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the story of the ant pupae

the story of the ant pupae, there is a very dense forest, there lived a variety of animals, ranging from ants, elephants, tigers, rhinos, birds and so on. On a day when very powerful storms. The storm came at once so make panic throughout the forest-dwelling animals. All animals panicked and ran terrified avoid the coming storm.
The next day, the sun comes up with a very warm and the birds singing sweetly sounding, but what happened? many fallen trees in the forest were scattered so as to make the forest into a messy forest.
A cocoon is crying and sad about what has happened in a tree that had fallen. "Hu .. hoo ... how sad we are, by the storm but nowhere was safe for shelter .. huhu .." lamenting the sad state of the cocoon.
From beneath the ground, there was an ant who arrogantly said "Hi cocoon, look at me, I'm protected from the storm yesterday, not like you were there on the ground, look at your body, you just stick in the fallen tree and can not shelter from the storm" says Proudly the Ants.
Ant increasingly arrogant and continue to say so to all the animals in the jungle, until one day the ants walking on the mud of life. Ant does not know if he walked on the mud of life that can ingest and draws it into the mud.
"Please ... please .... I got stuck in the mud of life .. please," cried the ants. A voice from above, "I think you are again having trouble yes, ants?" Ant look to find the source of the voice over, turned the sound was coming from a butterfly in flight above the mud earlier life.
"Who are you?" asked the Ants upset. "I was a cocoon that time that you're despicable" replied the butterfly. Ants felt ashamed and asked for help the butterfly to help him out of the mud that suck. "Help me butterflies, I'm sorry that time I was very cocky survive the storm but only because I seek refuge under the ground". The butterfly finally helping the Ant and semutpun congratulations and promised he would not insult all of God's creatures that exist in the forest.

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