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The naughty little deer

The naughty little deer always makes farmers anxious because they cucumber plants are always stolen by the deer. That afternoon the deer looked exhausted after walking away from the garden of a farmer who planted cucumbers on the hillside. Somewhere along the way the deer met with a running giraffe terpontang skelter. The deer immediately asked "Why did you run that much hardness O giraffe?", Asked the deer. Giraffe replied "Hi deer, I was in a hurry because there are competitions held by the king of the jungle to pick forest dwellers who are clever to serve as minister of the king of the jungle".

"Well why memangnya, whether the king of the jungle already want to retire?", Asked the deer joked. "No, because now a lot of people who come into the woods hunting, and animal populations in these forests is reduced", "the king wanted to choose one among us who knows how to evict people to not hunt anymore in our forests" continued the giraffe to the deer

The deer just nodded acknowledgment of the giraffe. It is now the forest where the deer had often visited by people who want to clear land cruel ways, such as forest fires and so on, the last they came to hunt forest dwellers such as hunting lions, elephants, tigers and so on, so many forest dwellers worried about their existence.

Finally, in a large field in the forest, the king of the jungle announced to all animals forest dwellers to remain vigilant and to choose one among them who could drive the hunters and animals and the forest burning.

Of the many members of forest dwellers, eventually elected three of their animals are considered the most daring, namely horses, monkeys and the deer alone.

The first time the horse was given the task to dispel the tracker, but it seems the horse's own fear, because their bodies are too large to be used as an easy target for poachers, and then also monkeys, because they are actually very afraid also to hunters so they imprison the king's choice to be repellent animal hunters.

The final choice and the only hope of forest dwellers tinggalah the deer, with a mandate from the friends of forest dwellers, the deer finally going to be able to dispel the forest hunters who started troubling the people of the forest.

Finally the naughty deer arrived at a camp, where the hunters overnight. But the deer are not alone. Together with his friends the deer have designed a creepy show for hunters.

They slip between the tents of the hunter, one by one their weapons secured and taken out of the camp, then they wear a creepy and friends of the deer are the monkeys, helped from the top of the tree with coconuts hanging formed in such a way almost like people who are hanging on a tree.

then it's time, the compact forest animals began to play a role to scare the hunters who are retired for the night. the hunters surprised to see that creepy appearance of the trees, some monkeys were then pelted them with coconuts from the trees, and the deer were broken off their tents so that the hunters ran helter-skelter to leave their camp, the hunters finally fled the forest.

The forest-dwelling people were cheering with delight, the bright idea of ​​the naughty deer hunters finally make fled their tents and did not come back forever.

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