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Two Goats

Two goats walk proudly from the opposite direction on a steep mountain, at the time they happen simultaneously each arrived at the brink of the river water flowing underneath very heavy. A fallen tree, has been used as a bridge to cross the chasm. Trees are used as the bridge is very small so it can not be traversed simultaneously by two squirrels to survive, let alone by two goats. 

The bridge is very small it will make even the most courageous people will be scared. But both these goats do not feel fear. The pride and self-esteem they do not allow them to break down and give way first to the other goats.

When one goat to set foot into the bridge, the other goat was not willing to budge and also set foot into the bridge. Eventually the two met in the middle of the bridge. They still will not budge and instead encourage each other with their horns so that the two goats were finally falling into the water and was swept away by a very heavy flow underneath.

Better yield than had the misfortune of being stubborn.

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