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Deer and horse were arrogant

Deer and horse were arrogant. In ancient times there was a turtle, humans, and other animals. They shared and living in harmony in the cool forest. One afternoon, when the deer runs itself, suddenly there was a horse that ran very fast preceded it, shouting, "hare ugly! Could not run! "

"Hi horses do not get cocky, I can run really fast.". "Ah lie, if I dare let your opponent sprint. Hundred meters. "And hare agreed. They agreed to play here tomorrow.

Then they went home to their respective homes. Horse straight to bed, he was lazy practice. While the deer straight practice moderation so tomorrow he can win the game.

The next day, they were gathered in a place that has been agreed upon. Friends horses and deer play along too.

Promptly at nine in the morning perrtandingan started. horse immediately shot the deer leave. Deer friends shouting encouragement at the deer, so he kept trying to run after the horse is already far ahead. Finally, the deer may precede the horse stopped because of exhaustion and fell asleep under an apple tree.

Eventually the deer had won a race. The arrogant horse apologize to the deer and all his friends, and eventually all the animals in the forest live in harmony and peace.

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