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Seven stories crow

Seven stories crow. Previously, there was a man who had seven sons, and the man does not have the old girl she had always wanted. Seriiring with the passage of time, she finally gave birth to a daughter. The boys are very excited, but the newly born daughter was very small and sickly. A doctor told the man to take the water in the well and bathe daughter sickly with water from the well so that the children gain blessings and good health. The father then told one of his sons to fetch water from the well. Six other boys wanted to go to fetch water and each of the boys are eager to get the water first because of his affection for her only sister. When they arrived at the well, and all trying to fill the jug given to them, the jug fell into the well. The seven boys are just speechless and did not know what to do to take the pitcher that fall, and none of them dared to go home to his house.

His father is waiting at home finally lost his patience and said, "They must have forgotten because playing around, bad boy!" For fear of her daughter grew ill, he then shouted angrily, "I hope my son all turned into ravens." When word came out of his mouth, he heard the flutter of wings that fly in the air, his father went out and saw seven black crows flew away. The father became very sorry because removing the curse words and do not know how to undo the curse. But despite losing seven of his son, the father and mother are still getting the consolation for her child's health gradually improved and eventually the girl grew into a beautiful girl.

The girl never knew that she had seven brothers because his parents never told him, until one day the girl accidentally overheard a conversation a few people, "is indeed a very pretty girl, but the girl is to blame because the result of bad luck the seventh brother. " The girl became very upset and asked his parents about his seventh. Eventually his parents told him all about what happened to her seven siblings. The girl became very sad and determined to seek his seventh secretly. He does not bring anything other than a small ring owned by his parents, a bread for hunger and thirst to hold little water.

She went on, and on to the ends of the world. He went to the sun, but the sun is too hot, then he met months later, but the moon is too cold, then he met the stars were friendly to him. When the morning star appears, the star gave him a chicken bone and said, "You have to use this bone as a key to unlock a mountain made of glass, there you will be able to find your brothers.

The girls then take the bone, carefully store them in his clothes and went to the mountain in the direction designated by the morning star. When he had arrived at the mountain, he realized that the bones to unlock the gate mountain had disappeared. Because he hopes to help the seventh brother, the girl took a knife, cut kelinkingnya finger and put it in front of the gate. The door then opened and the girl can enter into, where a dwarf to him and asked him, "Son, what are you looking for?" "I am looking for the seven sisters, the seven ravens," replied the girl. The dwarf then said, "My Lord has not come home, if you want to meet him, please go and you should wait for him here." Then the dwarf people preparing lunch on seven little plates for the seventh brother of the girl who has become a crow. Because the hungry, the girl to take and eat less food that is on each plate and drank a little of each existing small glasses. But at the last cup, he dropped the ring that brought his parents with him.

Suddenly he heard a flapping bird in the air, and when the dwarf said, "Now my husband is coming." When the seven crows will start eating, they realize that someone has been eating a little food from their plates. "Who's been eating my food and drinking my drink?" said one of them. When the last crow drink from his glass, a ring in his mouth and when the bird noticed the rings, the crow said, "Blessed are we, our dear sister may be here, it's time we get rid of the curse." The girl who was standing behind the door to hear their words, finally came forward and at the same instant, the seven ravens turn back into a human. They hugged each other and eventually return to their homes along happily.

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