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Elephant and ant story

Elephant and ant story. In a meadow there is an elephant , because of his huge body , he always underestimate / hurting other small animals . Small animals are very afraid of him , and therefore the elephant being overbearing.

One day , after meals because there are no jobs , elephant leisurely stroll in the meadow . Elephant bowed his head running at the time he saw an ant who is busy working .

When the ants are busy working not careful he stumbles down by a lawn .

" Hi little creatures , really sorry for you . " Elephant stopped by mocking laugh .

Small ant raised his head , looked at the big creature like this mountain , "Are you talking to me , mister elephant ? "

"Yes . " Elephant with mocking laughter went on to say : " I honestly say , you are indeed very tiny , tiny piece of grass alone can make you fall headlong , ai ... that is sad . "

" I was small . " Ants honestly replied , " but I do not feel I need to be pitied , any item that is in this world has its price , respectively , what makes you so arrogant ? Are you arrogant because of the shape of the body and strength . "

Elephant laughed out loud : " pathetic little creature , do you know ? The lion daisies most galakpun when I will avoid seeing , with my trunk , I can pull out the biggest tree with its roots , and it does not require power , if you can do it ? "

" Mr elephant , it was I could not do it , we actually did a very small ant , ant the whole family came together weighing can not be compared with one 's feet are large , we can not as you pull out a tree with its roots can not scare lion , but our power is not necessarily smaller than strength . "

Elephant with a cocky laugh out loud : " ha ... ha .. ha ... this is the funniest joke I ever heard , ha ... haa ... haa .. brave ant workers collided with an elephant ! --- With only one leg I can trample you get destroyed ! "

"Sir , you just rely on a large body . Pulling out the big tree you can do only with belalaimu , but , if the tree is 5 persons can embrace her new Do with belalaimu you can pull it out ? And if you feel your strength is large enough , can you destroy titi board in this river ?

Elephant lifted his head thinking about large trees that can only be embraced by 5 people , and looked at the river titi board , then he shook his head saying : " If that is , I can not do it . "

" But , we can make the ant communities united this huge tree decayed and fallen , and it can also destroy titi river boards . Although we are small , do not have a body and a big power like you , but we can do things you can not do . If you want to destroy the world , we as the ants force greater than thou lord of elephants ! Are you entitled to underestimate creatures smaller than you ? "

This arrogant elephant without saying a word turned to leave.

From then on , elephant cocky arrogant alter nature , do not underestimate the small creatures and painful again , do not underestimate the power of smaller creatures again .

Basically , we only see the outside of a person who was great , people underestimate the weak -bodied , but not necessarily the person who was weak energy lost by the big man

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