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Cherry flower story

Cherry flower story. In a castle, there lived a nobleman with his only daughter a dainty, named Manuella. People used to call her daughter Manu. Since childhood Manuella does not have a mother anymore. Her father doted on her. Manuella desires are always fulfilled. This makes Manuella become very spoiled. All he wanted should he get. And his father had never refused Manuella desire. Instead always immediately grant it.

Manuella one indulgence is changing clothes. In one day he can change clothes four or five times. In his room there are six beautiful wardrobe. But he was not satisfied."Dad, Manu has a full wardrobe. String together a new wardrobe and a big yes, "she said one day."Of course my son. Father would summon carpenter smartest in the country. And told him to create a wardrobe upstairs along this castle. ""Oh Daddy! Manu can not wait for the finished cabinets. And filled with beautiful clothes ... "His father laughed as he hugged lovingly Manuella. Stroked her golden hair. That life Manuella from year to year.One day in spring, his father screaming for Manuella. "Manuella, come here, boy! I want to talk to you. "Another week Manuella birthday is the 17th. His father would throw a big party for him. Noble children from different countries will be invited. Manuella heard it danced happily."Daddy, at the party Manu wants to wear the most beautiful dress. And wants to be the prettiest princess in the world. ""My son, you're the prettiest princess ever see Daddy! I will soon bring the cloth sellers. Also call a tailor famous for designing the most beautiful gown for you ... "The next day came the cloth sellers from various countries. They carry beautiful fabrics. Manuella very excited. After picking, he found a piece of white silk, white as snow. Very smooth and extraordinarily beautiful. Famous seamstress immediately to design, measure and sew dresses Manuella liking. Manuella very satisfied to see her new dress. Soon she was wearing the dress and danced in front of the mirror. Her hair is long and curly golden ..."Well, you're quite the prettiest princess in the world. Each guest will admire you later, "he muttered Manuella researching what else is lacking in appearance. Suddenly he realized, no decoration on her head. He was soon to find his father,"Dad, Manu Manu necessary ornaments for the hair ....""My son, just wear your golden crown. Matched with the golden hair, "said his father."Ah, father Manu bored .." replied Manuella."How about a diamond crown? I will immediately order it if you want, "persuaded his father."No, no! all it does not match the clothes and hair Manu "shouted Manuella."Oh .. my .. mother of pearl worn when she married my father very beautiful, you should wear it, kid ... ya get me dad ..." his father said patiently."Not. Manu wanted another beautiful, "he said as he ran into the yard."Manuella, back my son, soon will come our guests" cried his father. But Manuella not want to hear his father, he ran into a page filled with cherry trees, where the flowers are pure white suit any branches, so that the branches and twigs are brown almost invisible again.Manuella ran from one tree to another, and suddenly he thought "How beautiful cherry flowers, I wanted to be a crown crafted it." When his hands are grabbing a flower, a soft voice."Do not touch us, we shun. If not, we'll turn you into a flower! "Manuella looked left and right, but he did not see anyone. He ran into a tree to another, and when he would pluck the flowers, hear the same sound again.With great indignation Manuella cried, looking at the tree, "Hey, look! Nobody in this country who can not let me, and everyone in this country knows, all my wishes have to be fulfilled! Who dares not let me? "Suddenly a wind and with it came a small voice. "Look Manuella, nobody in this world who can get everything he wants. You also do not ... ""Lie, lie, so far all my wishes are always fulfilled, and now I will be picking these flowers for the crown, and no one has the right to forbid" Manuella shouted, kicking the trees around it."You'll be sorry Manuella, if you do not stay away from us ..."And when the hand touches a flower Manuella, he transformed into flowers, among cherry flowers in the other tree. He cried regretting everything, but it was too late. He saw guests arriving. He heard laughter his guests, but he could not participate. He was crying and screaming, but no one heard.Later that afternoon, the lights around the castle lit, the music starts playing and all the invited guests had come. His father Manuella confused looking around the castle, and then he and the waiters look Manuella shouting throughout the pages."... Manuella Manuella .... where are you son ...." Manuella can hear the voice of his father and the waiters were calling out to him. When he saw his father standing right under it, he tried to scream mightily, but his father can not hear his voice and he began to cry, the tears and fell into his father's head. Manuella saw how his father wiped tears from dripping on his head, and muttered slowly."Ah ... it starts to rain, where you hid my son .." With bowed head back to the castle and he sent all his servants back because he thought it would rain soon.After the last guest left the castle, and the music stopped, the father stunned silence in front of the window. Castle lights left on all, because he thought his son would be back and he will be able to easily see the path to the castle."My son, out cold. Where you son ... my son back. Father is very worried "her father muttered sadly alone. Suddenly a wind that carries sura Manuella screaming "Dad ... Dad ... please ... please ... Manu's father""... Manuella Manuella ... where you kid, my father came ... dad is coming son" cried his father with hope. He immediately woke the servants to seek Manuella around the castle and around the yard once again. They are looking for Manuella step by step, but until the morning broke, Manuella was never found again.The father had despaired of, and for days he just sits in front of the window, waiting for the wind came screaming sometimes bring her beloved son. He believes that his son's voice, but he never knew where the sound was until the end.

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