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Three stories companions

Tiger is a black mutt, briefly looked like doberman, but smaller. Tiger is very brave and reckless, he was never afraid to face any kind of dog, all will be resisted. If it gets lost in a fight, he will continue to pursue the enemy until the enemy surrendered. 
At first Tiger is a small Aning sickly and deworming, will be thrown up by their owners, but not so. Since childhood, Tiger has looked courage, when invited to swah streets, he likes to spell ducks being herded. Big time, he's getting bolder, he often fought with a dog belonging to Mr. Rudi, amounting to two-tailed. Tiger always dikeroyo, but as usual, Tiger never fear, though beaten he continues to fight. If you've dropped him up again and again until the enemy attack running scared. One day sampng neighbor brought home a large dog originating from Papua and hairy. 
Dogs of Papua was named Bomel. Originally Tiger and Bomel fight if met, but soon their friendship. After that came the little white dog that no owner, then the owner Tiger dogs were fed and maintained come with Tiger. Females and white dog named Molly. The dog, the three became friends, everywhere always together. In the face of the enemy is also common. Sometimes a collection of village dogs in the distance next to just dwell not dare to approach if there are three dogs in a friendly that was manning in the village. Other dogs of the kmapung shy and afraid to go because there are brave and Tiger Bomel large man.
The third relationship is semakain familiar triad especially after Molly married and gave birth to five children Bomel that funny like bomel. Unfortunately, because there is no one to care, five puppies were dying all.
Late one night, when it played tida friend, Molly cross the highway and was hit by a car to death. Bomel who saw the incident apparently very sad. He would not eat for days until finally found dead by the river a few days later. Bome bodies thrown into the river watched by Tiger, his best friend left.
Tiger kemudan few days did not go home and no more news about him until now.

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