Fairy tale evil giant

Fairy tale evil giant. there was an old woman who lived alone in an old house on the outskirts of a forest near a deserted village. at first it was very peaceful village life, until finally came a giant who lived and settled in the woods.

The grandmother did not feel fear just like the residents of the hamlet, because too many animals are preyed upon by the Giant. Until finally the giant was disrupted by extreme hunger to prey on humans, because there is no more animals he could eat.

Big giant came earlier to the home of the grandmother, the old woman asked the giant, "what the hell brought you here, O giant?", Asked the grandmother. "I want to take a woman this time, do you have it?" asked the giant to the grandmother.

the grandmother said to the giant, "I have always wanted a daughter, but I can not, but not for me to eat, but I want to maintain and I exaggerated" replied the grandmother to the giant. "Hmm .. let me wait a minute", the giant re-enter the woods and back to the holding grain and give the old woman.

"For what it hai giant cucumber seeds?" asked the grandmother to the giant. "You plant it in your yard, until later bear fruit the size of a human, I will come back". Giants go straight back into the woods leaving the grandmother who is still confused with giant words.

Finally cucumber seeds at planting also had fathers who are eager to have a daughter from his first to foster and exaggerated, until finally the cucumber seeds grow and bear fruit, cucumber seeds that ultimately grew by man, the old woman very happy and touched, turns out what he can expect during this become a reality.

That night the full moon is round, very tired old woman once a day searching for firewood and the rest he sold his grocery store to burn him. The next morning he was surprised when he woke up existing breakfast and a cup of hot tea on the table beside the bed.

"Heiiiii, who make me breakfast?, Asked the grandmother in the hearts of astonishment." Grandma I .. ".. suddenly there was a noise outside the door of the grandmother's room. Grandmother was surprised when there was a figure of a beautiful woman who approached him." Who ladyship hell? ", the child's grandmother was fascinated by the beauty of the woman." I am a golden cucumber, cucumber seeds that you plant in your yard. "happy grandmother and suddenly he felt sad.

"Why are you sad?, Do not you want me sooner?". It turns out the old woman remembers the giant message that will bring girls from cucumber seeds tanam.Si grandmother that she felt upset outstanding, on the one hand he wants to raise a daughter, on the one hand he had to give up the golden cucumber go so he does not eat by the evil giant.

"Cucumber gorgeous golden, boy you go from here, I'm happier you go, you become prey rather than a giant". Finally the grandmother provided supplies to a golden cucumber cucumber seeds, needles, salt and shrimp paste. Sow if you feel the bahaya.Tak long after saying this, there was a giant bill promises to the grandmother, and the grandmother immediately called golden cucumber run like crazy to save themselves from the evil giant starving.

The giant saw the golden cucumber run into the forest, and he chased him. Golden cucumber cucumber seed sowing directly in the forest, the forest immediately turned into a very large cucumber plant and legs wrapped around a giant cucumber chasing gold. However, it is still a formidable giant with cucumber coil. Then cucumber mas needle cast, and once the plants are growing very sharp and hurt the giant foot. And finally giant also separated from the dense bamboo trees earlier.

Came the cucumber mas near the big river, and he cast the salt in the river, the river also instantly turned into the deep ocean, but not a significant hurdle for the giant. Until finally cast a golden cucumber condiment on a lake, the giant fell in the lake which turned into mud alive and suck the giant entrance into it to sink.

Cucumber gold so relieved, he went back to the old grandmother's house earlier. and he was very grateful to the old woman and they are now living together and happy.