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The story of Monkey and Rooster

The story of Monkey and Rooster. there are two animals each good friends with for a long time. The Ape always bring food to the chicken, and vice versa, sometimes chicken brought food to the apes. One day apes are saturated and trying to find food and fro, but to no avail. Later that afternoon, but apes do not also get what he wanted to eat on that day. Arriving in the forest he met with his friend chicken. But what happens apes even seen a chicken as a delicious meal for the day.

chicken blurred avoid being hungry monkey. chicken ran to the beach to meet up with friends dolphins. He told them all to dolphins. Dolphins very angry with apes. As a friend of chickens, dolphins want to teach the monkey to respect the true meaning of friendship.

Finally monkey found the chicken off the coast, then apes spoke to chicken "Hey chicken... you, I've got something good for you tonight" cooed ape to chicken. "Apes never mind, I know you're going to eat me, I've just spoken with the dolphins if there is good food at the other side of the island, you want to come with me?" take the chicken.

Indeed basis greedy ape, he followed an invitation only chicken and dolphins to go to the other side of the island.

On the way apes and chicken sit in a boat driven by a dolphin. Soon the cock crowed, and said "Are we there yet ....?". dolphins answered "Yes already up, please peck-pecking". Hearing the answer dolphins, chickens pecking boat directly to the hollow, apes do not realize it because he absorbed across the island to imagine that there are many foods that will satisfy the stomach apes.

Finally, the boat-was leaked and water into the boat with the swift. chicken immediately jump back to the dolphins and apes were living alone in a boat that nearly sank. And finally the chicken to save themselves by dolphins to the mainland.

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