Bull story and the frog

Bull story and the frog .when it was there is a calf was playing. occasional calf was approached her mother to drink milk. calf was overjoyed, he ran while occasionally eat grass fresh. inadvertently beef tongue calf was exposed to the body Sora." O... dare this creature ", said Sora angrily while away from the calf. actually calf not intend to bother. happen to its motion equal to Sora, causing Sora be anxious and jump immediately to save yourself. 

While exhausted Sora up in a poolside. see Sora the exhaustion, his friends wonder." Hi Sora, why you breathless and your face pale all?", asked his friend." It' s okay, I just worried. Look at the meadow. I do not know beings what it is, but the creature is very arrogant. creatures that want to swallow me", said Sora. His brother the newly arrived there explained." The creature calves. As far older calves not evil. their usual released in meadow every day", said his brother." Not bad?, why brother could say like that? I almost swallowed earlier," said Sora." Ah tidah possible. Ox not eat frogs or fish but only eat grass," explained his brother." I do not believe sis, last I pursued , said Sora." O my friends, I can actually fight with the inflating myself", said Sora arrogant." opponent just Sora! you definitely win", shouted his friends." never mind Sora, you will not be able to match the bull. deeds that dangerous, stop!", said brother Sora a times. But Sora no matter advice his brother. 

Sora continue to inflate away because a boost his friends. when in fact his friends want to give lessons on Sora which is always arrogant. After that Sora suddenly fell limp. His stomach pain and slowly deflated back. brother and his friends help Sora a limp in pain. Finally Sora shame with his attitude that arrogant adverse himself.

Ant story and an eagle

Ant story and an eagle. On a very sunny day , there is an ant who was walking around looking for food in the riverbank . usually she walked cheerfully and because he inadvertently suddenly he fell into the river ...... 

River flows have them down too far , the ants were sneaking and fatigue , as well as trying to pull over but it did not work well. Incidentally a pigeon perched on a tree branch that passes through the river saw the ants that almost drowned and felt pity . Doves and even pluck the leaves and drop it near the ant . Ants crawled over the leaves and eventually managed to rescue her with the help of the leaves , landed on the river bank 

Not much time passed , the ant saw a bird hunter was trying to slink quietly approached the pigeon who helped him earlier. Ant aware of the danger looming good pigeon is , immediately ran towards the hunter , and bite the feet of the hunter . Hunter was in pain and surprise, waving twigs that had to be used to catch birds . Bird dove hunters aware of the existence of a busy wagging his ranting pain. Finally , the bird flew to save himself .

Fairy tale evil giant

Fairy tale evil giant. there was an old woman who lived alone in an old house on the outskirts of a forest near a deserted village. at first it was very peaceful village life, until finally came a giant who lived and settled in the woods.

The grandmother did not feel fear just like the residents of the hamlet, because too many animals are preyed upon by the Giant. Until finally the giant was disrupted by extreme hunger to prey on humans, because there is no more animals he could eat.

Big giant came earlier to the home of the grandmother, the old woman asked the giant, "what the hell brought you here, O giant?", Asked the grandmother. "I want to take a woman this time, do you have it?" asked the giant to the grandmother.

the grandmother said to the giant, "I have always wanted a daughter, but I can not, but not for me to eat, but I want to maintain and I exaggerated" replied the grandmother to the giant. "Hmm .. let me wait a minute", the giant re-enter the woods and back to the holding grain and give the old woman.

"For what it hai giant cucumber seeds?" asked the grandmother to the giant. "You plant it in your yard, until later bear fruit the size of a human, I will come back". Giants go straight back into the woods leaving the grandmother who is still confused with giant words.

Finally cucumber seeds at planting also had fathers who are eager to have a daughter from his first to foster and exaggerated, until finally the cucumber seeds grow and bear fruit, cucumber seeds that ultimately grew by man, the old woman very happy and touched, turns out what he can expect during this become a reality.

That night the full moon is round, very tired old woman once a day searching for firewood and the rest he sold his grocery store to burn him. The next morning he was surprised when he woke up existing breakfast and a cup of hot tea on the table beside the bed.

"Heiiiii, who make me breakfast?, Asked the grandmother in the hearts of astonishment." Grandma I .. ".. suddenly there was a noise outside the door of the grandmother's room. Grandmother was surprised when there was a figure of a beautiful woman who approached him." Who ladyship hell? ", the child's grandmother was fascinated by the beauty of the woman." I am a golden cucumber, cucumber seeds that you plant in your yard. "happy grandmother and suddenly he felt sad.

"Why are you sad?, Do not you want me sooner?". It turns out the old woman remembers the giant message that will bring girls from cucumber seeds tanam.Si grandmother that she felt upset outstanding, on the one hand he wants to raise a daughter, on the one hand he had to give up the golden cucumber go so he does not eat by the evil giant.

"Cucumber gorgeous golden, boy you go from here, I'm happier you go, you become prey rather than a giant". Finally the grandmother provided supplies to a golden cucumber cucumber seeds, needles, salt and shrimp paste. Sow if you feel the bahaya.Tak long after saying this, there was a giant bill promises to the grandmother, and the grandmother immediately called golden cucumber run like crazy to save themselves from the evil giant starving.

The giant saw the golden cucumber run into the forest, and he chased him. Golden cucumber cucumber seed sowing directly in the forest, the forest immediately turned into a very large cucumber plant and legs wrapped around a giant cucumber chasing gold. However, it is still a formidable giant with cucumber coil. Then cucumber mas needle cast, and once the plants are growing very sharp and hurt the giant foot. And finally giant also separated from the dense bamboo trees earlier.

Came the cucumber mas near the big river, and he cast the salt in the river, the river also instantly turned into the deep ocean, but not a significant hurdle for the giant. Until finally cast a golden cucumber condiment on a lake, the giant fell in the lake which turned into mud alive and suck the giant entrance into it to sink.

Cucumber gold so relieved, he went back to the old grandmother's house earlier. and he was very grateful to the old woman and they are now living together and happy.

Story a rose

Story a rose. In a garden grows two trees red and white roses . the red roses are always angry because things are trivial , while the white rose is always good-natured . If the angry red roses , white roses just shut budge . Despite being scolded , white roses always repay on red roses .

Temper the red roses are becoming increasingly angry and all , red roses are always threw white roses into chicken manure . Now it's around a lot of white roses dried chicken manure .

And Miraculously , precisely because it is the chicken manure increasingly lush white roses and stems emerging from flowers - beautiful and fragrant flowers . While red roses with anger continues , thin stems and flowering .

One day the owner came on the garden . He was pleased to see the beautiful lush white roses . He was clean grass underneath so the healthier white roses . While red roses are not flowering emaciated and the lifting and thrown into the garbage .

Greatest Naruto weapons

This time I share all kinds of  Greatest Naruto weapons . I hope you do not ask - ask again about the greatness of Naruto because it has sophisticated weapons against the enemy .

Kyodai Sensu

is a big fan owned by Temari . Has three purple circles in the fan which is called " star " . The strength of the wind gusts for the fan can be adjusted to how much of that will be displayed , one star means weak and three stars means very strong .

Kusanagi no Tsurugi

Sword sword Kusanagi is owned by Orochimaru . This sword can be elongated and attack from a distance, can float in the air according to Orochimaru's command , can be turned into a small snake and cut everything . Even Enma ( Summoning third Hokage ) is able to turn his body becomes as hard as a diamond , stating that the sword Kusanagi is able to penetrate it . This sword can not penetrate the body when turned into Kyuubi Naruto 4 Tails .


Having a sense of this weapon shark skin , this sword is the sword of the 7 most terrifying legendary sword . This sword is a sword that is " alive " and capable of " eating " other people's chakra , the stronger the opponent 's sword facing the stronger the sword Samehada . If the sword is not like someone , then he will issue a sharp spines digagang this sword . This sword is the former owner of Fubuki Suikazan then moved to Kisame Hoshigaki and is now in the hands of Killer Bee.hebat .

Totsuka no Tsurugi

Tosuka sword is a variation of the sword Kusanagi , the sword out of the flask carried by Susano'o Itachi . If this sword on someone , this blade capable of sealing anything , as strong as any in the genjutsu nightmare forever and will not be returned . Orochimaru and Nagato ET able defeated and sealed by the sword . In addition to the sword Totsuka , Itachi Susano'o also bring Yata Mirror ( Yata Mirror : like Susano'o shield , which is in the hands of the left Susano'o Itachi ) . Zetsu said , with a combination of sealing force Totsuka and Yata mirror defense , makes Itachi invincible .

Hiraishin Kunai
This weapon is a special weapon that is owned by the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and designed specifically for teleportation Jutsu Hiraishin no Jutsu . It has Kunai Kunai 3 eyes , with a weighted more heavily than usual kunai . In the chart of the handle there is a seal Hiraishin no jutsu . In its mission Kunai Minato 's always spreading in all directions with the intent to deceive and attack the opponent with Hiraishinnya techniques .


Is a relic fan Rikudou Sennin who belong to the 5 weapons Rikudou sennin . This is a feather fan fan can mengerluarkan 5 elements: lightning , wind , fire , air and soil . Users of this fan is Kinkaku and Tenten . Kinkaku never issued a fire element of this fan to attack Darui , Samui Atsui and , at the same Atsui fishing for words that are often used are Atsui ( Heat ) so Atsui sealed in Benihisago . While tenten use this fan to destroy one life Kakuzu ( lightning element ) and consequently he just ran out of chakra because using this fan .

his Gunbai
Weapons belonging to the large fan is actually owned Madara Uchiha , but after his death it changed hands to fan Obito Uchiha . In OVA Madara vs Hashirama , Madara used this fan to fight dozens of shinobi . Just a fan , it was bouncing dozens of Shinobi . This fan also managed to withstand the attack of Hashirama Senju Fuma Shuriken . When the fourth world war , which we know as Obito Tobi use this fan as attack and defense . This is his Gunbai great he can fend rasengan Naruto and Naruto Mini Bijuudama .

Five Bees the story

Five Bees the story . bee or wasp story is told By : Wening Sekar Satiti At one time , there lived a wasp named Awon . the Awon lived with four companions ; Nana , Mission , iWon , and Nesti . of five wasps build nests on mango leaves in the garden pack Andi .

On a sunny morning , the body iWon big plans to travel around the village where Andi pack . Even this idea was well received by Awon , Nana , Mission , and Nesti . That morning , they were busy equip themselves with nectar . Nectar they will be enough to drive until late afternoon.

They fly to the west . Their backs rising sun glare from being exposed to the morning sun . " It's the right trip at the right day . " IWon said excitedly . "It's fun . We have enough nectar to carry and there is still plenty of nectar for tomorrow . "Said Nesti with high spirits . " We're traveling and do not have to worry about tomorrow . I will always remember this happiness . "Continued mission with a bright face .

However , among those who were eager , anxious faces look too Nana and Awon sour face .

" You two why ? What do you take less nectar ? " IWon asked two friends who realize that unhappiness . " I feel anxious . I do not know why . Should we do this trip ? " Soft Nana 's never been so worried before.

" I'm just bored . " Awon replied , " No need to worry about nothing , Nana . The ride is boring , that's all . We should fly down that way in order to pack flowers in the garden Henry . " Awon casually pointed flower garden across the street Wawan pack large .

" We all know that it's too dangerous , Awon . " Replied iWon .

The road is a great way Awon is very crowded . Men are passing by on the street riding their vehicles that emit smoke smell . The smoke that is harmful to their flight . But it seems it will not a big threat to Awon . Without realizing his friends who fly preceded it, Awon turn . He flew across the road to go to the flower garden pack Henry . Awon fly with caution . Before the cross , he was flying high until he could see the man underneath . Then he casually flew across the big road . And he succeeded . He reached the other side safely . Then he shouted to his friends .

" Hey , look! I survived my friend. " Awon shouted to his friends .When his friends heard shouting Awon , they stop flying and look across .Turns Awon one puts themselves . He should stop far enough away from the big roadside .

Because of that mistake , he suffered bad luck . From the direction of his right , came helmeted man driving a vehicle that smoky smell . Man is crashing Awon . Awon were surprised suddenly issued a sting in her ass and drove it to the man . But the human body is not a shock , but a hard helmet . He landed one sting . His body was broken into two . He staggered half- consciously feel pain , then fell thud on the ground . Awon not be saved .

His friends watched the scene with emotion . They also saddened by what happened to Awon , but they did not dare to fly to places Awon . " That's what I'm afraid , my friends . It was . "Said iWon sorry for Awon . " He should know what will happen if it's across the street . " Nesti wise could not hide his regret . " Maybe this is why I feel anxious . " Said Nana when she suddenly lost her anxiety .

figure in the game Lost Saga

I love to play games on the cafe lost saga father. every day do not forget me is a time to play games with friends. in this game a lot of character and I'm happy to try to figure in the game Lost Saga. I went through the level-by-level. make it more difficult but exciting game. essentially not bored deh. The image below is a collection of games lost saga character I like