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Characteristics of greek gods

who does not know the famous legend of the Greek gods, much of the literature which explain clearly the story of the Greek gods. various characteristics of their gods pinned. Here I will briefly share posts secaara about the characteristics of the Greek gods.

Each of the gods in Greek mythology has at least one element of the controlled and protects. Each of these elements are:

  • Zeus is the leader / king of the gods, the ruler of Olympus, climate gods, god of thunder, and the weather.
  • Hera, wife of Zeus, queen of the gods, is the patron goddess of marriage, sacrifice, and loyalty.
  • Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes, horses, and father of the nation. 
  • Ares was the god of war and slaughter.
  • Hermes is the god of the guide, protector of the adventurers, herders, and entertainers. He was also the messenger of Zeus.
  • Hefaistos is the god of fire, carpenters, iron smiths and craftsmen weapons.
  • Aphrodite is the goddess of love, sex, and physical beauty.
  • Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war, the beauty of the soul, art, and education.
  • Apollo was the god of the sun, light, music, dance, medicine, and patron of archers.
  • Artemis is the goddess of the moon, protector of animals, hunting, fertility, and chastity. A twin brother Apollo
  • Demeter was the goddess of flowers, plants, food, argraris, and protector of marriage.
  • Hestia is the patron goddess of home, family, and fireplaces.

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