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A fairy tale snail

A fairy tale snail. There seemed to pay attention to the activities of young snails animals in circumference . There are birds able to fly high. Some rabbits are fun running around in the green grass , jump in there and here . The fish are dancing so enjoy the cool water of nature lake so broad . " Ouch fun of them , " said the snail appeared admiration .

At that moment , the snail began to realize something about her that felt so many flaws . He can not fly like a bird . Can not walk fast , let alone run and jump , like rabbits . And do not swim like a fish . 'If I like them ... , " muttered the snails showed remorse diri.Bayangan cheerful faces of the animals around it increasingly makes him feel worse . " God is not fair ! " He said later .

Outside the awareness of the young snails , slugs an old and weak to him . " Do not think short-sighted about the justice of God , my son ! " He said wisely . " Be kind sangkalah to the All- Wise , one day , you will know the secret behind his creation ... , " said the old snail walking away leaving the young snails are still confused .

Not to mention the confusion was gone , the young snails were surprised by the sound of three tail hawk cries snaking in the air beautifully . All three also swooping toward him , fish , and kelinci.Spontan , the snail 's body and immediately covered her house shrink so hard . Eagle failed to leave themselves prey flew the snails are beginning to peek into the direction of the fish and rabbits .

fish and rabbits that had been in the grip of leg two tailed eagle flew toward bringing prey ketinggian.Saat that , he realized something . " Ah true what was said earlier snail pack . So many secrets behind the Creator of justice , " he said to himself .

Pay attention , and open the shell of self pettiness that has been imprisoning us in the dark ways of thinking and acting . Try and be thankful , one day , we will find so much grace of God in us is insulated by the way we see ourselves .

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