New klinting dragon story of Indonesia

New klinting dragon story of Indonesia, there lived a boy because of his power in the curse of an evil witch. As a result, the boy had wounds all over his body with a very pungent odor. The wound would never dry. If it starts to dry, always appears a new injury, caused bruising.

Finally, no one wants to be friends with. Let alone together, they were reluctant to say hello. Each of them surely passed away. Do not want to touch, for fear of contagion.

The boy began to wander from one place to another to find someone who is able to cure the illness. Until later in his dream, he meets a kindly old lady. Later he is able to release the evil spell so he could recover to normal.

Finally, no warning was in thought, he came to a village that most people are very arrogant. Not a lot of poor people in that place. If any, would be expelled or made uncomfortable in many ways.

Hypocrisy of the village is bothered conscience of the little boy, who was later known named New klinting. In a festive party, the boy managed to menyellinap entry. But what no doubt, he must be willing to forcibly expelled being caught.

As he was in drag, he advised that they would deign noticed people were not able to, because they are also human. Just like them. In treatment so he was not so damn. But the anger began to mount, when dozens of people began to pout as she spit on him. "Hobgoblin basic, ugly kid", so they maki.

Not receive the treatment, he was immediately stuck a stick, which happened to be there. Then with a furious face he swore, that no one was able to lift the stick, except himself.

Do not believe the boy talk, each person starts trying to pull the stick. However, again, stick it did not budge from its place. Until finally people began to fear the boy talk. "Do not tell me there would be nothing?" They thought.

Sure enough, within a few days, there was no one who could take the stick. Until finally, he secretly returned to that place and pull it out. A citizen who saw action kebetuan passing, direct flabbergasted. He also told the story to other people. Shortly thereafter, a trickle of water came out of the hole. More and more and more, until eventually drown the village and make it into the lake.

It is said that not many survivors, in addition to people who saw the incident and an old widow who kindly gave her a ride. The widow also take care of him, until miraculously, the disease gradually disappear.

But the evil witch, still not received, until at one point, back in New klinting curse. But oddly, this time in the form of a curse not a disease, but instead changed his body into a very large snake with a necklace on her neck tolling.

Another version states, these snakes often right out of the nest at 00.00 pm. Every time she moved, clinking necklace around her neck always reads; klentang klenting. Finally, this also makes it sound known as the New klinting.

That said, the fishermen who were trouble because they do not catch fish, it would be lucky if New klinting passing not far from the place. It makes its presence has become a sort of legend thanks to the most in waiting.

Cinderella princess story

cinderella princess story. In a kingdom, there lived a girl with a stepmother and half-siblings. These girls are very beautiful and kind-hearted. While both the mother and her stepsister is evil. They hired this girl in her own home. Every day these girls have to do all the homework. Her stepmother is always snapped. While both her stepsister Cinderella always teased him and called him a dirty girl and that means full of dust. According to both his half-brother, it was a fitting name for this girl.

On a day when the royal guards who spread the party invitation letter from the palace. Both Cinderella stepsister very pleased, "This is fun ... we'll go and dress up as pretty-pretty. If Prince chose me to be his queen, the mother will surely delight. ". Cinderella's stepmother was also very happy and said to the girls, "You have to dress up as pretty-pretty. You should draw the attention of the Prince to fall in love with you. ".

The awaited day arrived. The second stepsister Cinderella starts up with joy. They daub rouge and lips everywhere. They wore beautiful dresses that have been prepared in advance, mematut-matut himself in front of a mirror, spinning and laughing happily. Their mother was not to be outdone. He helped reorganize their clothes are still lacking, adding a second cheek blush in her face, hoping Prince will choose one of her children.

Cinderella look them up and felt very sad. He wanted to join their party, but her step mother and two sisters are not allowed to join the party. "You do not have any clothes, what would you like to go to a party with a dress like-it?", Says brother Cinderella.

After all went to a party, Cinderella returned to his room. He cried bloody murder because his heart is very upset. "I can not go to court with dirty clothes like this, but I want to go". Cinderella cried lamenting his fate. She cries and remembered his father, "I wish Dad was still there, I would definitely beautiful dress she bought to go to the palace".

Suddenly a fairy appeared in front of Cinderella. "Cinderella, stop crying. You're a good boy, Cinderella. You should not be sad and cry. Smile. Your face will be more beautiful when you smile, "said the blue-clad chubby fairies. Cinderella still sobbing while kneeling on the floor, "How can I smile, O Elves. I want to come to the party with my sisters, but they would not let me come to the party because I did not have the proper clothes. " Fairy with a very friendly smile, "Cinderella, take four rats and two-tailed lizard". Cinderella fairy confused with demand, but she still did it. Cinderella collect rats and lizards in his home.

Once everything is collected Cinderella, fairy brings the mice and lizards to the pumpkin patch in the backyard. "Sim presto!" Fairy yelled, casting magic from his magic wand. There followed a miracle. The mice turned into four horses, as well as lizards turn into two sais. A large pumpkin in the garden, transformed into the golden carriage. The latter, Cinderella turned into a beautiful princess, with a very beautiful dress and a pair of glass slipper.

Because excited, Cinderella began to dance around in circles with her glass slippers like a butterfly. Peri said, "Cinderella, the magic effect will disappear after twelve o'clock bell stops. Therefore, go home before midnight ". "Yeah Elves. I'll be home before twelve o'clock at night. Thanks, elf, "said Cinderella. Horse carriage carrying gold immediately go to the Cinderella castle.

After arriving at the palace, Cinderella go straight into the palace hall. Once inside, the views of all who attended were on Cinderella. They were amazed by the beauty of Cinderella. "Princess Cantiknya it. Daughter of the state where ya? "Murmured the crowd. Prince finally came over to Cinderella. "Beautiful daughter, would dance with my daughter?" Asked the Prince as he kissed the hand of Cinderella. "Well, Prince," replied Cinderella, nodding. They both danced, danced round and round in music, under the eyes all the guests present. Cinderella's mother and two sisters who were there felt jealous of the beautiful princess and they did not think that it was a beautiful princess Cinderella.

Cinderella danced with the prince. "So far, I crave women like Princess," said the Prince. Because happy, Cinderella will forget time. Clock began to toll 12 times. Cinderella was very surprised, "Sorry Prince, I have to go home". Cinderella withdraw her hand from the prince and soon ran out of the palace. In the middle of the road, next to the shoe apart, but Cinderella did not pay attention, he kept running. Cinderella prince pursuing, but he lost track of Cinderella. In the middle of the stairs, there is a glass slipper belongs to Cinderella. Prince took the shoe. "I'll be looking for you," she said in a determined heart. Although Cinderella back into a girl full of dust, he was very happy that he could go to a party palace.

The next day, the guards sent Prince comes to homes that have girls. The whole house was visited throughout the country to match the glass slipper with their feet, but nothing matched. Until the guards arrived at Cinderella's house. "We are looking for a girl whose foot fits the glass slipper," said the guard. Two sisters Cinderella tries the shoe. Brother first tried these shoes, but her feet are too big. He forced her in and were delighted to be able to get into her glass slipper. However, when the first brother goes, he moaned in pain as his legs were too big forced to go into the little glass slipper. Her feet had blisters everywhere. Then the first brother took off his shoes and told his brother to try Glass. Feet were too big brother for the glass slipper. He also gave up trying because of the pain.

At that time, the guards saw Cinderella, "Hey you, try this shoe!" He said. Cinderella's stepmother was angry, "There will be matched with this kid!" But the guards keep telling the Cinderella trying on shoes. Cinderella then stretched his legs. It turns out these shoes is perfect. Very fit and look cute at the foot of Cinderella. "Ah! It's your daughter, "cried the excited bodyguards. Both mother and half sister Cinderella was very angry and jealous of Cinderella, but they could not do anything about it.

"Cinderella, congratulations," Cinderella fairy looked back and was standing behind him. "From now live happily with the Prince. Voila! "He said. Once the reading fairy spell, Cinderella turned into a princess wearing a wedding dress. "The effect of this magic will not be lost even if the clock struck twelve," said the fairy. Cinderella escorted by rats and birds that have become his friend. Arriving at the palace, the Prince greeted him, smiling happily. Finally Cinderella married Prince.

And they live happily ever after ...

Characteristics of greek gods

who does not know the famous legend of the Greek gods, much of the literature which explain clearly the story of the Greek gods. various characteristics of their gods pinned. Here I will briefly share posts secaara about the characteristics of the Greek gods.

Each of the gods in Greek mythology has at least one element of the controlled and protects. Each of these elements are:

  • Zeus is the leader / king of the gods, the ruler of Olympus, climate gods, god of thunder, and the weather.
  • Hera, wife of Zeus, queen of the gods, is the patron goddess of marriage, sacrifice, and loyalty.
  • Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes, horses, and father of the nation. 
  • Ares was the god of war and slaughter.
  • Hermes is the god of the guide, protector of the adventurers, herders, and entertainers. He was also the messenger of Zeus.
  • Hefaistos is the god of fire, carpenters, iron smiths and craftsmen weapons.
  • Aphrodite is the goddess of love, sex, and physical beauty.
  • Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, the beauty of the soul, art, and education.
  • Apollo was the god of the sun, light, music, dance, medicine, and patron of archers.
  • Artemis is the goddess of the moon, protector of animals, hunting, fertility, and chastity. A twin brother Apollo
  • Demeter was the goddess of flowers, plants, food, argraris, and protector of marriage.
  • Hestia is the patron goddess of home, family, and fireplaces.