Once upon a time there was a farmer named Kumazo. Kumazo are diligent farmers working. He is tall, big and respected many neighbors. One day, with carrying baskets on their shoulders Kumazo went to his farm. Today he will fertilize the plants in order to thrive. However, when he was busy spreading fertilizer suddenly heard a very loud hissing sound. And almost simultaneously with the direction of the hill came from a giant snake reaches 6-7 meters in length. Kumazo very surprised. He was never playing snake, but somehow there came to him the mother snake. "Oh, why is there this big snake came here ya?" She said with a shudder.
He then picked up the pikulnya and immediately ran out of the field. But not until he ran away, all of a sudden he stumbles mound in the fields. And the giant snake was not wasting the opportunity. By sticking out their tongue is red, he began to approach the body Kumazo. Kumazo not want to give up so easily. He kept swinging pikulnya so the snakes do not get to him. Suddenly, the handle was broken Kumazo bear. At that moment the snake coiled bodies directly Kumazo.
"Tu .. wait a minute. Let go of me! "Shouted Kumazo.
The snake was silent for a moment. "What's the matter?" He thought.
"Wait a minute. Let me go first. I had to go back to my house to say goodbye to the family first. After that I promised would be here soon to finish our fight "said Kumazo to convince the snake.
The snake was silent for a moment. But as if the words Kumazo understand, he was releasing belitannya. After regardless of entanglement, thank Kumazo then ran back toward the village. Meanwhile, the snake wrapped him while waiting for the arrival of Kumazo back.
Kumazo ran screaming to villagers. "There's a giant snake in the fields," he cried. Heard the cries, the villagers soon took their weapons. There were carrying swords, machetes, spears, and wooden clubs. They were crowded into fields where Kumazo met with snakes. But once they arrive on the farm they found the giant snake.
"Hey, Kumazo. Where a giant snake that you mention it, "asked the residents impatiently.
"That there is here too!" Said Kumazo, showing scars of battle.
"Yeah, right. There are traces of a large snake "said one resident, showing land former snake wrapped its body.
The resident then combed nearby fields and hills. They cut down the grass and weeds around it. But they also did not find that a giant snake. After hearing the story Kumazo, the population to be more careful when working in the fields. They also remind their children not to disturb the snake again.

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