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Donkey and the salt load

Donkey and the salt load. A merchant, led his donkey to pass through a shallow river. So far they have gone through the river without ever having a single accident, but this time, his donkey slipped and fell when they were right in the middle of the river. 

When traders are finally able to bring his ass to the edge of the river and its cargo safely, most of the salt carried by donkeys have melted and dissolved into the water stream. Feel happy because the load has been reduced so that the load is taken to be lighter, the donkey was very excited when they resumed their journey.

The next day, the traders returned with cargo of salt. The Donkey that given his experience yesterday when slipping in the middle of the river, deliberately let himself slip fall into the water, and eventually he was able to reduce the burden back to the way it was.

Traders who feel angry, then bring the donkey back to the market, which is in charge the donkey with baskets very large and contains a sponge. When they arrived back in the middle of the river, the donkey back deliberately flopped, but when the merchant took him to the edge of the river, the donkey became very uncomfortable because they have to be forced to drag him back home with a load ten times heavier than the previous due to the inclusion of a sponge absorbs water river.

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