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Five Bees the story

Five Bees the story . bee or wasp story is told By : Wening Sekar Satiti At one time , there lived a wasp named Awon . the Awon lived with four companions ; Nana , Mission , iWon , and Nesti . of five wasps build nests on mango leaves in the garden pack Andi .

On a sunny morning , the body iWon big plans to travel around the village where Andi pack . Even this idea was well received by Awon , Nana , Mission , and Nesti . That morning , they were busy equip themselves with nectar . Nectar they will be enough to drive until late afternoon.

They fly to the west . Their backs rising sun glare from being exposed to the morning sun . " It's the right trip at the right day . " IWon said excitedly . "It's fun . We have enough nectar to carry and there is still plenty of nectar for tomorrow . "Said Nesti with high spirits . " We're traveling and do not have to worry about tomorrow . I will always remember this happiness . "Continued mission with a bright face .

However , among those who were eager , anxious faces look too Nana and Awon sour face .

" You two why ? What do you take less nectar ? " IWon asked two friends who realize that unhappiness . " I feel anxious . I do not know why . Should we do this trip ? " Soft Nana 's never been so worried before.

" I'm just bored . " Awon replied , " No need to worry about nothing , Nana . The ride is boring , that's all . We should fly down that way in order to pack flowers in the garden Henry . " Awon casually pointed flower garden across the street Wawan pack large .

" We all know that it's too dangerous , Awon . " Replied iWon .

The road is a great way Awon is very crowded . Men are passing by on the street riding their vehicles that emit smoke smell . The smoke that is harmful to their flight . But it seems it will not a big threat to Awon . Without realizing his friends who fly preceded it, Awon turn . He flew across the road to go to the flower garden pack Henry . Awon fly with caution . Before the cross , he was flying high until he could see the man underneath . Then he casually flew across the big road . And he succeeded . He reached the other side safely . Then he shouted to his friends .

" Hey , look! I survived my friend. " Awon shouted to his friends .When his friends heard shouting Awon , they stop flying and look across .Turns Awon one puts themselves . He should stop far enough away from the big roadside .

Because of that mistake , he suffered bad luck . From the direction of his right , came helmeted man driving a vehicle that smoky smell . Man is crashing Awon . Awon were surprised suddenly issued a sting in her ass and drove it to the man . But the human body is not a shock , but a hard helmet . He landed one sting . His body was broken into two . He staggered half- consciously feel pain , then fell thud on the ground . Awon not be saved .

His friends watched the scene with emotion . They also saddened by what happened to Awon , but they did not dare to fly to places Awon . " That's what I'm afraid , my friends . It was . "Said iWon sorry for Awon . " He should know what will happen if it's across the street . " Nesti wise could not hide his regret . " Maybe this is why I feel anxious . " Said Nana when she suddenly lost her anxiety .

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