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Ant story and an eagle

Ant story and an eagle. On a very sunny day , there is an ant who was walking around looking for food in the riverbank . usually she walked cheerfully and because he inadvertently suddenly he fell into the river ...... 

River flows have them down too far , the ants were sneaking and fatigue , as well as trying to pull over but it did not work well. Incidentally a pigeon perched on a tree branch that passes through the river saw the ants that almost drowned and felt pity . Doves and even pluck the leaves and drop it near the ant . Ants crawled over the leaves and eventually managed to rescue her with the help of the leaves , landed on the river bank 

Not much time passed , the ant saw a bird hunter was trying to slink quietly approached the pigeon who helped him earlier. Ant aware of the danger looming good pigeon is , immediately ran towards the hunter , and bite the feet of the hunter . Hunter was in pain and surprise, waving twigs that had to be used to catch birds . Bird dove hunters aware of the existence of a busy wagging his ranting pain. Finally , the bird flew to save himself .

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