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The story of the greek afrodit

The story of the greek afrodit. Afrodit is goddess of the story is very fascinating and coveted by all the gods. To prevent war antardewa, Zeus married Afrodit with Hefaistos, god of blacksmiths. They do not have children and Afrodit is not a faithful wife, he cheated a lot, and the most famous is his affair with Ares the god of war.

When Hefaistos not home, often came to Afrodit and Ares having sex with the goddess of love Afrodit in bed. Of the relationship was born Eros (Cupid), Anteros, FOBOS, Deimos, and Harmonia. Afrodit and Ares Hefaistos caught in nets.

Infidelity it safe initially until one day the sun god Helios and the sun was riding the train suddenly see below fondle Afrodit Ares is engrossed. Helios immediately notify Hefaistos about infidelity. Ares is actually already told Alektrion to guard at the front door to alert if Helios by Ares. But Alektryon asleep in his duties so that Helios could be caught Ares and Afrodit.

Knowing his deeds and Ares, Hefaistos angry and plan their revenge. He then made a strong net and unseen, then put it on top of her bed. After installing it, Hefaistos tells his wife that he would go to his shop on the island of Lemnos. Afrodit sees this as an opportunity to re-make love with Ares

After Hefaistos left home, Ares immediately crept into the house Hefaistos. Ares and Afrodit hugged and took her to the bed to be enjoyed without realizing that it had been given the trap bed. In the midst of their enjoyment, suddenly a net fall and imprison them. So strong was the net, Afrodit and Ares was able to escape.

Hefaistos then returned to his home carrying a group of gods while the goddess did not want to come because they do not want to see that humiliating. Afrodit and Ares felt very embarrassed to be in such a state that he be seen by the gods. Over this affair, demanding Hefaistos the gods to replace the first wedding gift he gave to Zeus and Hera.

Two young god, Apollo and Hermes, laughed at this event. Hermes even said that he would not mind being in the position as long as it can be with Afrodit Ares. Poseidon then release the requested Hefaistos them and promised that he would pay compensation to Hefaistos. Having received assurances from Poseidon, Afrodit Hefaistos let go and Ares. Once free, direct Ares fled to Thrace while Afrodit went to Cyprus,

While Alektrion were negligent in their duties, Ares punished by a rooster who never forgot to tell the coming of the sun.

Afrodit Helios intends to punish himself has revealed his affair. Helios loves seroang nymph named Klitia. Afrodit makes Helios loves another girl named Leukothea.

Leukothea Klitia so jealous that he spread rumors that Leukothea fucked by a man. Orkhamos, Leukothea father, deluded Leukothea gossip and bury alive.

As a result of his actions, Klitia was abandoned by Helios. Klitia, who loved Helios, could only lie on the ground and stared at the sky train to wade Helios afternoon. For nine days before finally Klitia Helios looked dead. Klitia body is then converted into Heliotrope plants, which flower always faces the sun.

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