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The proud Eagle

The proud eagle. story about a hawk that is very arrogant and a butterfly that was feeding in the middle of the forest. One time the butterflies into the woods without intentional because he was busy looking for flowers for the flower pollen is inhaled. Once in the forest butterfly feeling tired and rested disebuah large tree stems.

When the butterfly perched on the stem of the tree, looks a hawk watching him since the butterfly into the forest. Then the eagle approached the butterfly and said, "Hi butterflies what are you doing here, should not you be there in the flower garden?", The butterflies are very shocked to hear the shrill sound of an eagle. "Yeah I could not find a flower that I should suck today".

"... Did you Haahha little creatures that are not useful, just ripe for the interest you are incompetent," said the hawk is very arrogant. "I'm not incompetent, I just lost because I had a very strong wind", defending the butterfly. "Look at me, I fly very high, splitting the forest above the clouds and wind, and I could see small objects from the sky," said the eagle once again arrogantly.

"Well you did a very great thing, not like me, I was small and my wings are very thin at all", said the butterfly as he rode away from the eagle's arrogant.

The butterfly on his way to look for flowers, but soon, he was appalled at the sound of an object falling from the sky. "Buuuuummmmmm .....", "Huh, what's that noise", the butterflies and then look for where the sound was coming from. It turns out that the voice is the voice of the eagle crashed while flying over the forest.

"Please ... please ...." The eagle groaned in pain, "Hah, you had a falcon?, why did you fall?, did you just say you're very good at flying?, said the butterfly." Indeed, I said this earlier, but when I fly after meeting with you, all of a sudden there was a bow hunter forest of almost hurt my wings, and I could not fly very well. "

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