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The story of the King and Spiders

The story of the King and Spider - Long ago in the land Skonlandia, there was a king named Bruce. He was six times led his troops into battle against the aggressor from England, but six times the fighting, troops always battered beaten by the enemy, until the defeat and was forced to flee to the forest. Finally, he himself is also hiding in an abandoned hut in the jungle.
One day, the rain was falling, the rain water from the roof of the house broke the leaking of the face Bruce, so he woke up from his sleep. For a moment he contemplated her fate is unfortunate because it can not defeat the enemy, even though he has been exerting all efforts. The more he thought about it, his heart is getting sore and almost desperate.
At that time, Bruce's eyes staring upward transverse wooden beams above his head, there is a spider nest was knitting. He carefully observe the movement of the spider, the effort counted spiders have six consecutive bend over backwards trying to tie one end of the string to the wooden beams located across the street, but eventually failed as well.
"Really sorry for this little creature." Bruce said, "You should just give up!"
However, Bruce really unexpected, although it has been six times the spider failed to link the end of the thread, he does not necessarily discouraged and stop trying, he tried again for the seventh time, and this time he succeeded. Seeing all this, Bruce really feel amazed and forget the fate that befell him.
Bruce finally stood up and took a deep breath, and then he shouted aloud: "I will fight again for the seventh time!"
Bruce finally really get the spirit back, he immediately put together and rehearse the remnants of his army, and set the strategy and storm the enemy's defense again, with great effort and relentless struggle, eventually Bruce managed to repel the enemy and reclaim their homeland .One of the lessons we can take from the story of the king and the spider
In life, people sometimes easy to complain and give up with the situation. But with encouragement to the people we love around us, the spirit we will bounce back and win.

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