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La Golo story of Indonesia

La Golo story of Indonesia. This time the story comes from Dompu, one of the districts in the state of Sumbawa Island Indonesia. In a village, there lived a rich married couple. However, their long-married no children. Therefore, they are very sad.

On a clear day, the husband said to his wife, "Honey we are so much wealth, inherited nothing, when we are gone."

Hearing the words of her husband, the wife is very sad heart. "I had already been thinking about it. I just do not dare to tell brother, my brother offended afraid, "said his wife.
Since then, they have always prayed together asking God Almighty to be given a child. Finally, the prayer was granted. His wife gave birth to a son, named La Golo. Since childhood, La Golo always spoiled by her parents. As a result, La Golo grow into children who are lazy, just eating him. All wishes must be fulfilled. Almost daily La Golo fights with his friends. He Golo was against his parents. Such things make her parents sad.

One day, when her husband was being thrash his wife, the husband said, "I used to call our son La Golo, contained the intention that after the great armed with Golo (machetes), it can open up new land so that the garden we grow a lot. In fact quite the opposite. "

Hearing this, she is also sad. Finally, they agreed to dump him.

On one day, which is pretty much stock dipersiapkanlah with a delicious side dish. Seeing his mother's cooking, La Golo asked her mother, "What's that mom cooked a delicious meal-delicious?" Her mother replied that her father would go to the forest for firewood along La Golo. Third of cooked foods should be eaten La Golo before leaving, while the rest is used as stock. Heart of La Golo was very happy to hear her answer. In a short time, the food prepared for him spent. Then, with a machete, he went with his father into the wilderness.

Finally, they came in the middle of the forest. The trees in the forest was very dense and big. Then they went on a big tree most. His father stopped and said to La Golo, "My son, we stopped here. This is the tree we were looking for. This is the wooden "Wuwu" a lot of branches. If we cut one tree, we will get a lot of firewood. To prevent damage, when this tree will fall, you should hold it. "

"Yes ... Father," replied La Golo.

That's when the tree fell, La Golo held him with his huge body. However, because the tree was too big, body ruined La Golo was crushed by a tree.

After a while, his father waited and there was no sign of La Golo live longer, be merry heart. When I got home, told his wife all the events that happened. The next day, prepared Rowa prayer (prayer spirit) for the death of his son. Large male goat slaughtered because the neighbors will be invited.

So guests will be invited verbally, La Golo father and mother were very surprised. La Golo suddenly stood in front of him. Finally, all the pre-prepared meals eaten greedily La Golo.

After that event, La Golo not change temperament. In fact, rampant naughtiness. Therefore, the more sad parents. They plan to bring him into the woods far away. As usual, his mother cooking rice and side dishes were plentiful and delicious. In addition, his father brought Ponda (gourd water) that has been dried. Ponda could create noise "Hoooo", such as voice or answering a call if blown by the wind.

After running seven days and seven nights, they reached the destination forest. There are trees that are ripe duet. He can not stand see Golo duet ripe fruit-ripe. Soon he climbed. Meanwhile, his father left him. By the time La Golo calling, his father replied "Hoooo". Calm hearts La Golo.

After eating the fruit satisfied duet, La Golo down to find his father. Looking toward the sound of his father "Hooo" earlier. However, she discovered was the fruit Ponda. Now, La Golo realized that his parents accidentally throw it away because of a bad temper. He tried to return to his home, but could not.

One day, in the middle of the forest, La Golo saw someone was running like he was. At first, she was scared. He ventured to greet him. They become acquainted. The man's name was leaned. Not long after that, from a distance they heard the sound of people conversing. More and more obvious. They eventually cross paths and become acquainted. They told me why it got there. Turned out they were naughty children who are not their parents desired. His name is La Ngepe and La Bonggo.

The four men eventually became friends. They agreed to lift La Golo as its chairman. They now have to work hard to find fruits and tubers to eat.

One day, they met with a deer. He wanted to have a knack Golo ran like a deer. After conferring with his friends, he finally said to the deer, "O deer, will you teach science larimu to us?"

"With pleasure," replied the deer. Four of them now has a science run as fast as a deer. Later, they met also with a very large monkey. The monkey was asked to teach the science of climb. Some time later, they met with the horns of a wild bull is very strong. They feel not complete if you do not have the knowledge ntumbu (mashed head) owned wild buffalo. Finally, it also teaches science buffalo mashed his head.

One day, La Golo have a suggestion to look for fish in the sea. Her other friends agree. Then, they walked to a quiet little bay water. The first task is to stem the bay.

This task falls on due leaned leaned means water guardrail. After sea water was dammed, the next task is La Bonggo to drain the water because the water drain bonggo means. In an instant, the sea water is dry and the fish seemed to flounder. After that La Ngepe menpunyai task of capturing the fish. Ngepe in Bima language means catching fish. Once the fish are caught, La Gololah who collect the fish.

When they are resting, thinking about how to get a fire to burn the fish, they saw the smoke in the distance. He Golo requested that one of his friends went to that place to burn the fish. The first task falls on leaned. It turns the billowing smoke coming from the only house there. The house was owned by a pair of giant, which Ompu and Wa'i Ranggasasa (Giant grandparents).

When he reached there, leaned immediately requested permission to burn the fish. If permitted, the majority of fish will be given as a thank you. From inside the house came the scary, "Not only will I eat fish, even the person will Pun I voraciously until they run out. Wait ...! "Hearing that voice, leaned fled and left the whole fish. Leaned reported the incident to his friends.

Now, whose turn away is La Ngepe and La Bonggo. "Go you both cepati I'm hungry sekaiii" La Golo command.

Both are gone, each bearing numerous enough fish. However, they suffer the same fate as leaned. Still panting they reported what happened to La Golo. Finally, La Golo go home and Wa'i Ompu Ranggasasa, followed by her other friends.

Golo He also got the same answer from both the giant. However, La Golo not afraid to face Ompu Ranggasasa. With a loud voice he challenged Ompu Ranggasasa.

When Ompu Ranggasasa ready to attack, La Golo was already getting ready with his ntumbu science. The attack was so massive, La Golo was developed menyerudukkan head. There was a clash of heads which is very hard. The giant cried out in pain. Ompu Ranggasasa die instantly. For security reasons, Wa'i Ranggasasa was killed.

They now occupy four of the giant house. Freely, they burn the fish in there. When food supplies are exhausted, they eventually wander again. They came to a village that is not too crowded. From villagers that they heard that in the palace were no crowds. True enough, people in the palace were having fun attending various games.

He Golo also join the competition. With the knowledge gained from the running deer, he became a champion sprinter. With climbing science is taught by the monkey, he became a champion climbs a tree nut that has been smeared with grease. Quite a lot of the presents.

Now comes the turn following the contest against the champ ntumbu palace. With the support of her friends and unwavering in his commitment, finally La Golo forward. He sat cross-legged with respect in front of the King expressed his willingness to follow ntumbu against whiz palace.

Soon the race will begin. The king himself will lead the way race. Contestants head tied with a yellow colored ribbon. King invited both players came forward standing facing each other within five fathoms. Raja gives clues about the course of the race.

Cue already started and both players have been preparing for the fight. Sound arubana (tambourine) that accompanies the fight already had been echoed. They are ready butting heads like a wild bull. When the sound cue and yellow flag has been dropped, La Golo ran and jumped into his tub of a wild bull, and ... "caaaaaaak!" They have collided head, there came a very loud impact. Whiz palace was lying unconscious. He Golo be the game winner. The crowd cheered and cheered La Golo champion.

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