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Greedy monkey

Greedy monkey. there was a famous monkey cunning and very greedy. So many other forest animals are very troubled by the nature of the monkey are often disturbing and making a scene. If there is another animal that is eating its meal, the monkey immediately seize and take such other animal foods. The well-known cunning monkey, other animals often are fooled due to the machinations of the monkey.

On a day when the animal is a hunter in the woods to look for a monkey to be hunted and brought home. "Today I should be able to come home with a monkey and I will take it home", fantasizing about his prey hunter. When finished installing traps to trap monkeys, the hunter then hid behind a tree and watched the trap from a distance while to relax. After some waiting she finally came tortoise walking slowly past the trap.

"Hmmmm .. a lot of food here cool", the turtle saw there was plenty of food available on the street in its path. But he did not realize that there is a rope that had ensnared her. "Oh grave turns out this is a trap", the tortoise was silent regret that he had entered the hunter's trap.

Shortly thereafter came the monkeys approached the tortoise. "Hi, turtles yah you're a big party?", It turns out the monkey thought that the turtles are a party food. See the monkeys came, the tortoise is very happy, hope he can be free from the trap.

"Hey monkey, glad I saw you coming, come join me." Invite tortoise. Monkeys who saw abundant food directly down from the tree. "But the monkey ... before you're partying, allow me to take a fresh drink for you, I forgot to bring it to you", said the tortoise. "Before can you let go of this rope?".

Hearing the tortoise will bring a fresh drink, the monkey had already agreed to request the tortoise, and he let go of the rope. "Now you tie the rope so, these foods are not taken by other animals". Said the tortoise. It's very basic greedy monkey, he immediately held his legs with a rope trap, hoping no other animal that takes food into it. Finally the turtle break free from the trap, stay the monyetyang was eating with gusto, all the food in the trap.

Finally, the hunter spotted a monkey that was already inside the trap. it can easily be caught and the monkey and brought home by the hunter before.

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