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The story of six soldiers

the story of six soldiers. Once upon a time there was a great guy, he has devoted himself to the country in the war, and have great courage, but in the end he was fired without any reason and only have 3 coins as treasure.

"I'm not going to say anything to see this," he said; "wait until I find the right person to help me, and the king had to give all the wealth of the country before my problem with him is finished."

Then, with full fury, he went into the woods, and saw a man standing there pulling six fruit tree as if the tree is corn stalks. And he said to the man, "Will you be my people, and come with me?"

"Well," the man replied: "I have to bring home a bit of wood is first house my mother and father." And take the tree one by one, and combines it with 5 other trees and put him on the shoulder, he then went away; soon after he came back, he then joined together with the director, who said,
"Together we can face the whole world."

And before long they walk, they met with a man hunting down on one knee and carefully aiming his rifle.
"Hunters," said the leader, "what did you shoot?"
"Two miles from here," he replied, "there is a fly that landed on Oak tree, I intend to shoot the left eye of the fly."
"Oh, come along with me," said the leader, "The three of us can face the whole world"

The hunter was eager to go with him, so they all set off together until they found seven windmills, the propeller rotates the screen with fast, although there was no wind blowing from any direction, and no leaves are moving.

"Well," said the leader, "I can not think what moves windmill, spinning without wind;" and when they walked about two miles to the front, they meet someone who is sitting on a tree, were closing one nostril and blew his breath through one nostril.
"Now," said the leader, "What are you doing up there?"
"Two miles from here," the man said, "there are seven windmills; i blow it up to them to spin."
"Oh, come along with me," pleaded the Leader, "foursome we can face the whole world."

So the Pied down and go with them, and after a while, they met a man who stands on one leg, and the other leg is released, lying not far from him.
"You seem to have a unique way as a rest," said the leader to that person.
"I was a runner," she said, "and to keep me from moving too fast I have removed a foot of me, If I use my legs, I will be much faster than the birds that fly."
"Oh, come along with me," said the leader, "Berlima we can face the whole world."

So they end up leaving together, and not long after, they met a man who wears a small hat, and she wore only just above one ear only.
"Be true! behave right! "said the leader;" with a hat like that, you look like a fool. "
"I do not dare to wear this hat with a straight," he replied, "If I wear it straight, there will be a snow storm and all the birds that fly will freeze and fall dead from the sky to the ground."
Oh, come with me, "said the leader;" Sixes we can face the whole world. "

So people who come off the sixth with until they reach the city where the king who caused his suffering will start the match in which the winner will be whoever is married to his daughter, but whoever lost would be killed as punishment. Then the leaders came forward and said that one of the man will represent himself in the match.
"Then," said the king, "his life at stake, and if he fails, he and you must die."

When the leaders had agreed, he called the runner, and the pair on the second leg runner.
"Now, look good," he said, "and fight for us to win."

It has been agreed that the first anyone can bring home the water of a creek that far and have determined it would be considered a winner. Now the princess and the runners each took a jug of water, and they began to run at the same time: but in an instant, when the king's daughter ran a little way, the runner was out of sight because he ran like the wind. In an instant he had reached the creek, fill the jug with water and ran back home. Amid the way home, he began to feel tired, and stopped, put the jug on the floor and lie on the ground to sleep. To be able to wake up early and do not fall asleep, he took a horse skull lying near them and use them as a pillow. Meanwhile, the king's daughter, who was also a good runner and good enough to beat the common man, has reached the creek as well, jug filled with water, and accelerate the return flight home, when he saw the runner who had fallen asleep in the middle of the road.

"Today is mine," she said happily, and he emptied the water from the pitcher and throw the runner and ran home. Now almost all of them have been lost but the hunter who was also standing on the castle wall, with sharp eyes can see everything that happens.

"We must not lose the king's daughter," he said, and he filled his rifle, began to target carefully and shoot the horse skull used as a pillow under his head without hurting the runner runner. The runner awoke and jumped up, and saw banya jug was empty and princesses have much ran back to where the game started. Without losing courage, he ran back into the creek, fill it with water jug, and for that, she managed to escape back home 10 minutes before the princess arrives.

"Look," he said: "This is my first time really using my legs to run"

King became irritated, and her daughter is more irritated again, because he had been defeated by the ordinary soldiers who had been sacked; adn they both agreed to get rid of the soldier and his family together.

"I have a plan," replied the King; "do not be afraid but we had to silence them forever." Then they see soldiers and followers, inviting them to eat and drink, and the king to lead them to a room, the floor was made of iron, the door is also made of iron, and in the window there are skeletons iron in the room there was a table full of food.
"Now go in and make yourself as comfortable as possible," said King.

When soldiers and followers all in, she locked the door from the outside. He then calls a cook, and told him to make a huge fire under the floor of the room to be very hot iron. And the cooks do what they're told by the King, and the six men in it began to feel the heat into the room, but thought that it was because of the food they eat, along with the room temperature becomes warmer, mreka realize that doors and windows are locked tight, they aware of the king's evil plan to kill them.

"However, he will never succeed," said the man with the small caps: "I will bring blizzard that will make the fire ashamed of himself and crawl away."

He then put his hat straight on his head, and as soon as the snow storm came in and made all the hot air being lost and frozen food being on the table. After an hour or two passed, Kingdom thought that they had been killed by the heat, and told to re-open the room door, and went inside to see the state of them. When the door is wide open, the six of them had survived and seen they are ready to come out to warm themselves because the room was too cold and cause the food to be frozen at the table. With rage, the king came to cook, berate and asked the cook why not do what is commanded.

"The room is hot enough; maybe you can see for yourself," said the cook. King looking down the vault and see fires raging beneath him, and began to think that the six people that can not be removed that way. He began to think of a new plan, so he called the soldier who became leader and said to him,

"If you do not want to marry my daughter and chose the treasure of gold, you should take it as many times as you want."

"Well, my lord the king," replied the leader; "let me take as much gold that can be carried by my followers, and I'm not going to marry your daughter." King agreed that the leader will come in two weeks to take the promised gold. The leader calls all the tailors in the kingdom and told them to make a huge sack in two weeks. And when the sack was ready, strong man (who found trees uprooted and binding) shouldered the sack on his shoulders and faced the King.

"Who are those who carry bundles on their shoulders the size of a house?" Cried the king, terrified at the thought of the number of gold that can be taken away. And a ton of gold is usually hauled by 16 people strong, only in her pelvis in the shoulder with one hand.

"Why do not you take more? This gold bag only covered the basics of this! "So the king ordered to slowly fill it with all his wealth, and even so, it has not been filled sac half full.
"Bring some more!" Cried the Strong; "these treasures not mean anything!" Then finally 7000 train loaded with gold collected from all over the empire ended into the sack.
"It seems not too full," he said, "but I'll take what I can take." Although the sack is still available empty room.
"I must end now," he said: "If it is not full, it seems much easier to tie." And the strong man then raised the sacks along his back and set out with his friends.

When the king saw all the riches of kerajaanya carried by just one person, he was very angry, and he ordered his troops to pursue the six men and seized back the sack of the Strong.

Two horsemen soon be chasing them, ordered six men to surrender and become prisoners, and restore back the treasure sack or killed.

"Being a prisoner, you say?" Said the man who could blow, "perhaps you need to dance together in the air," and the closing one nostril and breathe through the other hole, the force flew over the mountain passes. But the commander who had nine wounds and was brave, begged them not ashamed. The Piper then lowered slowly and ordered them to report to the King that any troops sent right to pursue them, will suffer the same fate with this team. And when the king got the message, saying,

"Let them alone: ​​they have a right to the treasure." So the six men took home their wealth, distribute it and live happily until the end of their life.

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