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Shepherd children and Wolves

Shephered Children and Wolves. A shepherd always tending his master's sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. Since getting tired of living in the farm, he always entertained himself by playing with his dog and playing flute. One day when he was herding his sheep near the woods, he began to think what he should do if he saw a wolf, she felt comforted by thinking of various plans.
His master once said that when he sees the wolf attacks the flock, he had shouted for help, and people will come to his aid compatriot. Shepherd boy thought that it would be funny if he pretended to look at the wolf and shouted for people to come to help her homeland. And now even the shepherd boy did not even see a wolf, pretending he ran towards the village and shouted loudly, "Wolf, wolf!"

As he expected, those villagers who heard screaming, quickly left their work and ran to the shepherd boy to help him. But what they found was a shepherd boy who laughed out loud because it managed to deceive people compatriot.

A few days later, the shepherd boy shouted again, "Wolf! Wolf!", Again the villagers came running to help him, just find the shepherd boy who laughed out loud again.

One evening when the sun began to set, a wolf really came and snatched sheep grazing by the shepherd.

In fear, the shepherd ran to the village and shouted, "Wolf! Wolf!" But although the whole village heard people screaming, they did not come to help him. "He can not fool us again," they said.

Wolves finally managed to pounce and eat lots of sheep grazing by the shepherd boy, then ran into the woods again.

Liars will never believe again, even when they are telling the truth.

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