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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a boy who loved adventure. On a night he fled from the house, and with his friend Huck went to the funeral. "Hey, Huck! If we take the cat dead and buried, he said we could have taken warts. "" Right. Leave it to me! Masa'sih just scared. "
"Hey, wait! There are people who come! Tom and Huck hiding soon. "Is not that doctors and Grandpa Peter? And that the Indian Joe ... "Then the doctor and grandfather Petter started fighting because of money problems. To get the body, doctors must perform both excavation. Then Grandpa Petter start raising prices, but the doctor refused. Then Grandpa Petter beaten by Doctors to fall. After that, the Indian Joe picked up a knife that was brought Grandpa Doctor Petter and jump attack. Brukk!
The Indian Joe kills doctor, then go take the money run. The next day Doctor found dead in the cemetery, and the town began to gather. "This is a knife grandfather Petter. So, Grandpa who kills the Doctor. "" I ... I can not remember it ... "What? I have seen my grandfather Petter kill the Doctor. "" It's true, the killer is the grandfather Petter.

Then Grandpa Petter arrested and put in jail. "Well ... when the real killer is the Indian Joe." "But, if we say that, the Indian Joe for revenge and kill us ..." A few days have passed, and everyone has forgotten the incident. One day Tom fight with Becky, the girl he liked at school. "What the hell. I hate Tom. "
Tom is scolded by Becky felt heartbroken. Then his friend Joe said, "Both at home and at school I was not needed. Tom, we escape it, yuk! "Tom and Joe invites Huck, they intend to live on an island in the middle of the river. "Yahooo! At this rate, we like pirates, yes! "We do not need to go to school." All three crossed the river by raft he made, and they play all day. When it started getting hungry, they eat fried eggs and apples.

The next day when they were playing, all of a sudden .... duaaar! River water gushed upwards. "Oh, it is a sign of someone who is looking for a person who drowned." People think Tom and Joe cities drowned in the river, and then they came to find. "Maybe this time being worried about Aunt Polly." In the middle of the night Tom swam across the river, returned to his home to see the state. When Tom peered through the window, saw Aunt Polly and Mrs. Joe was crying. "Everything dies, yes ..."
Tom then returned to the island and tells it to Huck and Joe. They were very surprised. Finally, they agreed to go home on the day of their funeral. "Oh, Tom! You go home, yeah. "" Joe, thank God you're home safely. "Everything is happy on their return.
Several days later, the court began grandfather Petter. Petter grandfather established in court as a killer, and he will be sentenced to death. To liberate Petter grandfather, Tom ventured to witness. "The real killer is the Indian Joe's. We have seen a real incident. "Si Indian Joe who heard it immediately jumped out of the window. Praaang! He fled. Petter grandfather was very happy because his soul saved. "Tom, thank you very much. Once the trial is over, the city returned to his original life. One day Huck and Tom went to an unoccupied house. When they're looking for something in level two, suddenly someone came into the house. "Ooh! The Indian Joe with his best friend, thief! "
To hide the money he had stolen, the thieves began to dig the floor. And ... criing! They issued a gold box. "Hyaaa! Many treasures! "" Alright, we move past our hiding marked with this wood. "Si Indian Joe also began to rise to the level of the two, to check. "What, ya? If caught, surely we killed him ... "Praaak! Gedebug! Because the stairs had rotted boards, in the middle of the Indian Joe fell down the stairs. Tom and Huck felt relieved.

On the other hand, Tom, Becky, and her friends go on a picnic together. However, Tom and Becky get lost in a cave. They do not know the way home. Suddenly, there is smoke billowing around the both of them. "Kyaaa! Tom, I'm afraid! "" Oh, there is one! "Suddenly a figure appeared in front of the Indian Joe Tom and Becky. I was so shocked, to the point that both are difficult to bemafas. "Waaaw! Come on, run! "Quickly, Tom and Becky run up out of the cave. Eventually they get home.
Aunt Polly is concerned very happy with the return of the children. When Tom went home to play Becky, Becky's father said, "Tom because the cave was dangerous, it should be closed." Yes ... but there is no Indian Joe. When everything went down there, it was Indian Joe fainted at the entrance of the cave. He was lost. Then they closed the entrance of the cave, and Indian Joe throw into prison. "It turned out Indian Joe hid his gold in the stones of the cave is and has been marked. "Tom and Huck go into the cave through the secret passage. When they dug the stone that has been marked, they saw two men hidden gold thieves.
"Hooray with this property, we would be rich!" When Tom and Huck go home, Mrs. Douglas who have been helped by Huck to throw a party to welcome them.
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is an adaptation of the story in Mississippi, USA. Tells the story of mischievous young man, named Tom and his best friend, Huck.

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