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The story of the frog prince

The story of the frog prince. At one time, there lived a king who had a beautiful daughter, but the daughter of the most bungsulah most beautiful. She has a very pretty face and always looks radiant. He was named Mary. Near the royal palace are vast and dense forest and under the old lime tree there is a well. One hot day, playing Princess Mary went into the forest and sat on the edge of the water is very cold shower. When the Princess was tired of taking a gold ball then threw it high and then he caught again. Playing ball is throwing his favorite toy.
However, once the gold ball can not be captured princess. The ball then fell to the ground and rolled in the direction of the lake, the princess's eyes continue to look toward her golden ball, the ball kept rolling until it disappeared in the lake, until the bottom of the lake that was not visible. The princess began to cry. The longer cries louder. When he was crying, the sound of someone talking to him, "What makes you sad princess? Daughter cries host so overwhelmed me "The Princess looked around for where the direction of the noise, he just saw a big frog with an ugly face on the surface of the water. Oh, if you are just now talking frog? I weep because my golden ball fell into the lake. Stop crying, said the frog. I can help you take your gold ball, but what will you give me later?, Continued the frog. Whatever you ask will I give it, and pearl jewelry, even I will give a golden crown I wear this, the princess said. The frog replied, I do not want jewelry, pearl even your golden crown, but I want you to want to be friends with you partner and eat, drink and sleep with you. If you promise to fulfill all my wishes, I'll get back your golden ball, said the frog. Well, I promise to fulfill all your wishes if you were able to bring back my golden ball. The princess thought, how could a frog who can talk can live on land for a long time. He can only play in the water with the other frogs singing. Having promised the princess, the frog immediately dived into the lake and in a short time he returned to the surface, carrying the gold ball in his mouth and then threw it to the ground. The Princess was very happy because she got back her golden ball. The Princess caught her golden ball and then ran home. Wait! wait, said the frog. Take me with you, I can not run as fast as you. But it's useless shouted the frog princess, he still ran off the frog. The frog feels very sad and back to the lake. The next day, when the Princess was sitting with her father over lunch, the sound of a leap in the marble staircase. Arriving at the top of the stairs, there was a knock on the door and crying, daughter, daughter! opened the door for me. The princess hurried to the door. But when he opened the door, turned in front of the existing frog. Startled she immediately closed the door loudly. He sat back down at the table and looked terrified. The King who saw her frightened daughter asked, What are you afraid of my daughter? Is there a giant that will take you away? Not a father, not a giant but a disgusting frog, the princess said. What did he want from you? asked the king for his daughter. Then the princess told me again what happened to him yesterday. I never thought it would come to this palace .., said the Princess. Not long ago, there was a knock at the door again. Princess!, Daughter, opened the door for me. Did you forget your speech at the lake yesterday? Finally, the King said to his daughter, what thou hast promised must be fulfilled. Come on, open the door for her. With heavy steps, the youngest daughter opened the door and immediately entered the frog and the princess follow up to the dinner table. Pick me up and let it sit next to you, said the king orders katak.Atas, guards prepare dishes for frogs in addition to Princess Mary. The frog immediately eat the food on the plate by sticking his long tongue. Well, actually no rules. Looking at it makes me feel uneasy, said Princess Mary. The princess rushed to her room. Now he felt relieved to escape from the toad. But, suddenly, when about to lay down on the bed. Kwoook! turns the frog was on her bed. Enough frogs! Although I've made a vow, but this is outrageous! Princess Mary was very angry, and he threw it to the floor frog. Bruuk! Magic, smoke suddenly came out of the frog's body. From the smoke emerged a handsome prince. Thank you Princess Mary! You have saved me from the evil witch magic. Because you've been bucked, his magic vanished and I was back to its original form. Said the Prince. Forgive me for having reneged on the promise, the princess said ruefully. I also apologize. I deliberately make you angry that you threw, said the Prince. Time passes so quickly. Finally the Prince and Princess Mary with the faithful engaged married and they lived happily. WISDOM: Do not ever think about playing a first appointment and promises that we will create.

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