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Story a rose

Story a rose. In a garden grows two trees red and white roses . the red roses are always angry because things are trivial , while the white rose is always good-natured . If the angry red roses , white roses just shut budge . Despite being scolded , white roses always repay on red roses .

Temper the red roses are becoming increasingly angry and all , red roses are always threw white roses into chicken manure . Now it's around a lot of white roses dried chicken manure .

And Miraculously , precisely because it is the chicken manure increasingly lush white roses and stems emerging from flowers - beautiful and fragrant flowers . While red roses with anger continues , thin stems and flowering .

One day the owner came on the garden . He was pleased to see the beautiful lush white roses . He was clean grass underneath so the healthier white roses . While red roses are not flowering emaciated and the lifting and thrown into the garbage .

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