Dolphins and Sharks Fish Story

Dolphins and Sharks Fish Story. In one day , the sharks and dolphins , they trooped foraging in the deep ocean . Happy dolphins prey on small fish , while the sharks prefer prey on large fish . Sharks have an incredible appetite .

Although sharks have got a big fish though , sometimes shark still like to catch other prey . Even sharks often do not spend their prey , because the stomach is no longer fit to hold .

When when he got in a spot , they immediately chasing prey in the surrounding areas . Heavily logged shark devouring large fish , while dolphins just prey on small fish that are nearby . Dolphins are not interested in eating large fish , although in fact easily obtainable .

Unbeknownst to the fish and sharks and dolphins , all of a sudden a fishing boat was right on top of them . On top of the boat appears to be two fishermen catch fish. Not long after , the two fishermen cast nets trap .

When the Sharks were surprised to see the prey fish nets of fishermen were sown . But with a quick motion , can be bolted shark nets and avoid it .

"Watch the dolphins ! There is a net trap ! " Shouted shark warning dolphins . But unfortunately , due to the movement of dolphins is not fast , she was trapped .

" Help me shark ! I'm trapped ! " Cried dolphins ask for help .

Shark trying to provide help . With sharp teeth he tried to sever the rope nets that trap. But his efforts were in vain , because the two fishermen were immediately pulled the trap nets .

When attractive catch , two fishermen were objecting . With over backwards slowly catches that can be drawn . " It seems we catch a lot of these days ! " Said one fisherman with a happy face . " Yes , it seems so . It weighs twice as much than usual ! "Said the other fishermen . See ! There is a big fish ! " Cried one of the fishermen at the sight of their catch on the water surface .
"No wonder so heavy! " Exclaimed the other fishermen . Then they raised it to catch the boat . " What do we do these big fish ," asked the fisherman .

" Should we sell only together with other fish . Probably more expensive ! " Replied the fisherman only . Heard he will be sold in the market , dolphins can only sobbed . Her body writhing heat from the sun that started stinging . Both fishermen were noticed movement dolphins were writhing in their boat . Her skin began to dry up due to the heat of the sun . Tears dolphins started dripping and wet the whole body .

" Look ! big fish was crying ! "said a fisherman . " Yes , it seems the fish was sad to hear he will be sold in the market . " replied the other fishermen . " What if we release the big fish back into the sea ? I can not bear to see these fish crying . " " All right then , I will not have the heart to sell fish at the market . Then let us off the fish . "Says one fisherman who touched hearts .

They lift and release the dolphins into the sea . Dolphins stop crying , his heart changed immeasurably excited because it survived and not be sold by the fishermen . As a token of gratitude , dolphins jumping around in front of their boat , and whistling happily sign . Both fishermen and even then happy and smiling seeing dolphins do not be sad anymore . Then the fisherman went home .

" Hi shark ! I survived ! "Called dolphins to sharks with a happy heart . " How did you escape ? " Shark asked in astonishment . " The fishermen were let go . They were good heart . They did not have the heart to sell me to the market . In fact he said , I can fetch a good price . " Story dolphin shark . " Ah no , the fishermen were greedy ! I should be getting the big fish earlier . Because fishermen menjaringnya I so do not miss out ! "Said the shark with a heart upset . "No man, it's not greedy fishermen . If they are greedy , certainly I 've sold before . "Says dolphins denies the notion of shark .

"No , I still do not like the fisherman . They catch all the fish are supposed to be mine. Later one day , when a fishing boat that was destroyed by the storm , I would eat them instead. " That shark swear .

" Do not buddy, do not be doing that . You are the real greedy . Not satisfied are you eating fish there . The feeling we will not be short of food , although the arresting fishermen fish here every day . " Oracle of dolphins advise . " When later there are people who are hurting , I would definitely menolongya . Because I feel indebted to fishermen who have helped me . I will never forget their good favor . So I promise to always help people in distress . " That's the promise of dolphins for human repay .

Until this is where the story of sharks and dolphins , the two figures are different in nature . Sharks have a bad feeling vengeful nature of the human being , then he hates humans . While the dolphins feel indebted to humans , so the dolphin promised to always help people who suffered .