Bull story and the frog

Bull story and the frog .when it was there is a calf was playing. occasional calf was approached her mother to drink milk. calf was overjoyed, he ran while occasionally eat grass fresh. inadvertently beef tongue calf was exposed to the body Sora." O... dare this creature ", said Sora angrily while away from the calf. actually calf not intend to bother. happen to its motion equal to Sora, causing Sora be anxious and jump immediately to save yourself. 

While exhausted Sora up in a poolside. see Sora the exhaustion, his friends wonder." Hi Sora, why you breathless and your face pale all?", asked his friend." It' s okay, I just worried. Look at the meadow. I do not know beings what it is, but the creature is very arrogant. creatures that want to swallow me", said Sora. His brother the newly arrived there explained." The creature calves. As far older calves not evil. their usual released in meadow every day", said his brother." Not bad?, why brother could say like that? I almost swallowed earlier," said Sora." Ah tidah possible. Ox not eat frogs or fish but only eat grass," explained his brother." I do not believe sis, last I pursued , said Sora." O my friends, I can actually fight with the inflating myself", said Sora arrogant." opponent just Sora! you definitely win", shouted his friends." never mind Sora, you will not be able to match the bull. deeds that dangerous, stop!", said brother Sora a times. But Sora no matter advice his brother. 

Sora continue to inflate away because a boost his friends. when in fact his friends want to give lessons on Sora which is always arrogant. After that Sora suddenly fell limp. His stomach pain and slowly deflated back. brother and his friends help Sora a limp in pain. Finally Sora shame with his attitude that arrogant adverse himself.

Ant story and an eagle

Ant story and an eagle. On a very sunny day , there is an ant who was walking around looking for food in the riverbank . usually she walked cheerfully and because he inadvertently suddenly he fell into the river ...... 

River flows have them down too far , the ants were sneaking and fatigue , as well as trying to pull over but it did not work well. Incidentally a pigeon perched on a tree branch that passes through the river saw the ants that almost drowned and felt pity . Doves and even pluck the leaves and drop it near the ant . Ants crawled over the leaves and eventually managed to rescue her with the help of the leaves , landed on the river bank 

Not much time passed , the ant saw a bird hunter was trying to slink quietly approached the pigeon who helped him earlier. Ant aware of the danger looming good pigeon is , immediately ran towards the hunter , and bite the feet of the hunter . Hunter was in pain and surprise, waving twigs that had to be used to catch birds . Bird dove hunters aware of the existence of a busy wagging his ranting pain. Finally , the bird flew to save himself .