A fairy tale snail

A fairy tale snail. There seemed to pay attention to the activities of young snails animals in circumference . There are birds able to fly high. Some rabbits are fun running around in the green grass , jump in there and here . The fish are dancing so enjoy the cool water of nature lake so broad . " Ouch fun of them , " said the snail appeared admiration .

At that moment , the snail began to realize something about her that felt so many flaws . He can not fly like a bird . Can not walk fast , let alone run and jump , like rabbits . And do not swim like a fish . 'If I like them ... , " muttered the snails showed remorse diri.Bayangan cheerful faces of the animals around it increasingly makes him feel worse . " God is not fair ! " He said later .

Outside the awareness of the young snails , slugs an old and weak to him . " Do not think short-sighted about the justice of God , my son ! " He said wisely . " Be kind sangkalah to the All- Wise , one day , you will know the secret behind his creation ... , " said the old snail walking away leaving the young snails are still confused .

Not to mention the confusion was gone , the young snails were surprised by the sound of three tail hawk cries snaking in the air beautifully . All three also swooping toward him , fish , and kelinci.Spontan , the snail 's body and immediately covered her house shrink so hard . Eagle failed to leave themselves prey flew the snails are beginning to peek into the direction of the fish and rabbits .

fish and rabbits that had been in the grip of leg two tailed eagle flew toward bringing prey ketinggian.Saat that , he realized something . " Ah true what was said earlier snail pack . So many secrets behind the Creator of justice , " he said to himself .

Pay attention , and open the shell of self pettiness that has been imprisoning us in the dark ways of thinking and acting . Try and be thankful , one day , we will find so much grace of God in us is insulated by the way we see ourselves .

Tales of the Guardians Monsters and horses

Tales of the Guardians Monsters and horses. at one time there was a very prosperous state , the government is led by a very wise king once , because savvy and wisdom that people can live with dignity , peace and prosperity. Yet there is something bad happens , the government was attacked by a large monster , vicious and evil. Monster is often preyed on livestock people rarely he did not even catch small children to make her pets in cages , people become restless and frightened because they rarely fear that then go to work on farms and their fields , villages sudden there was silence more children are playing in the field, the atmosphere becomes gripping .

In Ahirnya news came on the king , then he Sang discover how to stop the evil monster behavior . He sent the prajuritnya to catch the monster , but the monster teryata too strong for them , the soldiers made ​​the run helter-skelter back to the castle . Sang While he is looking for ways to overcome the disaster soon , the monster did not stop making trouble in the villages , sooner or later many of the people who moved to leave their homeland and king are saddened him.

With a weary heart , Sang He then prayed to be given a way out and in the middle of the prayer he sought enlightenment that monsters can be defeated with magic arrows , only the magic keys are kept in a cave in a forest . Then Sang His Majesty the King has sent four best patriots , patriots they are trained with a robust body , tall and big, but it turned out to Sang He not only gave them a time , between the mighty warrior Sang He also sent the caretaker of the castle to participate , sice it is the old castle with a small body and short. The soldier was amazed with the results for what He Sang sent the little old to join ? Would only slow and troublesome effort alone , and they plan to leave the old man , no need to follow . But unfortunately their plans come to light and he was adamant Sang sent sice castle.

Their journey has been very far from the palace , they carried out various obstacles but at every obstacle that they everlastingly direpotkan with people who care little horse and lead the soldiers angry at the old man , sometimes they blame Sang decision because he had asked who care for the horses follow their " little old policy , only inconvenient ! " sighed one soldier. " Yeah, usually Sang He always gave wise decision , why was this one so, just inconvenient ! "

The caretaker know that he is not liked by the soldiers, but he still kept going and did not leave them because Sang He sent him , he did not dare to leave his job despite his often sad because the rejection of patriots .

Short stories they came to the forest of destination, they soon discover just cave and go inside. "Ah, he 's a magic arrow , quickly take it! " What a warrior . With the alacrity one soldier take the magic arrows . " With this magical arrows we can kill the evil monsters and return peace to our government . "The greatest patriots . But amid the joy they suddenly come and destroy the evil monster entrance to no way out again , the soldiers even then trying to unload a pile of large stones that covered the entrance of the cave , but their efforts vain , except they also dark energy already exhausted because of the long journey , they finally surrendered. Now the castle's caretaker said the soldiers "We can not give up now , we're going too far and the government is in danger , remember that if we give up now not only Sang He is about to take off , but also children and our wives , families and those of our loved ones , let's not stop now . " Si panjaga horses try giving spirit . " Ah, you shut up! What can you do besides just a hassle we go! Come show what you can in addition be an obstacle ! " Oppose the greatest patriots .

Hearing these words the caretaker was not angry , he knew all along he was not able to do much more than just help cook and take care of the dirty clothes of the soldiers during the trip . But as the thought of his family and Sang now he does not want to give up , she decided to find a way to get out of the cave, he weaves the more remote cave in and getting him into the increasingly narrow path and continue to shrink, "Oh damn sure dead-end cave , ah , just straight road who knows no way out. " said the caretaker himself. With this move carefully as the guardian dark horse running until finally he saw a bunch of light at the end of the cave "Ah, that's it! There is a way ! "Cried the horse keeper . Listening teriakkan patriots who care for the horses rush to the people who care for the horses while carrying a magic arrow , but they immediately disappointed because it turns out the way it's too small to be passed , "Hey hole is really small for our big bodied but definitely enough for you sir old . " said the guardian warrior on horseback . "Well I'm going out with the magic bow and brutal killing monsters ! " Said the caretaker enthusiastic , but before the soldiers leave the magic arrow , hold the greatest patriots who care for the horses shoulder and said, "Father , we apologize rejected Mr. over the years, now we know why the beginda so insistently sent you to come with us , now our fate and all the people that we love even Sang his own fate in your hands, go out and kill the evil monster , once again we apologize . "

Hearing this sice the more excited , he immediately embraced soldiers and immediately crawled out through a small crevice caves, cave Arriving off the evil monsters have been waiting sice yet he is not afraid in the least, a love of all the people she loved beating her fears and with all his might he pulled the bow and let the magic arrows right in the heart of a giant , with a painful ear teriakkan the giant fell to the ground and did not move again . The monster is dead .

The caretaker immediately back into the cave and letting the soldiers that he had successfully killed the evil monster So they scrambled out and immediately asked the caretaker immediately returned to the palace and delivered the good news on his Sang . Without delay too long the watchmen kudapun immediately drive his horse toward the palace and preach the good news along the way home. With a very happy Sang he received the news and ordered that all the people back because the government has a peaceful and ordered the soldiers to pick heroes who still stuck in the cave .
Sang he gave many gifts to the soldiers who were trying to defeat the evil monsters and the people who care for her horses and guarantee that he will be keturunnya freeman of the royal family . Now the new caretaker nicknamed " Sang Giant Killer "