "Well, then I'll take it. Please Deliver you get there, "cried Aladdin. Arriving at the palace, Aladdin sneak in for the room where the Princess locked up. "The witch is sleeping due to drinking beer," said the Princess. "Well, do not worry I will take back the magic lamp, we will be victorious," replied Aladdin.
Aladin settles approached the witch who is being sleeping. It turns out magic lamp protruding from his pocket. Aladdin then pick it up and immediately rub. "Get rid of this guy," cried Aladdin to fairy lights. Warlocks awake, then attacked Aladin. But the fairy lights immediately slammed the witch to death. "Thank you fairy lights, and bring us back to Persia's palace". Arriving in Persian Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to help the poor and distress.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a boy who loved adventure. On a night he fled from the house, and with his friend Huck went to the funeral. "Hey, Huck! If we take the cat dead and buried, he said we could have taken warts. "" Right. Leave it to me! Masa'sih just scared. "
"Hey, wait! There are people who come! Tom and Huck hiding soon. "Is not that doctors and Grandpa Peter? And that the Indian Joe ... "Then the doctor and grandfather Petter started fighting because of money problems. To get the body, doctors must perform both excavation. Then Grandpa Petter start raising prices, but the doctor refused. Then Grandpa Petter beaten by Doctors to fall. After that, the Indian Joe picked up a knife that was brought Grandpa Doctor Petter and jump attack. Brukk!
The Indian Joe kills doctor, then go take the money run. The next day Doctor found dead in the cemetery, and the town began to gather. "This is a knife grandfather Petter. So, Grandpa who kills the Doctor. "" I ... I can not remember it ... "What? I have seen my grandfather Petter kill the Doctor. "" It's true, the killer is the grandfather Petter.

Then Grandpa Petter arrested and put in jail. "Well ... when the real killer is the Indian Joe." "But, if we say that, the Indian Joe for revenge and kill us ..." A few days have passed, and everyone has forgotten the incident. One day Tom fight with Becky, the girl he liked at school. "What the hell. I hate Tom. "
Tom is scolded by Becky felt heartbroken. Then his friend Joe said, "Both at home and at school I was not needed. Tom, we escape it, yuk! "Tom and Joe invites Huck, they intend to live on an island in the middle of the river. "Yahooo! At this rate, we like pirates, yes! "We do not need to go to school." All three crossed the river by raft he made, and they play all day. When it started getting hungry, they eat fried eggs and apples.

The next day when they were playing, all of a sudden .... duaaar! River water gushed upwards. "Oh, it is a sign of someone who is looking for a person who drowned." People think Tom and Joe cities drowned in the river, and then they came to find. "Maybe this time being worried about Aunt Polly." In the middle of the night Tom swam across the river, returned to his home to see the state. When Tom peered through the window, saw Aunt Polly and Mrs. Joe was crying. "Everything dies, yes ..."
Tom then returned to the island and tells it to Huck and Joe. They were very surprised. Finally, they agreed to go home on the day of their funeral. "Oh, Tom! You go home, yeah. "" Joe, thank God you're home safely. "Everything is happy on their return.
Several days later, the court began grandfather Petter. Petter grandfather established in court as a killer, and he will be sentenced to death. To liberate Petter grandfather, Tom ventured to witness. "The real killer is the Indian Joe's. We have seen a real incident. "Si Indian Joe who heard it immediately jumped out of the window. Praaang! He fled. Petter grandfather was very happy because his soul saved. "Tom, thank you very much. Once the trial is over, the city returned to his original life. One day Huck and Tom went to an unoccupied house. When they're looking for something in level two, suddenly someone came into the house. "Ooh! The Indian Joe with his best friend, thief! "
To hide the money he had stolen, the thieves began to dig the floor. And ... criing! They issued a gold box. "Hyaaa! Many treasures! "" Alright, we move past our hiding marked with this wood. "Si Indian Joe also began to rise to the level of the two, to check. "What, ya? If caught, surely we killed him ... "Praaak! Gedebug! Because the stairs had rotted boards, in the middle of the Indian Joe fell down the stairs. Tom and Huck felt relieved.

On the other hand, Tom, Becky, and her friends go on a picnic together. However, Tom and Becky get lost in a cave. They do not know the way home. Suddenly, there is smoke billowing around the both of them. "Kyaaa! Tom, I'm afraid! "" Oh, there is one! "Suddenly a figure appeared in front of the Indian Joe Tom and Becky. I was so shocked, to the point that both are difficult to bemafas. "Waaaw! Come on, run! "Quickly, Tom and Becky run up out of the cave. Eventually they get home.
Aunt Polly is concerned very happy with the return of the children. When Tom went home to play Becky, Becky's father said, "Tom because the cave was dangerous, it should be closed." Yes ... but there is no Indian Joe. When everything went down there, it was Indian Joe fainted at the entrance of the cave. He was lost. Then they closed the entrance of the cave, and Indian Joe throw into prison. "It turned out Indian Joe hid his gold in the stones of the cave is and has been marked. "Tom and Huck go into the cave through the secret passage. When they dug the stone that has been marked, they saw two men hidden gold thieves.
"Hooray with this property, we would be rich!" When Tom and Huck go home, Mrs. Douglas who have been helped by Huck to throw a party to welcome them.
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is an adaptation of the story in Mississippi, USA. Tells the story of mischievous young man, named Tom and his best friend, Huck.

The story of the frog prince

The story of the frog prince. At one time, there lived a king who had a beautiful daughter, but the daughter of the most bungsulah most beautiful. She has a very pretty face and always looks radiant. He was named Mary. Near the royal palace are vast and dense forest and under the old lime tree there is a well. One hot day, playing Princess Mary went into the forest and sat on the edge of the water is very cold shower. When the Princess was tired of taking a gold ball then threw it high and then he caught again. Playing ball is throwing his favorite toy.
However, once the gold ball can not be captured princess. The ball then fell to the ground and rolled in the direction of the lake, the princess's eyes continue to look toward her golden ball, the ball kept rolling until it disappeared in the lake, until the bottom of the lake that was not visible. The princess began to cry. The longer cries louder. When he was crying, the sound of someone talking to him, "What makes you sad princess? Daughter cries host so overwhelmed me "The Princess looked around for where the direction of the noise, he just saw a big frog with an ugly face on the surface of the water. Oh, if you are just now talking frog? I weep because my golden ball fell into the lake. Stop crying, said the frog. I can help you take your gold ball, but what will you give me later?, Continued the frog. Whatever you ask will I give it, and pearl jewelry, even I will give a golden crown I wear this, the princess said. The frog replied, I do not want jewelry, pearl even your golden crown, but I want you to want to be friends with you partner and eat, drink and sleep with you. If you promise to fulfill all my wishes, I'll get back your golden ball, said the frog. Well, I promise to fulfill all your wishes if you were able to bring back my golden ball. The princess thought, how could a frog who can talk can live on land for a long time. He can only play in the water with the other frogs singing. Having promised the princess, the frog immediately dived into the lake and in a short time he returned to the surface, carrying the gold ball in his mouth and then threw it to the ground. The Princess was very happy because she got back her golden ball. The Princess caught her golden ball and then ran home. Wait! wait, said the frog. Take me with you, I can not run as fast as you. But it's useless shouted the frog princess, he still ran off the frog. The frog feels very sad and back to the lake. The next day, when the Princess was sitting with her father over lunch, the sound of a leap in the marble staircase. Arriving at the top of the stairs, there was a knock on the door and crying, daughter, daughter! opened the door for me. The princess hurried to the door. But when he opened the door, turned in front of the existing frog. Startled she immediately closed the door loudly. He sat back down at the table and looked terrified. The King who saw her frightened daughter asked, What are you afraid of my daughter? Is there a giant that will take you away? Not a father, not a giant but a disgusting frog, the princess said. What did he want from you? asked the king for his daughter. Then the princess told me again what happened to him yesterday. I never thought it would come to this palace .., said the Princess. Not long ago, there was a knock at the door again. Princess!, Daughter, opened the door for me. Did you forget your speech at the lake yesterday? Finally, the King said to his daughter, what thou hast promised must be fulfilled. Come on, open the door for her. With heavy steps, the youngest daughter opened the door and immediately entered the frog and the princess follow up to the dinner table. Pick me up and let it sit next to you, said the king orders katak.Atas, guards prepare dishes for frogs in addition to Princess Mary. The frog immediately eat the food on the plate by sticking his long tongue. Well, actually no rules. Looking at it makes me feel uneasy, said Princess Mary. The princess rushed to her room. Now he felt relieved to escape from the toad. But, suddenly, when about to lay down on the bed. Kwoook! turns the frog was on her bed. Enough frogs! Although I've made a vow, but this is outrageous! Princess Mary was very angry, and he threw it to the floor frog. Bruuk! Magic, smoke suddenly came out of the frog's body. From the smoke emerged a handsome prince. Thank you Princess Mary! You have saved me from the evil witch magic. Because you've been bucked, his magic vanished and I was back to its original form. Said the Prince. Forgive me for having reneged on the promise, the princess said ruefully. I also apologize. I deliberately make you angry that you threw, said the Prince. Time passes so quickly. Finally the Prince and Princess Mary with the faithful engaged married and they lived happily. WISDOM: Do not ever think about playing a first appointment and promises that we will create.

Origin of Bali strait

Manik angkeran, Origin of Bali strait. In earlier times in Daha kingdom there lived a Brahmin who benama very famous Sidi Mantra miracle. Trance Guru rewarded Widya or property and a beautiful wife. After many years of marriage, they had a son who they named Manik Angkeran.
Although Manik Angkeran a handsome and intelligent young man but he had a poor trait, which is like gambling. He often risked losing so he had his parents' property, even in debt to someone else. Because it can not pay debts, Manik Angkeran father asked for help to do something. Sidi Mantra fasted and prayed to the gods for help. Suddenly he heard a voice, "Hi, Sidi Mantra, in the crater of Mount Agung there are guarded treasure dragon dragon bernarna Besukih. Go there and ask that he wants mernberi little treasure."
Sidi Mantra go to Mount Agung to overcome all obstacles. Arriving at the edge of the crater of Mount Agung, he sat cross-legged. He rang the bell while reciting mantras and call on the name Dragon Besukih. Not long then utilized the dragon out. After hearing intentions Sidi Mantra, Dragon Besukih squirm and scales out of gold and diamonds. After saying thank you, Sidi Mantra excused himself. All property that gets given to Manik Angkeran the hope he will not gamble anymore. Of course not long after, the treasure was gone for a bet. Manik Angkeran once again enlist the help of his father. Sidi Mantra of course refused to help anakya.
Manik Angkeran heard from a friend that the property was obtained from Mount Agung. Manik Angkeran know to get there he had to cast a spell, but he never learned about prayer and mantra. So, he just took the bell that was stolen from his father when his father sleep.
After arriving at the crater of Mount Agung, Manik Angkeran gentanya ring. He is not playing scared when he saw the Dragon Besukih. After hearing intentions Manik Dragon Angkeran, he said, "I will give you treasures that you ask, but you have to promise to change your behavior. Do not gamble anymore. Remember the law of karma."
Manik Angkeran fascinated by gold, diamonds, and jewels in front of him. Suddenly there was malice in his heart that arise. Because you want to get more treasure, with lightning speed when he cut the tail Naga Naga beputar Besukih back to the hive. Manik Angkeran immediately ran away and was not overtaken by the Dragon. But because the magic dragon, Manik Angkeran burnt to ashes when the dragon licked his footsteps.
Kernatian heard his son, Sidi Mantra heartbreak unspeakable. Soon he visited Naga Besukih and begged her son revived. Dragon tail menyanggupinya origin can return to normal. With his power, Sidi Mantra can recover Tail of the Dragon. After Manik Angkeran turned on, he apologized and promised to be a good person. Sidi Mantra knew that his son had repented, but he also understands that they are no longer able to live together.
"You have to start a new life but not here," he said. In the blink of an eye he was gone. Where he stood a water source that arise increasingly large so that it becomes the ocean. With his stick, Sidi Mantra makes her mernisahkan line with her son. Now place it into the strait that separates the island of Java, Bali with Bali island.

the Flying Dutchman's Ghost Ship

The story of the Flying Dutchman's Ghost Ship is one of the most famous stories and has become a legend throughout the world. There have been many books written by lifting this legend, even in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) The ghost ship also raised.
But, whether real or not this story I do not know, or maybe still the same with the other legends are considered only to the extent of coral stories / tales down-temurun.Menurut folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never be anchored , but had to wade through the "seven seas" forever. Flying Dutchman is always visible from a distance, sometimes illuminated with dim light beam.
Many versions of this story. According to some sources, this legend came from the Netherlands, while the others to claim that it originated from England play The Flying Dutchman (1826) by Edward Fitzball and the novel "The Phantom Ship" (1837) by Frederick Marryat, later adapted to Dutch story "Vliegend Het Schip" (The Flying Ship) by the Dutch priest AHC Römer. Other versions include the opera by Richard Wagner (1841) and "The Flying Dutchman on Tappan Sea" by Washington Irving (1855). Some reliable sources said that during the 17th century Dutch captain named Bernard Fokke (another version called the captain "Ramhout Van Dam" or "Van der Decken") across the sea from Holland to Java with incredible speed. He is suspected of asking for help to reach the speed demon earlier. But amid his voyage towards the Cape of God Hope sudden bad weather, so the shaky ship. Then a crew of the cruise ship that stopped asking. But the captain did not want to, then he said, "I swear I will not back down and will continue through the storm to reach the destination city, or I and all my boat crew will be damned forever" a sudden storm hit the ship so that they lose against nature. And cursed forever with the captain that his ship into the bodies of children living and sailing on the seven seas forever. That said, the ship was condemned to sail the ocean until the end of time 7. The story then spread very rapidly throughout the world. Other sources also mention the emergence of dangerous diseases among crew members so that they are not allowed to dock in ports. Since then, the ship and its crew are always punished for sailing, never docked / pull. According to some versions, this happened in 1641, the others guess in 1680 or 1729. Terneuzen (Netherlands) referred to as the home of the legendary Flying Dutchman, Van der Decken, a captain who cursed God and was condemned to sail the seas forever, has been told in a novel by Frederick Marryat - The Phantom Ship and the Richard Wagner opera. Many witnesses who claimed to have seen a ghost ship. In 1939 the ship was visible in Mulkzenberg. In 1941 seklompok people at Glencairn beach saw a ship sailing arrived - arrived vanished when going to run against a rock. Sightings of The Flying Dutchman again seen by the crew of a military ship Jubilee MHS near Cape Town in August 1942. In fact there is a record of the story of Christopher Columbus' voyage, when the crew hang in limbo Columbus saw the ship with the crew of the screen mengembang.setelah first look instantly killed instantly. Myth-nd nd also tells if a modern ship saw this ghost ship and a modern crew gave the signal, then it will be a modern vessel sink / woe. For a sailor, unexpected encounter with a ghost ship The Flying Dutchman will bring harm to them and it is said, there is a way to circumvent the possibility of bumped into the ghost ship, namely the horseshoe pair in their sails mast as protection. Over the centuries - centuries, the legend of The Flying Dutchman became muse to poets and novelists. Since 1826 Edward has written novels Fitzball The Pantom Ship (1837) is drawn on the experience meet with this spooky vessel. Many well-known poets such as Washington Irving and Sir Walter Scott are also interested in lifting this legend. Flying Dutchman The term is also used to nickname some football athletes, especially the major players from the Netherlands. Ironically, the country veteran of Orange, Dennis Bergkamp actually known as a phobia or fear to fly, so he was nicknamed The Non-Flying Dutchman. Some Sightings Reports The Flysing Dutchman who had documented: 1823: Captain Oweb, tells the story of HMS Leven has twice seen an empty vessel tossed around in the middle of the ocean in the distance, but in the blink of an eye the boat then disappeared. 1835: Narrated in that year, a British-flagged ships are besieged by a storm in the middle of the ocean, was visited by an alien ship that is touted as the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, and then suddenly the foreign ships approaching and as if to hit ship them, but strangely before the two foreign ships collide are then disappear instantly.

1881: Three children aboard HMS Bacchante including King George V had seen sebuat unmanned ships that sail their boats against the current. The next day, they encountered one rather than die in a terrible state.
1879: Son of the SS Pretoria also claim to see the ghost ship.
1939: The ship seen in Mulkzenberg, some people who witnessed the obsolete vessel kerana surprised to suddenly disappear
1941: Several witnesses reported Glencairn coast battered ship that hit a rock and split, but after an investigation at the scene, there was no sign of the wreck.
1942: Four witnesses had seen an empty vessel into the waters of Table Bay and then menghilang.Seorang employee has documented the discovery in his diary.
1942: The Flying Dutchman back apparition seen by the crew of a military ship Jubilee MHS near Cape Town in August 1942
1959: The crew of the ship Straat Magelhaen back melaporakan see a mysterious ship adrift in the middle of an empty ocean with his telescope.
I'm sure, many people are skeptical to hear these stories, including me, hehehe. But for those who truly believe in the story of the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, perhaps their hearts will always be ingrained curiosity and always tried to wait for the revelation of the mystery of the ghost ship.