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Origin of Bali strait

Manik angkeran, Origin of Bali strait. In earlier times in Daha kingdom there lived a Brahmin who benama very famous Sidi Mantra miracle. Trance Guru rewarded Widya or property and a beautiful wife. After many years of marriage, they had a son who they named Manik Angkeran.
Although Manik Angkeran a handsome and intelligent young man but he had a poor trait, which is like gambling. He often risked losing so he had his parents' property, even in debt to someone else. Because it can not pay debts, Manik Angkeran father asked for help to do something. Sidi Mantra fasted and prayed to the gods for help. Suddenly he heard a voice, "Hi, Sidi Mantra, in the crater of Mount Agung there are guarded treasure dragon dragon bernarna Besukih. Go there and ask that he wants mernberi little treasure."
Sidi Mantra go to Mount Agung to overcome all obstacles. Arriving at the edge of the crater of Mount Agung, he sat cross-legged. He rang the bell while reciting mantras and call on the name Dragon Besukih. Not long then utilized the dragon out. After hearing intentions Sidi Mantra, Dragon Besukih squirm and scales out of gold and diamonds. After saying thank you, Sidi Mantra excused himself. All property that gets given to Manik Angkeran the hope he will not gamble anymore. Of course not long after, the treasure was gone for a bet. Manik Angkeran once again enlist the help of his father. Sidi Mantra of course refused to help anakya.
Manik Angkeran heard from a friend that the property was obtained from Mount Agung. Manik Angkeran know to get there he had to cast a spell, but he never learned about prayer and mantra. So, he just took the bell that was stolen from his father when his father sleep.
After arriving at the crater of Mount Agung, Manik Angkeran gentanya ring. He is not playing scared when he saw the Dragon Besukih. After hearing intentions Manik Dragon Angkeran, he said, "I will give you treasures that you ask, but you have to promise to change your behavior. Do not gamble anymore. Remember the law of karma."
Manik Angkeran fascinated by gold, diamonds, and jewels in front of him. Suddenly there was malice in his heart that arise. Because you want to get more treasure, with lightning speed when he cut the tail Naga Naga beputar Besukih back to the hive. Manik Angkeran immediately ran away and was not overtaken by the Dragon. But because the magic dragon, Manik Angkeran burnt to ashes when the dragon licked his footsteps.
Kernatian heard his son, Sidi Mantra heartbreak unspeakable. Soon he visited Naga Besukih and begged her son revived. Dragon tail menyanggupinya origin can return to normal. With his power, Sidi Mantra can recover Tail of the Dragon. After Manik Angkeran turned on, he apologized and promised to be a good person. Sidi Mantra knew that his son had repented, but he also understands that they are no longer able to live together.
"You have to start a new life but not here," he said. In the blink of an eye he was gone. Where he stood a water source that arise increasingly large so that it becomes the ocean. With his stick, Sidi Mantra makes her mernisahkan line with her son. Now place it into the strait that separates the island of Java, Bali with Bali island.

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