The story of both bees and eagles arrogant

The story of both bees and eagles arrogant. In a forest, a variety of animal life. They lived the life cycle as appropriate. There is help each other, devour each other there. All done because that's the pattern of life, so that life continued to evolve and create harmony.

Stay the bees in a group of old trees. Bees known as being hard-working. They form colonies to collect pollen and make jelly and honey to feed the queen and reserve food for baby bees.

Bees know the system, queens, males and workers with different tasks. The worker bee pollen into the search party never tired of working. They are looking for flowers in various parts of the forest. Until one time, a worker bee met with a hawk looking for food for her children newly hatched. "Hi little bee, what are you doing on the edge of the forest?" Said the eagle. "I was looking for pollen and suck honey, our honey supply is running out, "said the worker bees.

The eagle out loud with the sound arrogant, "Come on, why should working with tired little bodies. Do not you love with your body? You're the bees do not like us. Eagle is a powerful and resilient creatures even live alone, "

Hearing this, the worker bees smile, "It is precisely because our bodies are small, we have to live with the other bees to work together. We have come to understand the meaning of a partnership, and we are grateful, "the eagle does not want to lose," Then why did you want to be a worker bee? Why do not you live alone. Your queen must be lazy and just sitting in the nest, fed by the worker bees at any time, is not that unfair? We are always independent and the eagle foraging for our own self, never troubling the other eagles, "

The bees come back smiling, "We are the worker bees have never felt sorrow or utilized. We are sincerely working for our queens and males. Maybe they look lazy, but the responsibility to continue the descent of the bee is in their hands, it is a heavy responsibility, "said the wise bee. "We believe that God is just, He created us with a system like this definitely helps. And God made the eagle who self also would be useful. Is not that right? "The eagle just nodded and realized how wise the bees.

Because the sun is higher, the bees goodbye to get back to work and get the hay to be brought to the nest.

The story of a magical golden fish

The story of a magical golden fish. on an island called Buyan, a pair of grandparents lived very poor. Grandpa is the job for fish in the sea. Although almost every day grandpa go catch fish, but the results are just enough to eat it everyday.

One day when the grandparents were catching fish, their nets suddenly felt very heavy. As there are giant fish caught in it. "Ah, definitely a very big fish," thought the grandfather.

Grandfather forcefully pull his net. But it turns out there is nothing but a small fish caught in the nets. Apparently it was not a fish minnows usual, his body glistening like gold and can speak like a human being. "Grandpa, please let me go. I'll grant all your wish! "Said the Gold Fish.

The old man thought for a moment, then said, "I do not need anything from you, but I'll let you go. Go! "Grandfather release gold fish back into the sea, and then he went back home. At home, Grandma asked Grandpa catches. "Today I only get one gold fish, and even that's me off again," said Grandpa, "I'm sure if it was a magical fish, because he can speak. He said he would give me a reward if I want to let go. "

"So what you're asking," said Grandma. "No," said Grandpa. "Oh, how stupid!" Said Grandma. "At least you can ask for the bread we eat. Go and ask him! "So reluctantly grandfather back to shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wishes ". Suddenly the gold fish appear at the sea surface. "What do you want, Grandpa?" He said.

"My wife is mad at me, give me some bread for dinner, then she will forgive me!" Asked the grandfather. "Go home! I have sent a lot of bread to your house, "said the old man returned Ikan.Maka. When he arrived home, he found the dining table has been full of bread.

But she still looked angry at him, he said: "We've got a lot of bread, but the sink is broken, I can not wash the dishes. Go back to the sea, and the fish have the magic gives us a new sink! "Said the grandfather Nenek.Terpaksa back to shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here .... Grant our wishes! "Oops!" Gold Fish appear, "What more do you want, Grandpa?"

"Grandma told me to ask you to give us a new sink," pleaded Grandpa. "All right," said Fish. "You may have a new sink as well." Si grandfather went back home. Not to mention stepping on the page, the grandmother is confronting. "Go again! Ask on the Gold Fish to make us a new home. We can not continue to live here, this house has almost collapsed. "

Then the grandfather went back to the waterfront and exclaimed: "O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish!" In a flash of gold fish that appeared before the grandfather, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"Our be made a new home!" Begged Grandpa, "my wife is very upset, he does not want to live in our old house because the house was already almost collapsed." "Calm down, Grandpa! Go home! Your wish is kukabulkan. "

Grandpa went home. Arriving at the house, he saw that his house has become new. The house is beautiful and made of solid wood. And at the front door of the house, Grandma was waiting for him with a face that looked much more angry than before.

"You silly Grandpa! Do not think I would be satisfied just to make me a new home. Go back and ask the gold fish was that I did not want to be a fisherman's wife. I want to be a lady of the nobility. So that others will follow my wishes and my honor! "For the umpteenth time, the grandfather returned to the shore and called out:" O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish! "

In an instant the golden fish appeared in front of the old man, "What do you want again, Grandpa?" "My wife can not make me calm. He was even more upset. He said he was tired of being a fisherman and his wife wanted to be mistress of the nobility, "pleaded Grandpa." All right. Go home! Your wish has been granted! "Said Gold Fish.

What a surprise when the grandfather returned home apparently now been transformed into a magnificent home. Made of solid stone, three stories high, with a lot of waitresses in it. The grandfather saw his wife sitting in a high chair busy giving orders to the servants.

"Hello my wife," says a grandfather. "Why not politely," said the grandmother. "How dare you claim to be my husband. Waiter! Take him to the barn and give him 40 lashes! "Soon a waiter dragging the grandfather to the barn and whip until the grandfather could barely stand. The next day her grandfather ordered to work as a gardener. His job was sweeping the yard and tending the garden. "Evil bitch!" Thought the old man. "I've given him luck but he would not even acknowledge me as her husband."

Eventually the grandmother got tired of being the lady of the nobility, he again summoned the grandfather: "Hey old man, go back to your gold fish and tell him this: I no longer want to be a lady of nobility, I want to be a queen." Then they returned to the old man waterfront and exclaimed: "O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wish!" In the blink of Gold Fish that appear in front of the grandfather, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"My wife is getting outrageous. He does not want to be a lady of the nobility, but would like to be a queen. "" All right. Go home! Your wish has been granted! "Says fish emas.Sesampainya grandfather at his house first, now seemed to him a golden-roofed palace with guards passing by. Berpakainan wife like a queen now stood on the balcony surrounded by generals and governors. And so he raised his hands, the drum will sound accompanied by music and the soldiers will shout for joy.

After all this time, the old lady returned tired of being a queen. So he ordered the generals to find the grandfather and took him into his presence. The whole palace was busy looking for the grandfather. Eventually they found Grandpa in the garden and took him to the queen. "Listen old man! You should go see your gold fish! Tell him that I no longer wanted to be a queen. I want to be a goddess of the sea and the sea so that all the fish in the world do what I say. "

Grandpa was surprised to hear his wife's request, he tried to resist. But alas life is at stake, so he was forced to return to shore and called out:

O Magic Gold Fish, come here ... granted our wishes! This time the Gold Fish do not appear in front of him. Grandpa tried to call again, but the goldfish still will not show up in front of him. He tried to call for a third time. Suddenly the sea began to churn and rumble. And when it started to subside came the Golden Fish, "What do you want again, Grandpa?"

"My wife has been really crazy," said Grandpa. "He no longer wants to be a queen but would like to be a sea goddess who can organize and govern all ocean fish." Gold Fish The silent and without saying anything he disappeared back into the sea.

The grandfather was forced to return home. She almost did not believe in his vision when realize that the magnificent palace and all its contents have been lost. It is now in place, stood a rickety shack that once inhabited. And in it sat the grandmother with tattered clothes. They came back to life as it once was. Melaut.Namun grandfather back no matter how hard he works. results are only enough to eat it everyday.