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the story of the hare and the mouse

know the story of the hare and the mouse, right? ya gonna definitely exciting story, let's observe the deer buddy story clever clever rat opponent anyway ... hehe ... enjoy the story ya buddy.

In the forest there lived two-tailed deer. They named the Branch Office and Manggut. Both tail deer are brothers. NOD is the brother of the Branch Office. Instead, Branch Office is the younger brother of Manggut. Although they were brothers, but their properties are very different. Branch Office diligent and good-natured. While Manggut lazy and like menjahili friends.

One day Manggut hunger. But Manggut lazy foraging. Finally Manggut steal food Branch Office. Branch Office asked to Manggut time where food, Manggut replied stolen rats.
"Ah, where probably eaten by rats!" Said Branch Office. "Yes, really! Same period his brother did not believe it! "Said Manggut lie.

Branch Office initially did not believe the talk Manggut. But after repeatedly saying Manggut Branch Office finally believe too. Branch Office summoned to his house mice.

"Rats, did you steal my food?" Said Branch Office in mice. "Ha? Stealing? I have never thought! "Replied mice. "Ah, the rat! You are a self-defense course! Already, Branch Office! He must be lying, "said Manggut. "Yeah, come on! Mice, instead bring me food across the river there. I was also taking food from there, too! "Said Branch Office ended the conversation.

Rat runs to the edge of the river. He climbed a small boat to go across the river. Manggut mice actually know who stole food. Meanwhile, in another part of the river, Manggut quickly cross the river. He was about to put
mouse traps that trapped mice.

When nearly across the river rats, mice saw the trap. Rat traps sure if it was installed by Manggut. Mice suddenly got an idea. Rats pretend drowning in the river. "Aaa ... Manggut, help me ...!" Shouted the mice. Hearing that immediately helped Manggut mice. Mice ask Manggut delivered across the river. NOD can not do anything about it. He drove across the mouse across the river rat sungai.Sesampai ask Manggut accompany rats take makanan.Karena Manggut not careful, his legs caught in a mousetrap. Nod
sorry for bad behavior and promised not to repeat it again.

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