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Story storks and apes

Story storks and apes. the stork has long legs and neck. Wings are strong and wide so that he is able to fly high and far. His favorite food is frogs. Besides, he also likes grasshoppers, caterpillars trees, and snails. The storks are friends with the monkey. The crane used to help search for the monkey infestation. If traveling far, the storks usually flies the apes. However, the cunning and treacherous apes have always wanted to be delicious.

Never ask the monkey crane to catch a fish in a pond. While the crane work, the monkeys ate and were satisfied. Once completed, the stork just got a little part, because the first part was hidden by the apes. On such treatment, the stork has certainly hurt. But do not get hung up. They seem to get along. Until one day the monkey wants to cheat the heron again. The monkey wants to go to the famous island of Medangharjo sawonya fruit. But how to get there because apes sure none of his friends who would lend him a boat. The only hope is the stork. He find a way how to keep the heron would fly to the island Medangharjo.

At the time of famine struck citizens stork, the heron they invite to go to the island Medangharjo. The monkey told me that there is a definite Medangharjo Island frogs that much, because the island was uninhabited. Without the slightest suspicion, the stork did not reject the offer of an ape. Then it was determined the day of their departure. Both left with hope for a decent living on the island opposite. "Stork my best friend," said the monkey. "Once Medangharjo later I will make a boat out of clay". "Are monkeys were so clever now that can make the boat?" Said the stork with a tone of disbelief.

"I've been going to the land of the people are good at learning how to make a boat. Now I am able to make a boat out of clay, "replied the monkey. "What is important, the crane had to help me gather clay," continued the ape.

In accordance with the agreement, one day the stork left the monkey flew toward the island Medangharjo expectations. After a few moments of flying, it appears from a distance Medangharjo verdant island. On the back of the crane, the apes have imagined sapodilla fruits, fragrant and sweet taste. The monkey told the storks fly faster. However, what power. The stork exhausted, unable to fly even faster. Moreover, the monkeys constantly invites conversation while sitting comfortable in the back of the crane. With the rest of the energy is there, eventually they get to the island Medangharjo. Panting with the stork landed safely. They rested for a while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the deserted island.

While the crane was still exhausted after flying with a load of the heavy body of the ape. The monkey was on the sapodilla tree, beaming. He jumped from the sapodilla tree sapodilla tree to another. Chewing mouth sapodilla fruits that ripen without stopping. Abundant frog expected no one else. Forced to relinquish the stork just lay exhausted. Sesekal, he caught a small crab that passes nearby. However, because of the unusual heron eating a crab, his stomach felt a little queasy. Meanwhile, the monkey was asleep in a tree. His stomach looks blue mark glut.

After the monkey up, said the stork, "the monkey, you have full here. The food is plentiful. Frogs and locusts which you promised not here. Therefore, I may not one day walk here. I will return to my hometown. With sapodilla fruit is abundant here, you can live seven generations. Therefore, I will go home tomorrow. I will tell the people about the forest brown ape mu.

"Do so," said the monkey. "How could I live alone here."

"But I may not live in an area without a frog like this," said the stork a bit miffed.

"Then all right. Come fly me back to the village with you, "said the monkey. "Sorry the apes, yet so recovered my wings to fly with your body weight. Instead of flying with the apes. Flying itself was not necessarily strong. "

"Then we'll wait until you recover his strength." The stork replied, "How could I have to wait. What should I eat? What I should die of hunger here while you have an abundance of sapodilla fruit? I guess you can go home alone with the boat. You can make the right boat. "

The monkey head in shame. He remembers going to lie. Actually he had little expertise to make a boat. However, due to the shame of the crane, he said, "So help me search for clay. I'll let the forge. "

Long story short, the boat was finished. They pushed into the sea, and they went both of them. Monkey boat ride with a feeling of fear.

Occasionally, the boat was hit by waves. The monkey's face became pale. In contrast, the stork would sing: "Curcur humic, curcur hurnat, if I survived shattered, shattered when I survived."

Of course, the crane can fly if the boat was destroyed buffeted by the waves. Destroyed the possibility to exist, because the boat was only made of clay by apes who are not experts.

In the meantime, they had sailed away into the sea. Sumbawa island as his hometown has been seen from a distance. Suddenly a storm blew loudly. Rain was pouring down. Rolling ocean waves hit their boat. In a short time, the boat broke apart. The heron flew immediately, while the ape with difficulty trying to swim. However, tiny body unable to fight strong currents and ocean wave magnitude increasingly raged. Finally, the ocean waves engulfed dead ape.

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