The story of a bully Bee and a lion

The story of a bully Bee and a lion. "Go from here, the insect pest!" said a lion angrilyon a bee that flew in circles around his head. But the bees that ignore the anger of the lion.

"Do you think I am afraid of you, who are known as the King of the jungle?" said theBees with contempt. . The Bees then flew closer to the Lion and then seared the nose. An angry lion then clawed violently toward the small Bee Bee but not be hurt by the lion. The Bees then seared over and over again so that the lionroars loudly with anger. Finally the lion that is now filled with small wounds formersting feel accomplished, stopping the fight and surrender.

The Bees then flew away to proclaim his victory to the rest of the world, butunfortunately, she was flying to a network spider and trapped there. Finally, the Beeswho have managed to beat the Lion the King of the forest, his fate ends up being theprey of small spiders.

Enemy in sight is sometimes little the most dreaded enemy.
Pride against something the success should not make us become weak.

The fairy tale the goose and the golden egg

The fairy tale the goose and the golden egg. In antiquity, there was a farmer who hada goose that is absolutely gorgeous, where every day when the farmer came to corralthe swans, the Swan has spawned a glittering golden egg.

The farmers take and bring the golden eggs to market and sell it so that in a short time the farmers start to become rich. But soon greed and impatience of the farmers against the Swans appeared because the Swan gives only an egg every day. Thefarmers feel he is not going to get rich quick by the way so.

One day, after counting his money, an idea emerged at the head of the farmers, the idea that he's going to get all the golden eggs the Swan while simultaneously cutting the Swan. But when the idea is implemented, there is not an egg she can find, andangsanya very valuable already die cut.

Whoever has had something with abundant, but are greedy and want more, it willlose all its own.