Once upon a time there was a farmer named Kumazo. Kumazo are diligent farmers working. He is tall, big and respected many neighbors. One day, with carrying baskets on their shoulders Kumazo went to his farm. Today he will fertilize the plants in order to thrive. However, when he was busy spreading fertilizer suddenly heard a very loud hissing sound. And almost simultaneously with the direction of the hill came from a giant snake reaches 6-7 meters in length. Kumazo very surprised. He was never playing snake, but somehow there came to him the mother snake. "Oh, why is there this big snake came here ya?" She said with a shudder.
He then picked up the pikulnya and immediately ran out of the field. But not until he ran away, all of a sudden he stumbles mound in the fields. And the giant snake was not wasting the opportunity. By sticking out their tongue is red, he began to approach the body Kumazo. Kumazo not want to give up so easily. He kept swinging pikulnya so the snakes do not get to him. Suddenly, the handle was broken Kumazo bear. At that moment the snake coiled bodies directly Kumazo.
"Tu .. wait a minute. Let go of me! "Shouted Kumazo.
The snake was silent for a moment. "What's the matter?" He thought.
"Wait a minute. Let me go first. I had to go back to my house to say goodbye to the family first. After that I promised would be here soon to finish our fight "said Kumazo to convince the snake.
The snake was silent for a moment. But as if the words Kumazo understand, he was releasing belitannya. After regardless of entanglement, thank Kumazo then ran back toward the village. Meanwhile, the snake wrapped him while waiting for the arrival of Kumazo back.
Kumazo ran screaming to villagers. "There's a giant snake in the fields," he cried. Heard the cries, the villagers soon took their weapons. There were carrying swords, machetes, spears, and wooden clubs. They were crowded into fields where Kumazo met with snakes. But once they arrive on the farm they found the giant snake.
"Hey, Kumazo. Where a giant snake that you mention it, "asked the residents impatiently.
"That there is here too!" Said Kumazo, showing scars of battle.
"Yeah, right. There are traces of a large snake "said one resident, showing land former snake wrapped its body.
The resident then combed nearby fields and hills. They cut down the grass and weeds around it. But they also did not find that a giant snake. After hearing the story Kumazo, the population to be more careful when working in the fields. They also remind their children not to disturb the snake again.

Heraclius, the Roman Emperor bowed In Front Of Islam

Islam, since echoed first by the Prophet Muhammad, slowly but surely growing and recognized. To expand the Islamic da'wah, the Prophet sent letters to several kings Arab and non-Arab.
Among the kings who gets the call in writing it was Heraclius, the Roman emperor. For this undertaking, he sent Dhihya bin Khalifah Al-Kalabi.
After traveling long enough Dhihya finally arrived at the royal palace of Roman. Letter of the Prophet directly read by one of the staff of Heraclius.
"From Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, to Heraclius, the Roman dignitary ..."
At the sound of the initial letter, nephew instantly angered the Roman princes, and exclaim, "This letter should not be read now."
"Why?" asked the Emperor.
"He started with his name first before you. Then she called the Roman princes, not the Roman Emperor." "No!" welcome the Emperor, "Let this letter be read to know its contents."
Prophet's letter be read to completion continues. After all escort the Emperor out of his association, Dhihya called to go. At the same sage called a bishop who knows the ins and outs of their religion. The emperor then tells bishops and read again the letter to him.
"This is what we have always been waiting for, and our Prophet, Jesus himself has told us so long ago!" replied the bishop. "What do you think should I do?" asked the emperor to the bishop.
"If you ask me, I would trust him and will follow his teaching," the bishop replied truthfully. "But I was completely wrong," the Emperor said, "If I follow your advice and will lose my kingdom!"
While Dhihya allowed to leave, the king of the Romans continued to exchange opinions with the bishop. Incidentally, at that time, Abu Sufyan ibn Harb was in Rome. At that time he had converted to Islam. He was summoned by the Emperor to be questioned about Muhammad.
"Try you tell us about the person who claimed the Prophet in the land!" asked the Emperor.
"He's a young kid," said Abu Sufyan.
"What about his position in the eyes of your community?"
"Nothing exceeds notch and his descendants," said Abu Sufyan honest.
"This is surely the signs of prophethood," the Emperor whispered to the people next to him.
"How he spoke, whether he always told the truth?"
"Yes," answered Abu Sufyan, "He's never told a lie."
"It's again the prophetic signs!" Emperor continued to whisper to people who mengiringnya it. "All right," said the Emperor again. "Can any of his followers who leave the religion of your ancestors, back again to their religion?"
"No," replied Abu Sufyan.
"It's again the prophetic signs!" said the Emperor anyway. "What happened to her battle with you?"
"Yes," replied Abu Sufyan.
"Who always wins?"
"Sometimes he won, sometimes we beat him," said Abu Sufyan.
"It's again the prophetic signs," said the Roman Emperor.
Moments later Dhihya Al-Kalbi was called by the Roman Emperor, as he said, "Convey news to pembesarmu it, that I knew he was right the Prophet, but alas, I can not do anything about it. I do not want to be overthrown from the kingdom."
As for the bishop it is usually always come to church every Sunday to convey the teachings of Christianity, since that meeting, continue to remain in her home. Because disappointed because the bishop did not come to church, people were coming to her house.
To them, the bishop said he was sick. It happened many times, so people suspected him. They then sent messengers to the bishop and give him a warning. If he does not want to come back to church, they will pour into his house and would kill him.
According to these people, since the arrival of Dhihya, many bishops attitude changed. The bishop immediately called Dhihya, and deliver a letter. "This is my letter, take it and leave it to pembesarmu it," the bishop's message to heart that does not calm. "Say hello to him, and let them know that I testify there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Say, too, that I believe in him, trust him, and become his followers. And my people have denied all the words and advice. Tell also what you see is, "message bishops. Since that time the bishop did not come back to church. Until finally he was killed.
Meanwhile, Heraclius had actually believe in the teachings of Islam. However, as he put it, he was ashamed to leave Christianity. Moreover, his position as king. May not be subject to the doctrine Dhihya just that they think Bedouins. He immediately sent one messenger to bring his letter to the Messenger.
"Take this letter to people who claim that the Prophet," said Heraclius. "But listen closely to what he says and remember the following three things. Firstly, what a commentary when reading my letter. Secondly, if he would mention the words 'night', or not? Third, try until you can see behind her. Anyone a sign that interest you? Keep in mind these three cases. Notify me paa you see! " Heraclius message carefully. The messenger departed brought the letter of Heraclius, to arrive at Tabuk. There he said to the Companions of the Prophet, "Where's your head, who said the Prophet?" he asked.
"Over there. Which was sitting surrounded by people," said one of them.
At that time the Prophet was sitting on the edge of a small lake with some friends. The envoy also advanced to dapan, submit a letter of Heraclius to the Prophet.
"Where are you?" asked the Prophet.
"I'm the Tarukh," replied the messenger.
"Will you go back to the sacred religion of faith of your fathers Abraham?" asked the Prophet SAW. "I am the messenger of a country and the religion of the country.'s Not fair I changed my religion so I went back to them first," she answered honestly.
"O brother of Tarukh," suddenly exclaimed the Prophet, "I have written a letter to Khusraw (magnifying Persian), and then torn-torn letter, someday God will tear ngoyakkannya and his kingdom. And I wrote a letter to pembesarmu, he still doubt. "
Hear the words of the messenger said to myself, "Well, one of three ordered by Heraclius that I remember well." He took out his bow and sheath contents noted what the Prophet.
Prophet Heraclius was handed a letter to a person sitting on his left, which Muawiyah to read it. In his letter of Heraclius mention Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, reserved for those who fear Allah. "Where is the location of hell, O Messenger of Allah?" one of a best friend suddenly asked.
"Good Heavens! Magic all these questions," the Prophet said, "So where if come during the night?" he asked. The messenger was immediately noted what the Prophet said. He said the evening should be submitted to Heraclius. After reading the letter of Heraclius Prophet said, "You should be rewarded for thee messengers to us. Assuming we have something of value, we will certainly give it to you. However we are a traveler who has limited supplies."
Suddenly heard a voice from behind the Prophet, "I'll give her a gift if you allow, O Messenger of Allah!" Another friend who did not immediately issue a set of Uthman the dress to the messenger. "Who is willing to accept this person as his guest?" Prophet asked again.
"I do!" Ansar responsible young man then got invited envoys go. When he would leave, the Prophet called him, "O you of Tarukh!"
Messenger was immediately approached, standing on the side of the Prophet. He then pulled his clothes so as to open the back, saying, "Fulfill your job well, as told by the master!" It was then that messenger was able to see clearly mark on the rear of the Prophet, which is a kind of stamp (khatamun-nubuwah

Three stories companions

Tiger is a black mutt, briefly looked like doberman, but smaller. Tiger is very brave and reckless, he was never afraid to face any kind of dog, all will be resisted. If it gets lost in a fight, he will continue to pursue the enemy until the enemy surrendered. 
At first Tiger is a small Aning sickly and deworming, will be thrown up by their owners, but not so. Since childhood, Tiger has looked courage, when invited to swah streets, he likes to spell ducks being herded. Big time, he's getting bolder, he often fought with a dog belonging to Mr. Rudi, amounting to two-tailed. Tiger always dikeroyo, but as usual, Tiger never fear, though beaten he continues to fight. If you've dropped him up again and again until the enemy attack running scared. One day sampng neighbor brought home a large dog originating from Papua and hairy. 
Dogs of Papua was named Bomel. Originally Tiger and Bomel fight if met, but soon their friendship. After that came the little white dog that no owner, then the owner Tiger dogs were fed and maintained come with Tiger. Females and white dog named Molly. The dog, the three became friends, everywhere always together. In the face of the enemy is also common. Sometimes a collection of village dogs in the distance next to just dwell not dare to approach if there are three dogs in a friendly that was manning in the village. Other dogs of the kmapung shy and afraid to go because there are brave and Tiger Bomel large man.
The third relationship is semakain familiar triad especially after Molly married and gave birth to five children Bomel that funny like bomel. Unfortunately, because there is no one to care, five puppies were dying all.
Late one night, when it played tida friend, Molly cross the highway and was hit by a car to death. Bomel who saw the incident apparently very sad. He would not eat for days until finally found dead by the river a few days later. Bome bodies thrown into the river watched by Tiger, his best friend left.
Tiger kemudan few days did not go home and no more news about him until now.

Clever camel story

Clever camel story. in ancient times, the camel can talk to a human, one day the camel asked his employer to go wandering, crossing the barren desert wasteland which is very hot during the day and chilly at night.

That night, the camel sleep outside the tent, while his master slept soundly inside.

Middle of the night, the Camel wake her employer, she says: "Sir, I was freezing, allow me to leave my toe into the tent".

The employer did not mind, the foot will not bother him at all. An hour later, the Camels back saying: "Sir, I was very cold, allow me to be in FRONT FOOT tent so that tomorrow can be a powerful run put the hosts on top of my back".

"That's true", thought the boss, then he again gave his permission.

An hour later the Camel said: "My nose began to water, tomorrow I will be sick and not be able to carry on my back Lord, please allow me to be in a tent HEAD, I think tomorrow I will be strong again."

That hour by hour, until finally the next morning the camel was sleeping soundly in the tent while his master shivering outside the tent.

Camels in the story above we always remember that to offer something to potential customers require a period of struggle and 'incubation' and ingenuity.

Many salesmen, insurance agents, home brooker, and other marketing professionals who are always forgetting that FOLLOW UP is the key to achieving a successful outcome.