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Clever camel story

Clever camel story. in ancient times, the camel can talk to a human, one day the camel asked his employer to go wandering, crossing the barren desert wasteland which is very hot during the day and chilly at night.

That night, the camel sleep outside the tent, while his master slept soundly inside.

Middle of the night, the Camel wake her employer, she says: "Sir, I was freezing, allow me to leave my toe into the tent".

The employer did not mind, the foot will not bother him at all. An hour later, the Camels back saying: "Sir, I was very cold, allow me to be in FRONT FOOT tent so that tomorrow can be a powerful run put the hosts on top of my back".

"That's true", thought the boss, then he again gave his permission.

An hour later the Camel said: "My nose began to water, tomorrow I will be sick and not be able to carry on my back Lord, please allow me to be in a tent HEAD, I think tomorrow I will be strong again."

That hour by hour, until finally the next morning the camel was sleeping soundly in the tent while his master shivering outside the tent.

Camels in the story above we always remember that to offer something to potential customers require a period of struggle and 'incubation' and ingenuity.

Many salesmen, insurance agents, home brooker, and other marketing professionals who are always forgetting that FOLLOW UP is the key to achieving a successful outcome.

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