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Story of the Deer and the Tiger

Story of the Deer and the Tiger. One day the hare was a walk in the woods, when it was cool to walk around and eat grass suddenly startled by the roar hare in front of him, it turns out it is a tiger that appears to be starving. Auuummm!!! Today is my fate too kind, my stomach again kroncongan, Wooowww meet hare as my lunch. Hey hare ready for me to eat ya, Aummmmmmmmm!!!.

Eittt! Wait First Tiger, if you eat me, you will lose the belt the secret story of the god, who does it will be able to fly and powerful like a god. Want ngak can fly and powerful as gods surely you become king of the jungle as long as this is what you desire-the desire, want???? "The hare".

True Cill ya, I'm gonna eat you ngak home you tell where the location of the belt gods. "The tiger". True dong, come with me to the big rock on the river bank near a bamboo grove in southern forests. "The hare".

And they immediately walked to the edge of the river in the southern jungle, when it gets geared toward seemed a dark brown circular object on a large rock resembling a belt. tiger long roars, Aummmmmmm!!! Moving about to hit the object.

Eittttt! Tigers Hang on, if you want to wear the belt god you have to walk backwards towards the belt and do not ever look back, that god does not know the owner of the belt's presence you they're cool bath in the river. "The deer" True also say Cil, huge belt out anyway so I ngak wait to wear it. "Said Tigers"

Okay! Tigers, now you may walk backwards towards the belt. But before that I want to count the first yach hidden fear I'll get yelled at god when he saw me. "The hare". Quick count Cil, I already ngak wait ya wanna be king of the jungle.!!!

Ok count me yach, "said Mouse Deer" (Get your kids involved counting)!!! 1.2.3. is not (says Tiger), not (says deer while running left tiger) (already have), (yet) 08/09/10 (already have) (have cried deer were already far left Tiger) ............

Without thinking Tiger was soon walking back towards the direction of the belt-like object. And when the body enters into the circle suddenly moving object wrapped around the body of the Tiger. Tiger seemed happy because in his mind the belt is being reacted to give strength to the body, but suddenly it turns more and more powerful and makes tiger pain. And what a surprise when it comes before it appears Tiger head in front of a giant python. Harimaupun screamed for help and growled "Watch ye cill, you have lied to me. Apparently this thing is not a belt god but a giant python "" cry for help but it seems futile. Since python is too large and eventually died Tigers proficiency level with broken bones.

The hare whose lives were saved because of his ingenuity begin his new adventure in the wilds of the forest

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