Dolphins and Sharks Fish Story

Dolphins and Sharks Fish Story. In one day , the sharks and dolphins , they trooped foraging in the deep ocean . Happy dolphins prey on small fish , while the sharks prefer prey on large fish . Sharks have an incredible appetite .

Although sharks have got a big fish though , sometimes shark still like to catch other prey . Even sharks often do not spend their prey , because the stomach is no longer fit to hold .

When when he got in a spot , they immediately chasing prey in the surrounding areas . Heavily logged shark devouring large fish , while dolphins just prey on small fish that are nearby . Dolphins are not interested in eating large fish , although in fact easily obtainable .

Unbeknownst to the fish and sharks and dolphins , all of a sudden a fishing boat was right on top of them . On top of the boat appears to be two fishermen catch fish. Not long after , the two fishermen cast nets trap .

When the Sharks were surprised to see the prey fish nets of fishermen were sown . But with a quick motion , can be bolted shark nets and avoid it .

"Watch the dolphins ! There is a net trap ! " Shouted shark warning dolphins . But unfortunately , due to the movement of dolphins is not fast , she was trapped .

" Help me shark ! I'm trapped ! " Cried dolphins ask for help .

Shark trying to provide help . With sharp teeth he tried to sever the rope nets that trap. But his efforts were in vain , because the two fishermen were immediately pulled the trap nets .

When attractive catch , two fishermen were objecting . With over backwards slowly catches that can be drawn . " It seems we catch a lot of these days ! " Said one fisherman with a happy face . " Yes , it seems so . It weighs twice as much than usual ! "Said the other fishermen . See ! There is a big fish ! " Cried one of the fishermen at the sight of their catch on the water surface .
"No wonder so heavy! " Exclaimed the other fishermen . Then they raised it to catch the boat . " What do we do these big fish ," asked the fisherman .

" Should we sell only together with other fish . Probably more expensive ! " Replied the fisherman only . Heard he will be sold in the market , dolphins can only sobbed . Her body writhing heat from the sun that started stinging . Both fishermen were noticed movement dolphins were writhing in their boat . Her skin began to dry up due to the heat of the sun . Tears dolphins started dripping and wet the whole body .

" Look ! big fish was crying ! "said a fisherman . " Yes , it seems the fish was sad to hear he will be sold in the market . " replied the other fishermen . " What if we release the big fish back into the sea ? I can not bear to see these fish crying . " " All right then , I will not have the heart to sell fish at the market . Then let us off the fish . "Says one fisherman who touched hearts .

They lift and release the dolphins into the sea . Dolphins stop crying , his heart changed immeasurably excited because it survived and not be sold by the fishermen . As a token of gratitude , dolphins jumping around in front of their boat , and whistling happily sign . Both fishermen and even then happy and smiling seeing dolphins do not be sad anymore . Then the fisherman went home .

" Hi shark ! I survived ! "Called dolphins to sharks with a happy heart . " How did you escape ? " Shark asked in astonishment . " The fishermen were let go . They were good heart . They did not have the heart to sell me to the market . In fact he said , I can fetch a good price . " Story dolphin shark . " Ah no , the fishermen were greedy ! I should be getting the big fish earlier . Because fishermen menjaringnya I so do not miss out ! "Said the shark with a heart upset . "No man, it's not greedy fishermen . If they are greedy , certainly I 've sold before . "Says dolphins denies the notion of shark .

"No , I still do not like the fisherman . They catch all the fish are supposed to be mine. Later one day , when a fishing boat that was destroyed by the storm , I would eat them instead. " That shark swear .

" Do not buddy, do not be doing that . You are the real greedy . Not satisfied are you eating fish there . The feeling we will not be short of food , although the arresting fishermen fish here every day . " Oracle of dolphins advise . " When later there are people who are hurting , I would definitely menolongya . Because I feel indebted to fishermen who have helped me . I will never forget their good favor . So I promise to always help people in distress . " That's the promise of dolphins for human repay .

Until this is where the story of sharks and dolphins , the two figures are different in nature . Sharks have a bad feeling vengeful nature of the human being , then he hates humans . While the dolphins feel indebted to humans , so the dolphin promised to always help people who suffered .

A fairy tale snail

A fairy tale snail. There seemed to pay attention to the activities of young snails animals in circumference . There are birds able to fly high. Some rabbits are fun running around in the green grass , jump in there and here . The fish are dancing so enjoy the cool water of nature lake so broad . " Ouch fun of them , " said the snail appeared admiration .

At that moment , the snail began to realize something about her that felt so many flaws . He can not fly like a bird . Can not walk fast , let alone run and jump , like rabbits . And do not swim like a fish . 'If I like them ... , " muttered the snails showed remorse diri.Bayangan cheerful faces of the animals around it increasingly makes him feel worse . " God is not fair ! " He said later .

Outside the awareness of the young snails , slugs an old and weak to him . " Do not think short-sighted about the justice of God , my son ! " He said wisely . " Be kind sangkalah to the All- Wise , one day , you will know the secret behind his creation ... , " said the old snail walking away leaving the young snails are still confused .

Not to mention the confusion was gone , the young snails were surprised by the sound of three tail hawk cries snaking in the air beautifully . All three also swooping toward him , fish , and kelinci.Spontan , the snail 's body and immediately covered her house shrink so hard . Eagle failed to leave themselves prey flew the snails are beginning to peek into the direction of the fish and rabbits .

fish and rabbits that had been in the grip of leg two tailed eagle flew toward bringing prey ketinggian.Saat that , he realized something . " Ah true what was said earlier snail pack . So many secrets behind the Creator of justice , " he said to himself .

Pay attention , and open the shell of self pettiness that has been imprisoning us in the dark ways of thinking and acting . Try and be thankful , one day , we will find so much grace of God in us is insulated by the way we see ourselves .

Tales of the Guardians Monsters and horses

Tales of the Guardians Monsters and horses. at one time there was a very prosperous state , the government is led by a very wise king once , because savvy and wisdom that people can live with dignity , peace and prosperity. Yet there is something bad happens , the government was attacked by a large monster , vicious and evil. Monster is often preyed on livestock people rarely he did not even catch small children to make her pets in cages , people become restless and frightened because they rarely fear that then go to work on farms and their fields , villages sudden there was silence more children are playing in the field, the atmosphere becomes gripping .

In Ahirnya news came on the king , then he Sang discover how to stop the evil monster behavior . He sent the prajuritnya to catch the monster , but the monster teryata too strong for them , the soldiers made ​​the run helter-skelter back to the castle . Sang While he is looking for ways to overcome the disaster soon , the monster did not stop making trouble in the villages , sooner or later many of the people who moved to leave their homeland and king are saddened him.

With a weary heart , Sang He then prayed to be given a way out and in the middle of the prayer he sought enlightenment that monsters can be defeated with magic arrows , only the magic keys are kept in a cave in a forest . Then Sang His Majesty the King has sent four best patriots , patriots they are trained with a robust body , tall and big, but it turned out to Sang He not only gave them a time , between the mighty warrior Sang He also sent the caretaker of the castle to participate , sice it is the old castle with a small body and short. The soldier was amazed with the results for what He Sang sent the little old to join ? Would only slow and troublesome effort alone , and they plan to leave the old man , no need to follow . But unfortunately their plans come to light and he was adamant Sang sent sice castle.

Their journey has been very far from the palace , they carried out various obstacles but at every obstacle that they everlastingly direpotkan with people who care little horse and lead the soldiers angry at the old man , sometimes they blame Sang decision because he had asked who care for the horses follow their " little old policy , only inconvenient ! " sighed one soldier. " Yeah, usually Sang He always gave wise decision , why was this one so, just inconvenient ! "

The caretaker know that he is not liked by the soldiers, but he still kept going and did not leave them because Sang He sent him , he did not dare to leave his job despite his often sad because the rejection of patriots .

Short stories they came to the forest of destination, they soon discover just cave and go inside. "Ah, he 's a magic arrow , quickly take it! " What a warrior . With the alacrity one soldier take the magic arrows . " With this magical arrows we can kill the evil monsters and return peace to our government . "The greatest patriots . But amid the joy they suddenly come and destroy the evil monster entrance to no way out again , the soldiers even then trying to unload a pile of large stones that covered the entrance of the cave , but their efforts vain , except they also dark energy already exhausted because of the long journey , they finally surrendered. Now the castle's caretaker said the soldiers "We can not give up now , we're going too far and the government is in danger , remember that if we give up now not only Sang He is about to take off , but also children and our wives , families and those of our loved ones , let's not stop now . " Si panjaga horses try giving spirit . " Ah, you shut up! What can you do besides just a hassle we go! Come show what you can in addition be an obstacle ! " Oppose the greatest patriots .

Hearing these words the caretaker was not angry , he knew all along he was not able to do much more than just help cook and take care of the dirty clothes of the soldiers during the trip . But as the thought of his family and Sang now he does not want to give up , she decided to find a way to get out of the cave, he weaves the more remote cave in and getting him into the increasingly narrow path and continue to shrink, "Oh damn sure dead-end cave , ah , just straight road who knows no way out. " said the caretaker himself. With this move carefully as the guardian dark horse running until finally he saw a bunch of light at the end of the cave "Ah, that's it! There is a way ! "Cried the horse keeper . Listening teriakkan patriots who care for the horses rush to the people who care for the horses while carrying a magic arrow , but they immediately disappointed because it turns out the way it's too small to be passed , "Hey hole is really small for our big bodied but definitely enough for you sir old . " said the guardian warrior on horseback . "Well I'm going out with the magic bow and brutal killing monsters ! " Said the caretaker enthusiastic , but before the soldiers leave the magic arrow , hold the greatest patriots who care for the horses shoulder and said, "Father , we apologize rejected Mr. over the years, now we know why the beginda so insistently sent you to come with us , now our fate and all the people that we love even Sang his own fate in your hands, go out and kill the evil monster , once again we apologize . "

Hearing this sice the more excited , he immediately embraced soldiers and immediately crawled out through a small crevice caves, cave Arriving off the evil monsters have been waiting sice yet he is not afraid in the least, a love of all the people she loved beating her fears and with all his might he pulled the bow and let the magic arrows right in the heart of a giant , with a painful ear teriakkan the giant fell to the ground and did not move again . The monster is dead .

The caretaker immediately back into the cave and letting the soldiers that he had successfully killed the evil monster So they scrambled out and immediately asked the caretaker immediately returned to the palace and delivered the good news on his Sang . Without delay too long the watchmen kudapun immediately drive his horse toward the palace and preach the good news along the way home. With a very happy Sang he received the news and ordered that all the people back because the government has a peaceful and ordered the soldiers to pick heroes who still stuck in the cave .
Sang he gave many gifts to the soldiers who were trying to defeat the evil monsters and the people who care for her horses and guarantee that he will be keturunnya freeman of the royal family . Now the new caretaker nicknamed " Sang Giant Killer "

Elephant and ant story

Elephant and ant story. In a meadow there is an elephant , because of his huge body , he always underestimate / hurting other small animals . Small animals are very afraid of him , and therefore the elephant being overbearing.

One day , after meals because there are no jobs , elephant leisurely stroll in the meadow . Elephant bowed his head running at the time he saw an ant who is busy working .

When the ants are busy working not careful he stumbles down by a lawn .

" Hi little creatures , really sorry for you . " Elephant stopped by mocking laugh .

Small ant raised his head , looked at the big creature like this mountain , "Are you talking to me , mister elephant ? "

"Yes . " Elephant with mocking laughter went on to say : " I honestly say , you are indeed very tiny , tiny piece of grass alone can make you fall headlong , ai ... that is sad . "

" I was small . " Ants honestly replied , " but I do not feel I need to be pitied , any item that is in this world has its price , respectively , what makes you so arrogant ? Are you arrogant because of the shape of the body and strength . "

Elephant laughed out loud : " pathetic little creature , do you know ? The lion daisies most galakpun when I will avoid seeing , with my trunk , I can pull out the biggest tree with its roots , and it does not require power , if you can do it ? "

" Mr elephant , it was I could not do it , we actually did a very small ant , ant the whole family came together weighing can not be compared with one 's feet are large , we can not as you pull out a tree with its roots can not scare lion , but our power is not necessarily smaller than strength . "

Elephant with a cocky laugh out loud : " ha ... ha .. ha ... this is the funniest joke I ever heard , ha ... haa ... haa .. brave ant workers collided with an elephant ! --- With only one leg I can trample you get destroyed ! "

"Sir , you just rely on a large body . Pulling out the big tree you can do only with belalaimu , but , if the tree is 5 persons can embrace her new Do with belalaimu you can pull it out ? And if you feel your strength is large enough , can you destroy titi board in this river ?

Elephant lifted his head thinking about large trees that can only be embraced by 5 people , and looked at the river titi board , then he shook his head saying : " If that is , I can not do it . "

" But , we can make the ant communities united this huge tree decayed and fallen , and it can also destroy titi river boards . Although we are small , do not have a body and a big power like you , but we can do things you can not do . If you want to destroy the world , we as the ants force greater than thou lord of elephants ! Are you entitled to underestimate creatures smaller than you ? "

This arrogant elephant without saying a word turned to leave.

From then on , elephant cocky arrogant alter nature , do not underestimate the small creatures and painful again , do not underestimate the power of smaller creatures again .

Basically , we only see the outside of a person who was great , people underestimate the weak -bodied , but not necessarily the person who was weak energy lost by the big man

The story of both bees and eagles arrogant

The story of both bees and eagles arrogant. In a forest, a variety of animal life. They lived the life cycle as appropriate. There is help each other, devour each other there. All done because that's the pattern of life, so that life continued to evolve and create harmony.

Stay the bees in a group of old trees. Bees known as being hard-working. They form colonies to collect pollen and make jelly and honey to feed the queen and reserve food for baby bees.

Bees know the system, queens, males and workers with different tasks. The worker bee pollen into the search party never tired of working. They are looking for flowers in various parts of the forest. Until one time, a worker bee met with a hawk looking for food for her children newly hatched. "Hi little bee, what are you doing on the edge of the forest?" Said the eagle. "I was looking for pollen and suck honey, our honey supply is running out, "said the worker bees.

The eagle out loud with the sound arrogant, "Come on, why should working with tired little bodies. Do not you love with your body? You're the bees do not like us. Eagle is a powerful and resilient creatures even live alone, "

Hearing this, the worker bees smile, "It is precisely because our bodies are small, we have to live with the other bees to work together. We have come to understand the meaning of a partnership, and we are grateful, "the eagle does not want to lose," Then why did you want to be a worker bee? Why do not you live alone. Your queen must be lazy and just sitting in the nest, fed by the worker bees at any time, is not that unfair? We are always independent and the eagle foraging for our own self, never troubling the other eagles, "

The bees come back smiling, "We are the worker bees have never felt sorrow or utilized. We are sincerely working for our queens and males. Maybe they look lazy, but the responsibility to continue the descent of the bee is in their hands, it is a heavy responsibility, "said the wise bee. "We believe that God is just, He created us with a system like this definitely helps. And God made the eagle who self also would be useful. Is not that right? "The eagle just nodded and realized how wise the bees.

Because the sun is higher, the bees goodbye to get back to work and get the hay to be brought to the nest.

The story of a magical golden fish

The story of a magical golden fish. on an island called Buyan, a pair of grandparents lived very poor. Grandpa is the job for fish in the sea. Although almost every day grandpa go catch fish, but the results are just enough to eat it everyday.

One day when the grandparents were catching fish, their nets suddenly felt very heavy. As there are giant fish caught in it. "Ah, definitely a very big fish," thought the grandfather.

Grandfather forcefully pull his net. But it turns out there is nothing but a small fish caught in the nets. Apparently it was not a fish minnows usual, his body glistening like gold and can speak like a human being. "Grandpa, please let me go. I'll grant all your wish! "Said the Gold Fish.

The old man thought for a moment, then said, "I do not need anything from you, but I'll let you go. Go! "Grandfather release gold fish back into the sea, and then he went back home. At home, Grandma asked Grandpa catches. "Today I only get one gold fish, and even that's me off again," said Grandpa, "I'm sure if it was a magical fish, because he can speak. He said he would give me a reward if I want to let go. "

"So what you're asking," said Grandma. "No," said Grandpa. "Oh, how stupid!" Said Grandma. "At least you can ask for the bread we eat. Go and ask him! "So reluctantly grandfather back to shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wishes ". Suddenly the gold fish appear at the sea surface. "What do you want, Grandpa?" He said.

"My wife is mad at me, give me some bread for dinner, then she will forgive me!" Asked the grandfather. "Go home! I have sent a lot of bread to your house, "said the old man returned Ikan.Maka. When he arrived home, he found the dining table has been full of bread.

But she still looked angry at him, he said: "We've got a lot of bread, but the sink is broken, I can not wash the dishes. Go back to the sea, and the fish have the magic gives us a new sink! "Said the grandfather Nenek.Terpaksa back to shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here .... Grant our wishes! "Oops!" Gold Fish appear, "What more do you want, Grandpa?"

"Grandma told me to ask you to give us a new sink," pleaded Grandpa. "All right," said Fish. "You may have a new sink as well." Si grandfather went back home. Not to mention stepping on the page, the grandmother is confronting. "Go again! Ask on the Gold Fish to make us a new home. We can not continue to live here, this house has almost collapsed. "

Then the grandfather went back to the waterfront and exclaimed: "O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish!" In a flash of gold fish that appeared before the grandfather, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"Our be made a new home!" Begged Grandpa, "my wife is very upset, he does not want to live in our old house because the house was already almost collapsed." "Calm down, Grandpa! Go home! Your wish is kukabulkan. "

Grandpa went home. Arriving at the house, he saw that his house has become new. The house is beautiful and made of solid wood. And at the front door of the house, Grandma was waiting for him with a face that looked much more angry than before.

"You silly Grandpa! Do not think I would be satisfied just to make me a new home. Go back and ask the gold fish was that I did not want to be a fisherman's wife. I want to be a lady of the nobility. So that others will follow my wishes and my honor! "For the umpteenth time, the grandfather returned to the shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish! "

In an instant the golden fish appeared in front of the old man, "What do you want again, Grandpa?" "My wife can not make me calm. He was even more upset. He said he was tired of being a fisherman and his wife wanted to be mistress of the nobility, "pleaded Grandpa." All right. Go home! Your wish has been granted! "Said Gold Fish.

What a surprise when the grandfather returned home apparently now been transformed into a magnificent home. Made of solid stone, three stories high, with a lot of waitresses in it. The grandfather saw his wife sitting in a high chair busy giving orders to the servants.

"Hello my wife," says a grandfather. "Why not politely," said the grandmother. "How dare you claim to be my husband. Waiter! Take him to the barn and give him 40 lashes! "Soon a waiter dragging the grandfather to the barn and whip until the grandfather could barely stand. The next day her grandfather ordered to work as a gardener. His job was sweeping the yard and tending the garden. "Evil bitch!" Thought the old man. "I've given him luck but he would not even acknowledge me as her husband."

Eventually the grandmother got tired of being the lady of the nobility, he again summoned the grandfather: "Hey old man, go back to your gold fish and tell him this: I no longer want to be a lady of nobility, I want to be a queen." Then they returned to the old man waterfront and exclaimed: "O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish!" In the blink of Gold Fish that appear in front of the grandfather, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"My wife is getting outrageous. He does not want to be a lady of the nobility, but would like to be a queen. "" All right. Go home! Your wish has been granted! "Says fish emas.Sesampainya grandfather at his house first, now seemed to him a golden-roofed palace with guards passing by. Berpakainan wife like a queen now stood on the balcony surrounded by generals and governors. And so he raised his hands, the drum will sound accompanied by music and the soldiers will shout for joy.

After all this time, the old lady returned tired of being a queen. So he ordered the generals to find the grandfather and took him into his presence. The whole palace was busy looking for the grandfather. Eventually they found Grandpa in the garden and took him to the queen. "Listen old man! You should go see your gold fish! Tell him that I no longer wanted to be a queen. I want to be a goddess of the sea and the sea so that all the fish in the world do what I say. "

Grandpa was surprised to hear his wife's request, he tried to resist. But alas life is at stake, so he was forced to return to shore and called out:

O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wishes! This time the Gold Fish do not appear in front of him. Grandpa tried to call again, but the goldfish still will not show up in front of him. He tried to call for a third time. Suddenly the sea began to churn and rumble. And when it started to subside came the Golden Fish, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"My wife has been really crazy," said Grandpa. "He no longer wants to be a queen but would like to be a sea goddess who can organize and govern all ocean fish." Gold Fish The silent and without saying anything he disappeared back into the sea.

The grandfather was forced to return home. She almost did not believe in his vision when realize that the magnificent palace and all its contents have been lost. It is now in place, stood a rickety shack that once inhabited. And in it sat the grandmother with tattered clothes. They came back to life as it once was. Melaut.Namun grandfather back no matter how hard he works. results are only enough to eat it everyday.

the story of the hare and the mouse

know the story of the hare and the mouse, right? ya gonna definitely exciting story, let's observe the deer buddy story clever clever rat opponent anyway ... hehe ... enjoy the story ya buddy.

In the forest there lived two-tailed deer. They named the Branch Office and Manggut. Both tail deer are brothers. NOD is the brother of the Branch Office. Instead, Branch Office is the younger brother of Manggut. Although they were brothers, but their properties are very different. Branch Office diligent and good-natured. While Manggut lazy and like menjahili friends.

One day Manggut hunger. But Manggut lazy foraging. Finally Manggut steal food Branch Office. Branch Office asked to Manggut time where food, Manggut replied stolen rats.
"Ah, where probably eaten by rats!" Said Branch Office. "Yes, really! Same period his brother did not believe it! "Said Manggut lie.

Branch Office initially did not believe the talk Manggut. But after repeatedly saying Manggut Branch Office finally believe too. Branch Office summoned to his house mice.

"Rats, did you steal my food?" Said Branch Office in mice. "Ha? Stealing? I have never thought! "Replied mice. "Ah, the rat! You are a self-defense course! Already, Branch Office! He must be lying, "said Manggut. "Yeah, come on! Mice, instead bring me food across the river there. I was also taking food from there, too! "Said Branch Office ended the conversation.

Rat runs to the edge of the river. He climbed a small boat to go across the river. Manggut mice actually know who stole food. Meanwhile, in another part of the river, Manggut quickly cross the river. He was about to put
mouse traps that trapped mice.

When nearly across the river rats, mice saw the trap. Rat traps sure if it was installed by Manggut. Mice suddenly got an idea. Rats pretend drowning in the river. "Aaa ... Manggut, help me ...!" Shouted the mice. Hearing that immediately helped Manggut mice. Mice ask Manggut delivered across the river. NOD can not do anything about it. He drove across the mouse across the river rat sungai.Sesampai ask Manggut accompany rats take makanan.Karena Manggut not careful, his legs caught in a mousetrap. Nod
sorry for bad behavior and promised not to repeat it again.

The story of the tortoise and the hare arrogant

The story of the tortoise and the hare arrogant. on the outskirts of the village so a group of animals living place. There are no rabbits were arrogant and likes to taunt other weaker animals. Other animals such as turtles, snails, ants, caterpillars, worms, butterflies nobody likes the cocky rabbit.

when the rabbit cocky swagger find victims to ridicule. Incidentally he met a turtle. "Hey, slow turtles! You do not just road dong. Learn to let me quickly run up, "said the rabbit snickered.

"Let it go, my path is slow, but it is important nonetheless survived. Instead of a quick but fell and was injured, better stay safe, "said the turtle. "What if we run race," urged rabbits challenged. "If you win, I'll give you anything you ask for a gift," the rabbit said smugly. "How could I compete with you quickly. You're able to run and jump, while I, ... it could only go slowly ... because it burdened my house, "said the tortoise to know yourself.

"Must be going anyway! You may not refuse my challenge. Tomorrow morning I'm waiting for you under the fig. I would call the wolves to be the referee, "said the rabbit. "Beware if you do not come up, ..." said the rabbit threatening. Turtles silent stare. Inwardly he said, "What could I beat the rabbit?"

The next day the rabbit arrogant already waiting under the banyan. Wolf has come to be the referee. Once the turtles there and a number of animals present a spectator, the wolf said, "The rules here. You run the race start line under the mango tree, "Wolf said while pointing," continued cepet-hurry up under the banyan tree. Nginjak the first line of the winner. "All present were nod-nod.

When all was ready, "Okay, ... one ... two ... three ... run away!" Said wolf gestured. Rabbit jumped precede turtles. Meanwhile turtles move slowly because his own expense. "Come on the turtles, run dong .....!" Shouted mockingly rabbit from a distance. "I will wait here for ya ...," said the mock turtle. Rabbits were sitting around singing, mock turtle difficult step. Because the wind blows gently and cool, so sleepy rabbit unwittingly. Unfortunately, not long after the rabbit was asleep. Audience thought the rabbit just pretended to be asleep for mock turtle.

Though slowly, the turtle continues to move mightily. Secretly he passed the sleeping hare, and move on .... finally approaching the finish line. Just as the tortoise almost stepped on the finish line, the rabbit woke up. He was very surprised to find a turtle has almost reached the finish. Mightily he ran and jumped, chasing turtles are ridiculed and disepelekannya. But alas, it was too late. Turtle feet have touched the finish line and the checkered flag waving Wolves have when rabbits are still running. Tortoise and the hare winning so arrogant silent disbelief. "Why I could fall asleep right?" He said regretfully.

"Well, who wins?" Said the tortoise in rabbits. "Yes, ... you're the one who wins," said the shy rabbit. "Do you remember? Yesterday I promised you should ask any prize if they win this race, right? "Said the turtle reminded. "Yes, ... just select the gift you want," said the rabbit excited. "I only ask for one gift from you. From now on you do not get cocky again, do not scoff, and do not bother other animals "said the turtle. "Just that!" Said startled rabbit. "Yes, that's it." Said steady tortoise. "Well, I promise you will not be arrogant again, not taunting, and .... I'm sorry, "said the rabbit watched all the animals.

the story of the ant pupae

the story of the ant pupae, there is a very dense forest, there lived a variety of animals, ranging from ants, elephants, tigers, rhinos, birds and so on. On a day when very powerful storms. The storm came at once so make panic throughout the forest-dwelling animals. All animals panicked and ran terrified avoid the coming storm.
The next day, the sun comes up with a very warm and the birds singing sweetly sounding, but what happened? many fallen trees in the forest were scattered so as to make the forest into a messy forest.
A cocoon is crying and sad about what has happened in a tree that had fallen. "Hu .. hoo ... how sad we are, by the storm but nowhere was safe for shelter .. huhu .." lamenting the sad state of the cocoon.
From beneath the ground, there was an ant who arrogantly said "Hi cocoon, look at me, I'm protected from the storm yesterday, not like you were there on the ground, look at your body, you just stick in the fallen tree and can not shelter from the storm" says Proudly the Ants.
Ant increasingly arrogant and continue to say so to all the animals in the jungle, until one day the ants walking on the mud of life. Ant does not know if he walked on the mud of life that can ingest and draws it into the mud.
"Please ... please .... I got stuck in the mud of life .. please," cried the ants. A voice from above, "I think you are again having trouble yes, ants?" Ant look to find the source of the voice over, turned the sound was coming from a butterfly in flight above the mud earlier life.
"Who are you?" asked the Ants upset. "I was a cocoon that time that you're despicable" replied the butterfly. Ants felt ashamed and asked for help the butterfly to help him out of the mud that suck. "Help me butterflies, I'm sorry that time I was very cocky survive the storm but only because I seek refuge under the ground". The butterfly finally helping the Ant and semutpun congratulations and promised he would not insult all of God's creatures that exist in the forest.

The story of six soldiers

the story of six soldiers. Once upon a time there was a great guy, he has devoted himself to the country in the war, and have great courage, but in the end he was fired without any reason and only have 3 coins as treasure.

"I'm not going to say anything to see this," he said; "wait until I find the right person to help me, and the king had to give all the wealth of the country before my problem with him is finished."

Then, with full fury, he went into the woods, and saw a man standing there pulling six fruit tree as if the tree is corn stalks. And he said to the man, "Will you be my people, and come with me?"

"Well," the man replied: "I have to bring home a bit of wood is first house my mother and father." And take the tree one by one, and combines it with 5 other trees and put him on the shoulder, he then went away; soon after he came back, he then joined together with the director, who said,
"Together we can face the whole world."

And before long they walk, they met with a man hunting down on one knee and carefully aiming his rifle.
"Hunters," said the leader, "what did you shoot?"
"Two miles from here," he replied, "there is a fly that landed on Oak tree, I intend to shoot the left eye of the fly."
"Oh, come along with me," said the leader, "The three of us can face the whole world"

The hunter was eager to go with him, so they all set off together until they found seven windmills, the propeller rotates the screen with fast, although there was no wind blowing from any direction, and no leaves are moving.

"Well," said the leader, "I can not think what moves windmill, spinning without wind;" and when they walked about two miles to the front, they meet someone who is sitting on a tree, were closing one nostril and blew his breath through one nostril.
"Now," said the leader, "What are you doing up there?"
"Two miles from here," the man said, "there are seven windmills; i blow it up to them to spin."
"Oh, come along with me," pleaded the Leader, "foursome we can face the whole world."

So the Pied down and go with them, and after a while, they met a man who stands on one leg, and the other leg is released, lying not far from him.
"You seem to have a unique way as a rest," said the leader to that person.
"I was a runner," she said, "and to keep me from moving too fast I have removed a foot of me, If I use my legs, I will be much faster than the birds that fly."
"Oh, come along with me," said the leader, "Berlima we can face the whole world."

So they end up leaving together, and not long after, they met a man who wears a small hat, and she wore only just above one ear only.
"Be true! behave right! "said the leader;" with a hat like that, you look like a fool. "
"I do not dare to wear this hat with a straight," he replied, "If I wear it straight, there will be a snow storm and all the birds that fly will freeze and fall dead from the sky to the ground."
Oh, come with me, "said the leader;" Sixes we can face the whole world. "

So people who come off the sixth with until they reach the city where the king who caused his suffering will start the match in which the winner will be whoever is married to his daughter, but whoever lost would be killed as punishment. Then the leaders came forward and said that one of the man will represent himself in the match.
"Then," said the king, "his life at stake, and if he fails, he and you must die."

When the leaders had agreed, he called the runner, and the pair on the second leg runner.
"Now, look good," he said, "and fight for us to win."

It has been agreed that the first anyone can bring home the water of a creek that far and have determined it would be considered a winner. Now the princess and the runners each took a jug of water, and they began to run at the same time: but in an instant, when the king's daughter ran a little way, the runner was out of sight because he ran like the wind. In an instant he had reached the creek, fill the jug with water and ran back home. Amid the way home, he began to feel tired, and stopped, put the jug on the floor and lie on the ground to sleep. To be able to wake up early and do not fall asleep, he took a horse skull lying near them and use them as a pillow. Meanwhile, the king's daughter, who was also a good runner and good enough to beat the common man, has reached the creek as well, jug filled with water, and accelerate the return flight home, when he saw the runner who had fallen asleep in the middle of the road.

"Today is mine," she said happily, and he emptied the water from the pitcher and throw the runner and ran home. Now almost all of them have been lost but the hunter who was also standing on the castle wall, with sharp eyes can see everything that happens.

"We must not lose the king's daughter," he said, and he filled his rifle, began to target carefully and shoot the horse skull used as a pillow under his head without hurting the runner runner. The runner awoke and jumped up, and saw banya jug was empty and princesses have much ran back to where the game started. Without losing courage, he ran back into the creek, fill it with water jug, and for that, she managed to escape back home 10 minutes before the princess arrives.

"Look," he said: "This is my first time really using my legs to run"

King became irritated, and her daughter is more irritated again, because he had been defeated by the ordinary soldiers who had been sacked; adn they both agreed to get rid of the soldier and his family together.

"I have a plan," replied the King; "do not be afraid but we had to silence them forever." Then they see soldiers and followers, inviting them to eat and drink, and the king to lead them to a room, the floor was made of iron, the door is also made of iron, and in the window there are skeletons iron in the room there was a table full of food.
"Now go in and make yourself as comfortable as possible," said King.

When soldiers and followers all in, she locked the door from the outside. He then calls a cook, and told him to make a huge fire under the floor of the room to be very hot iron. And the cooks do what they're told by the King, and the six men in it began to feel the heat into the room, but thought that it was because of the food they eat, along with the room temperature becomes warmer, mreka realize that doors and windows are locked tight, they aware of the king's evil plan to kill them.

"However, he will never succeed," said the man with the small caps: "I will bring blizzard that will make the fire ashamed of himself and crawl away."

He then put his hat straight on his head, and as soon as the snow storm came in and made all the hot air being lost and frozen food being on the table. After an hour or two passed, Kingdom thought that they had been killed by the heat, and told to re-open the room door, and went inside to see the state of them. When the door is wide open, the six of them had survived and seen they are ready to come out to warm themselves because the room was too cold and cause the food to be frozen at the table. With rage, the king came to cook, berate and asked the cook why not do what is commanded.

"The room is hot enough; maybe you can see for yourself," said the cook. King looking down the vault and see fires raging beneath him, and began to think that the six people that can not be removed that way. He began to think of a new plan, so he called the soldier who became leader and said to him,

"If you do not want to marry my daughter and chose the treasure of gold, you should take it as many times as you want."

"Well, my lord the king," replied the leader; "let me take as much gold that can be carried by my followers, and I'm not going to marry your daughter." King agreed that the leader will come in two weeks to take the promised gold. The leader calls all the tailors in the kingdom and told them to make a huge sack in two weeks. And when the sack was ready, strong man (who found trees uprooted and binding) shouldered the sack on his shoulders and faced the King.

"Who are those who carry bundles on their shoulders the size of a house?" Cried the king, terrified at the thought of the number of gold that can be taken away. And a ton of gold is usually hauled by 16 people strong, only in her pelvis in the shoulder with one hand.

"Why do not you take more? This gold bag only covered the basics of this! "So the king ordered to slowly fill it with all his wealth, and even so, it has not been filled sac half full.
"Bring some more!" Cried the Strong; "these treasures not mean anything!" Then finally 7000 train loaded with gold collected from all over the empire ended into the sack.
"It seems not too full," he said, "but I'll take what I can take." Although the sack is still available empty room.
"I must end now," he said: "If it is not full, it seems much easier to tie." And the strong man then raised the sacks along his back and set out with his friends.

When the king saw all the riches of kerajaanya carried by just one person, he was very angry, and he ordered his troops to pursue the six men and seized back the sack of the Strong.

Two horsemen soon be chasing them, ordered six men to surrender and become prisoners, and restore back the treasure sack or killed.

"Being a prisoner, you say?" Said the man who could blow, "perhaps you need to dance together in the air," and the closing one nostril and breathe through the other hole, the force flew over the mountain passes. But the commander who had nine wounds and was brave, begged them not ashamed. The Piper then lowered slowly and ordered them to report to the King that any troops sent right to pursue them, will suffer the same fate with this team. And when the king got the message, saying,

"Let them alone: ​​they have a right to the treasure." So the six men took home their wealth, distribute it and live happily until the end of their life.

Deer and horse were arrogant

Deer and horse were arrogant. In ancient times there was a turtle, humans, and other animals. They shared and living in harmony in the cool forest. One afternoon, when the deer runs itself, suddenly there was a horse that ran very fast preceded it, shouting, "hare ugly! Could not run! "

"Hi horses do not get cocky, I can run really fast.". "Ah lie, if I dare let your opponent sprint. Hundred meters. "And hare agreed. They agreed to play here tomorrow.

Then they went home to their respective homes. Horse straight to bed, he was lazy practice. While the deer straight practice moderation so tomorrow he can win the game.

The next day, they were gathered in a place that has been agreed upon. Friends horses and deer play along too.

Promptly at nine in the morning perrtandingan started. horse immediately shot the deer leave. Deer friends shouting encouragement at the deer, so he kept trying to run after the horse is already far ahead. Finally, the deer may precede the horse stopped because of exhaustion and fell asleep under an apple tree.

Eventually the deer had won a race. The arrogant horse apologize to the deer and all his friends, and eventually all the animals in the forest live in harmony and peace.

Liliput and cobblers

Liliput and cobblers. Once upon a time, in a city of Grandpa and Grandma lived a shoemaker. They are very good natured. Old man who makes shoes while the grandmother who sold it. Money raised from each shoe sold always bought a lot of food to be shared and eaten by the elderly and the poor little children that no longer have a parent. Therefore, despite Drudge, they always run out of money. Because their money was gone, with the remaining shoe leather material, grandfather made shoes red. Grandpa said to Grandma, if these shoes were sold, we can buy the food for the feast later.

Shortly afterwards, Gone a little girl who does not wear shoes in front of their store. Pity the girl! Amid the cold weather like this is not shod. Eventually they gave the red shoes to the little girl.

What may make, God will help us, said the grandfather. Night comes, they too fall asleep soundly. When strange events that happened. Emerged from the jungle dwarves carrying leather shoes, took him to the old man, then make it a very nice pair of shoes. When it was finished they returned to the forest.

The next morning the grandfather was very surprised to see a pair of shoes is very great. Shoes were sold at high prices. With the sale of the shoes they prepare food and lots of prizes to be distributed to small children on the feast. This is all grace of the Almighty.

The next night, voices diruang grandfather work. Grandparents and peek, and saw the dwarves who do not wear shoes being made. Wow, the old man yelled. It turned out that we were made shoes for the dwarves. They must have been cold because they do not wear clothes, continued the grandmother. I would make clothes for them as a token of gratitude. Then Grandma cutting fabric, and made clothes for the dwarves. While the grandfather did not stay silent. He also made the shoes untup tiny dwarves. Once finished they juxtapose the dwarves shoes and clothes in his office. They also set the table, prepare meals and delicious cakes on the table.

At midnight, the dwarves arrive. How surprised they were to see so much food and gifts in the workspace grandfather. Wow, beautiful clothes!. They immediately put on clothes and shoes that had been prepared deliberately grandparents. When finished eating, they danced happily. The following days the dwarves never came back.

But since then, the shoes are made Grandpa always sold very well. So even though they always give food to the poor and orphans, their money still left over for savings. After that, it took my grandfather and grandmother and lived happily until the end of their life.

Cherry flower story

Cherry flower story. In a castle, there lived a nobleman with his only daughter a dainty, named Manuella. People used to call her daughter Manu. Since childhood Manuella does not have a mother anymore. Her father doted on her. Manuella desires are always fulfilled. This makes Manuella become very spoiled. All he wanted should he get. And his father had never refused Manuella desire. Instead always immediately grant it.

Manuella one indulgence is changing clothes. In one day he can change clothes four or five times. In his room there are six beautiful wardrobe. But he was not satisfied."Dad, Manu has a full wardrobe. String together a new wardrobe and a big yes, "she said one day."Of course my son. Father would summon carpenter smartest in the country. And told him to create a wardrobe upstairs along this castle. ""Oh Daddy! Manu can not wait for the finished cabinets. And filled with beautiful clothes ... "His father laughed as he hugged lovingly Manuella. Stroked her golden hair. That life Manuella from year to year.One day in spring, his father screaming for Manuella. "Manuella, come here, boy! I want to talk to you. "Another week Manuella birthday is the 17th. His father would throw a big party for him. Noble children from different countries will be invited. Manuella heard it danced happily."Daddy, at the party Manu wants to wear the most beautiful dress. And wants to be the prettiest princess in the world. ""My son, you're the prettiest princess ever see Daddy! I will soon bring the cloth sellers. Also call a tailor famous for designing the most beautiful gown for you ... "The next day came the cloth sellers from various countries. They carry beautiful fabrics. Manuella very excited. After picking, he found a piece of white silk, white as snow. Very smooth and extraordinarily beautiful. Famous seamstress immediately to design, measure and sew dresses Manuella liking. Manuella very satisfied to see her new dress. Soon she was wearing the dress and danced in front of the mirror. Her hair is long and curly golden ..."Well, you're quite the prettiest princess in the world. Each guest will admire you later, "he muttered Manuella researching what else is lacking in appearance. Suddenly he realized, no decoration on her head. He was soon to find his father,"Dad, Manu Manu necessary ornaments for the hair ....""My son, just wear your golden crown. Matched with the golden hair, "said his father."Ah, father Manu bored .." replied Manuella."How about a diamond crown? I will immediately order it if you want, "persuaded his father."No, no! all it does not match the clothes and hair Manu "shouted Manuella."Oh .. my .. mother of pearl worn when she married my father very beautiful, you should wear it, kid ... ya get me dad ..." his father said patiently."Not. Manu wanted another beautiful, "he said as he ran into the yard."Manuella, back my son, soon will come our guests" cried his father. But Manuella not want to hear his father, he ran into a page filled with cherry trees, where the flowers are pure white suit any branches, so that the branches and twigs are brown almost invisible again.Manuella ran from one tree to another, and suddenly he thought "How beautiful cherry flowers, I wanted to be a crown crafted it." When his hands are grabbing a flower, a soft voice."Do not touch us, we shun. If not, we'll turn you into a flower! "Manuella looked left and right, but he did not see anyone. He ran into a tree to another, and when he would pluck the flowers, hear the same sound again.With great indignation Manuella cried, looking at the tree, "Hey, look! Nobody in this country who can not let me, and everyone in this country knows, all my wishes have to be fulfilled! Who dares not let me? "Suddenly a wind and with it came a small voice. "Look Manuella, nobody in this world who can get everything he wants. You also do not ... ""Lie, lie, so far all my wishes are always fulfilled, and now I will be picking these flowers for the crown, and no one has the right to forbid" Manuella shouted, kicking the trees around it."You'll be sorry Manuella, if you do not stay away from us ..."And when the hand touches a flower Manuella, he transformed into flowers, among cherry flowers in the other tree. He cried regretting everything, but it was too late. He saw guests arriving. He heard laughter his guests, but he could not participate. He was crying and screaming, but no one heard.Later that afternoon, the lights around the castle lit, the music starts playing and all the invited guests had come. His father Manuella confused looking around the castle, and then he and the waiters look Manuella shouting throughout the pages."... Manuella Manuella .... where are you son ...." Manuella can hear the voice of his father and the waiters were calling out to him. When he saw his father standing right under it, he tried to scream mightily, but his father can not hear his voice and he began to cry, the tears and fell into his father's head. Manuella saw how his father wiped tears from dripping on his head, and muttered slowly."Ah ... it starts to rain, where you hid my son .." With bowed head back to the castle and he sent all his servants back because he thought it would rain soon.After the last guest left the castle, and the music stopped, the father stunned silence in front of the window. Castle lights left on all, because he thought his son would be back and he will be able to easily see the path to the castle."My son, out cold. Where you son ... my son back. Father is very worried "her father muttered sadly alone. Suddenly a wind that carries sura Manuella screaming "Dad ... Dad ... please ... please ... Manu's father""... Manuella Manuella ... where you kid, my father came ... dad is coming son" cried his father with hope. He immediately woke the servants to seek Manuella around the castle and around the yard once again. They are looking for Manuella step by step, but until the morning broke, Manuella was never found again.The father had despaired of, and for days he just sits in front of the window, waiting for the wind came screaming sometimes bring her beloved son. He believes that his son's voice, but he never knew where the sound was until the end.