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The love story of the god ZEUS

The love story of the god ZEUS. As the sky god Zeus had easy access to the beautiful women in the world and he did take advantage of it. Moreover, his power as supreme god makes difficult to resist women. Before marriage with Hera, Zeus was first married to Metis, Themis, and Mnemosine. Zeus is also associated with Leto shortly after married to Hera. Some women who have been ravished by Zeus after his marriage with Hera of them are as follows:
  • 1 Europe
  • 2 Io
  • 3 Semele
  • 4 Grazia
  • 5 Kallisto
  • 6 Leto
  • 7 Aigina

  • Europe
Europe is the daughter of Agenor king of Sidon. Continent of Europe is named after his name.

One day Europe with her girlfriends get together and pick flowers together. Zeus saw a collection of women's and immediately fell in love with Europe because Europe is the most beautiful woman among them. Zeus disguised as a beautiful white bull and approached them. Bull Zeus pseudonym is very beautiful and even scented flowers so that Europe and his friends immediately approached, they ran my elusnya.

Suddenly the bull was lying in front of Europe. Europe riding on the back of the bull and the bull was immediately carried away Europe. The bull went ka beach and swim across the ocean while memabwa Europe on his back. They even followed by Poseidon, Triton with his horn, and the Nereid riding a dolphin. The group took Europe more and more distant from the place of origin. Europe realized that the bull must be a god, and he began to fear. Europe and beg mercy of the gods. Zeus then speaking Europe that he loves her. Zeus also asks Europe not to be afraid.

Zeus brought Europe to Crete. There, Europe by Zeus used as the queen of Crete. Europe related to Zeus and gave birth to Minos, Rhadamanthis, and Sarpedon. While the re-imaging the bull Zeus in disguise so be sky constellation Taurus.

  • LO
Io is a priest of Hera at Argos. Zeus fell in love with Io and fuck her. To prevent Hera know what happened, Zeus cover the world with thick black clouds. But instead Hera became suspicious, he went down from Mount Olympus and eliminate the cloud. Zeus think fast and change the form of the original Io a beautiful girl. When the clouds are gone, Hera saw Zeus standing next to a white cow. Zeus then swore that he had never seen a cow before, and that the cow just came out of the earth. Knowing what really happened, Hera asked the cow as a gift. And Zeus also gave the cow to Hera.

Hera then sent Argus Panoptes, hundred-eyed giant, to keep the cow. Zeus sent Hermes to take Io. Hermes disguised as a shepherd and make Argus sleep with the music and the story. After Argus fell asleep, Hermes was killed. As a memento, Hera took Argus and put all eyes on the tail of her favorite bird, the peacock.

Hera then forced Io to wander the earth without rest. Io crossing the road between the Propontis and the Black Sea, which was later named the Bosphorus (cow path), where he met Prometheus. Prometheus chained on Mount Caucasus by Zeus for teaching humans how to make fire and deceive Zeus. Every day, a giant eagle came and ate the liver of Prometheus. Though suffering, Prometheus Io entertain by telling that Io will become human again and his descendants would become the greatest hero, Heracles. Io then across the Ionian Sea. In Egypt, he changed back into a human by Zeus. There, too, she gave birth to the son of Zeus, Epafos, and a daughter, Kiroessa. He then married Telegonus, king of Egypt. Their grandson, Danaos, will be returned to Greece.

  • Semele
Semele burns after seeing the original form of Zeus. Semele is a princess in the kingdom of Thebes and is the son of Kdmos and Harmonia. He also was a priestess in the temple of Zeus.

In one occasion, Zeus when observing Semele Semele being slaughtered a bull on the altar of Zeus, and then swam in the river Asopus to clean his body of blood. Zeus fell in love with her and repeatedly slept with Semele. Zeus always visited Semele in the night and in the form of the invisible. Semele was pleased to be a lover of a god, even though he does not know where the gods.

Zeus's wife, Hera, knowing her husband's infidelity while Semele was pregnant. Hera then disguised as an old woman and visited Semele, Hera convinced Semele to see the original form of his lover that knows who the real lover Semele. When Zeus came to her again, forcing Semele vowed to give it one more request. Zeus then went to the river Stix and vowed to grant any request Semele. Semele then asked him to show his form is true. Zeus was not happy to hear it because Zeus knows what will happen, man can not survive when looking at the original form of Zeus. But Zeus had sworn and have no choice. Zeus revealed his true form and Semele was burned to death. But Zeus still had time to save the child conceived by Semele (Dionysus) and put it into his thigh until he was ready to be born. A few months later, Dionysus was born. Her birth from Zeus made him a god.

As an adult, Dionysus went to the underworld and bring back his mother from death. Semele became goddesses on Mount Olympus with a new name, glutathione. Zeus became an eagle and carried away Grazia.
  • Grazia
In addition to women, Zeus also has a male lover named Grazia.

Grazia is a Trojan prince and the son of Tros and Callirhoe. Grazia has an attractive appearance that Zeus fell in love with her.

One day Grazia were herding cattle on Mount Ida. Zeus turned into an eagle and brought to Mount Olympus Grazia. In Olympians, Grazia become immortal, and besides, she is also a lover of Zeus and drink for the gods carrier replacing Hebe.

Tros was very sad after losing Grazia, therefore Zeus gave him two horses and a perennial vine of gold as compensation. Zeus sent Hermes to tell through Tros that Grazia has become immortal and served a very special position as the carrier of drinking in Olympus.

Zeus also imaged Grazia in the sky as the constellation Aquarius. One of the moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei named Ganymede.

  • Kallisto
Zeus disguised as Artemis and seductive Kallisto. Kallisto is a princess Likaon in Arkadia. He was one of Artemis in hunting friends. As a friend of Artemis, Kallisto has tied vows of chastity that she should remain a virgin.

Zeus lusting on Kallistos. Zeus was approached by undercover sebaagi Kallisto Artemis. After Kallisto close to him, Zeus raped her.

When he knew that Kallisto no longer a virgin, Artemis Kallisto angry and drove out of the entourage. Kallisto few months later gave birth to a son named Arkas. Hera is angry because her husband's infidelity and then changed Kallisto into a bear while Arkas taken and raised by Maia.

Sixteen years later Arkas actually met a bear who is his mother. Arkas intended to kill the bear, but he is stopped by Zeus. Zeus felt sorry for finally putting Kallisto and Arkas in the sky as the constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear) and Ursa Minor (Little Bear).

But Hera was still angry at Kallisto. Hera sent separately Tethis and Okeanos not allow Kallisto into their territory so far Kallisto had rounded the northern sky and never sets on the horizon.

  • Leto
Leto was the daughter of the Titan Koios and Foibe. He was one of the first and favorite lover Zeus. When Zeus meikahi Hera, Leto was pregnant from her relationship with Zeus. Although Leto got pregnant before marriage Hera, Hera still angry at Leto. Hera was constantly giving trouble for Leto. First of all from Hera expel Leto Olympians. Hera and Leto prohibit delivery so that the earth receives Leto trouble finding a place to give birth.

Finally island of Delos will accept Leto to give birth there. But Hera hold Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth, from Leto. Fortunately Iris took back Eileithyia could Leto gave birth to Artemis. Artemis then helped his mother give birth to Apollo.

Hera was still angry dragon python then sent to kill Leto. Apollo killed the newborn python and protect his mother. Does not stop there, Hera sent a giant Titios to rape Leto. Titios eventually destroyed by Apollo and Artemis.

  • Aigina
Aiginan was the daughter of the river god Asopus. Aigina is a beautiful woman until Zeus fell in love with her. Zeus turned into an eagle and brought to the island of Aigina Oinoni. There, Zeus raped Aginia. Aiakos born of that relationship. Asopus tried to chase her to the island Oinoni but Zeus drove by lightning.

Aegina and her son went to live on the island. As an adult, an advanced Aiakos king there and rename it to the island of Aigina island, as her mother's name

Hera, who was angry over the affair, finally have decided to punish them. Hera sent the plague to the island of Aigina so that all its inhabitants, including animals, dead. While Aiakos and his mother survived because it is protected by Zeus.

Aiakos and she certainly can not live alone there. They saw the ants are not affected by the plague, so they prayed to Zeus, and Zeus changed the ants there into the Mirmidon.

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