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Aladdin and the magic lamp

Aladdin and the magic lamp. Long ago, in the town of Persia, a mother living with her son named Aladin. One day there came a man who was playing near Aladin. Then the man admitted Aladin as his nephew. Males it was invites Aladin go to outside of town with permission from the mother Aladin for help him. The path taken so far. Aladin complain lethargy them to his uncle but he instead  and told to to seek firewood, if not want Aladin will killed. Aladin finally realized that the man was not her uncle but a witch. Of men witch it then lit a fire with firewood and began to utter incantation. "Kraak ..." suddenly become hollow ground like a cave.

In the cave there is a hole to the bottom of stairs. "Come on down! Get me an antique lamp in the bottom of the cave, "cried the witch. "No, I'm afraid to go down there," replied Aladdin. The magician then pulled out a ring and gave it to Aladdin. "It was a magic ring, the ring will protect you", said the magician. Aladin finally down the stairs with fear. After until in basic he found the tree-tree fruiting gems. After fruit gems and lights that were there brought, he immediately climbed the stairs again. However, the hole is partially closed door. "Quick give the lamp!", Exclaimed witch. "No! This lamp will give after I got out, "said Aladin. After debate, the magician became impatient and finally "Brak!" Door hole closed by the magician then leave Aladin trapped in an underground pit. Aladin became sad, and sat pensively. "I'm hungry, I want to meet mom, God, help me!", Says Aladin.

Aladin clenched his hands and rubbed his fingers. Arrived-arrived, around him became red and smoke rising. Simultaneously with a it emerged an ogre. Aladin was terrified. "Forgive me, because it was shocking sir", I was a fairy ring giant said it. "Oh, then take me back home." "Good Lord, take kepunggungku, we'll get out of here," said the fairy ring. In a short time, Aladdin is up in front of his house. "If I call upon the lord require rubbing the ring master."

Aladin tells all things in the natural to his mother. "Why does the witch want this dirty lights ya?", She said while rubbing the lamp to clean it. "Syut!" Suddenly smoke rose and emerged a giant fairy lights. "Mention command Mistress", said the fairy lights. Aladin who've never experienced anything like this gave the order, "we are hungry, help prepare food for us". In a short time the fairy lights bring a tasty-tasty food then menyuguhkannya. "If anyone wants more, just call me by rubbing the lamp," said the fairy lights.

Thus the day, month, tahunpun changed, Aladin living happily with his mother. Aladin now already become a young man. One day a princess passing in front of his house. He was very fascinated and fell in love with the Beautiful Girls. Aladdin and his desire to tell his mother to marry the king's daughter. "Quiet Aladdin, Mother'll work". Mother went to the royal palace to bring the jewels belonging to Aladin. "Sire, this is a gift to King of my son." King very happy. "Well ..., your son definitely a handsome prince, tomorrow I will come to you with a palace and my daughter".

Upon arriving at her house immediately rub the lamp and asked to bring a light fairy palace. Aladdin and his mother waited at the top of the hill. Shortly thereafter fairy the lights come up with Istana majestic in his back. "Sir, this palace". The next day the King and his daughter came for a visit to the Palace of Aladdin's very majestic. "Will you make my son as your wife?", Tanya King. Aladin is very happy about it. Ago they both carry out feast wedding.

Far away, the magician turns seeing it all through a crystal ball. He then went to Aladdin and pretended to be a seller Aladin lamp in front of the Palace. He shouted, "change your old bulbs with new bulbs". The empress who see Aladdin's magic lamp obsolete soon come out and exchange it with a new lamp. Soon magician rub the lamp and ordered the fairy lights bring the palace and its contents and wife Aladin to her home.

When Aladdin came home from touring, he was very surprised. Then call the fairy ring and asked him what had happened. "Then please return it to me all over again," cried Aladdin. "Excuse me sir, my energy was not as fairy lights," said the fairy ring. "Well, then I'll take it. Please Deliver you get there, "cried Aladdin. Arriving at the palace, Aladdin sneak in for the room where the Princess locked up. "The witch is sleeping due to drinking beer," said the Princess. "Well, do not worry I will take back the magic lamp, we will be victorious," replied Aladdin.
Aladin settles approached the witch who is being sleeping. It turns out magic lamp protruding from his pocket. Aladdin then pick it up and immediately rub. "Get rid of this guy," cried Aladdin to fairy lights. Warlocks awake, then attacked Aladin. But the fairy lights immediately slammed the witch to death. "Thank you fairy lights, and bring us back to Persia's palace". Arriving in Persian Aladin happy life. He uses the magic of fairy lights to help the poor and distress.

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