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Lesson for si Belang

Lesson for si Belang . His name is Belang, he woke up for along hibernation in winter. His home is in the dark cave and warm. the sun shone bright that day at the mouth of the cave. "no food, no drink, i had to get out," he muttered.the other jungle dwellers had gathered, lookinh at aflock of grouse are flying migrating sign winter is over. let's see " fox said, pointing to the blue sky.All welcomed the arrival of summer, the fish of the sea salmon moving in the estuary upstream to spawn. The fox finds salmons in the rapids using a javelin.Belang runs gracefully when hungry. summer like a goog start to look for food. 

Si belang stopped behind a bush beside the road. " i'm here alone, who knows there are over here," he said to himself.Fox got caouht big salmon. "ngrrrrr" voice of si belang. " you're so smart searching eat.." said si belang praises.I'm not going to catch you as long as you leave your salmons here," said si belang. Both of them had an argument, but what does it mean when a fox compared to the more sinister mighty of si belang. At least fox has given up resistance proves that it does not belong to si belang.Fox home so paintfully salmon season this year meaning less if si belang make a tantrum. " where your catch?" asked Mr. Baba when he saw the fox entered the township. Fox tells what happened to him. " you forget that si belang, then eat at my house" said Mr. Baba.

Fox eats in Baba's house with his friends.The next day si belang facing the fox again on the banks of the river, hoping more salmons jumping on his feet. A moment later the fox came, silently followed Mr. Baba " this is my prey,"said si belang in the mind."huuhh... si belang again ! i can't catch the fish, i'm sure he will catch me," said the fox grumbled with trembling his body. Soon,mr. Baba comes.Rather than a problem with mr. baba, si belang follow the dictates of mr. baba. Si Belang got the javelin, a learning tool to fishing so that he does notget lazy and rob again.when used, the javelin land on her feet. Great wisdom gained from his actions is he has much to learn and learn to be an expeert to do something. "the risk of job," says mr. Baba.

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