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The story of the dragon

The story of the dragon. on the first day, the animals on the earth has a different shape than now. There are thinner, some are higher and some that have more legs than they have today.

Rhinos and hippos used to be very boring and always forcing other animals to praise the beauty of them. "Is not I the most handsome?" Rhino said, turning his face to the right and to the left. "Do you think my left side more handsome than my right?"

"Look langsingku body," replied hippos. "Is not my most beautiful thing you ever saw?" . "Huuuuuh!" Elephant trunk blowing trumpets. "Look ivory-dong gadingku. They gear the most perfect in the world." He smiled broadly, showing off tusks.

Every day is so quiet and boring until one day a red dragon flying down from the sky, yelling "The world will end? World will end". "We've heard it before," said the Lion, with complaints of boredom. "The chicken that says the sky is falling, but it was not nothing."

"But this is real. Worlds coming to an end!" cried the dragon. "How did you know?" the others asked. "A witch told me," she said.

"That was definitely real," they said. "What should we do?"

"You can climb on my back and I'll fly you to another world," said the red dragon. They all scramble up to the back of the dragon, except the Lions. "I am king here, and I will not be afraid of anything," he roars. "I'll stay on earth." "Me too," said the tiger, down from the back of a dragon.

"Tiger is as brave as a lion."

When other animals are ready, the dragon flapped its wings, leapt into the air and down again. With a heavy load on his back that he had to try a few times before taking off.

When the red dragon fly higher animals become uncomfortable, clinging to his back. Some of them were afraid. They started to fight and push each other.

"Put your tail out of my eyes," cried one.

"Watch where cakarmu," cried another. "Oh, we'll fly so high," squeaked a mouse. "I need space to sit for a minute," yelled the red dragon. "You fight and push each other makes it hard to fly."

The animals were ignored and eventually the red dragon became so tired that he could not flap its wings again and start falling from the sky.

The animal slipped from his back and fell towards the ground, screaming in panic. No one was killed but they all landed with a very loud impact. The legs of the snake fell and crept away among the grass. Rhinos landed on his face, making a huge bump on his nose that turned into a horn.

Hippos kept rolling and bouncing off the side of the hill, turn out to be bigger and fatter until he finally fell into the puddle of water. He was very embarrassed how plump and spherical himself, he would not look that different.

The elephant tusk broken down to two that stuck to the ground. When he tried to pull them out of their land extends into two tusks that we can see now.

Giraffe head stuck in tree height and elongated neck and body stretches to reach the ground.

In fact all the animals turned into like how they look today.

"I do not see anything funny," growled the crocodile, whose face became flat stricken gorilla.

The Rhinos are very angry for losing beautiful appearance. That's why you have to be careful if you are near them.

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