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Between Buffalo and Goat

Between buffalo and goat. Male buffalo escaped from a lion attack by entering a cave where the cave is often used by a collection of goats as a shelter and stay at nightfall or when the weather is deteriorating. At that time only one goat that is in the cave. When entered into the cave buffalo, goats, bowed his head, ran to hit the buffalo with buffalo bull horns that come out of the cave and devoured by the lions.

The buffalo just stay silent behavior of the Goat. 're Out there, wandering in front of the cave lion looking for prey.

Then the buffalo said to the goat, "Do not think that I would give up and say anything to see your behavior is a coward because I was afraid of you. Currently the lion was gone, I'll give you a lesson you'll never forget."

'It is evil, taking advantage of the misfortune of others'.

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